NH Moose Hunt 2011 - Gallery

Congratulations, moose hunters - and thank you for your photos and stories! Deadline is past for 2011 submissions. Watch the Fish and Game website for 2012 info.

Photos from the 2011 hunt...

Zach Sicard and moose
"After a rainy and very windy opening day and seeing only a black bear a few minutes before dark our hopes were still high with the great sign in the area. We came across this bull the second morning of the hunt, my son Zach Sicard was the Sub-Permittee and we decided that he would take the shot. Zach made a beautiful shot on this 3 ½ year old 610 lb (dressed) bull at 42 yards with a .308. I cannot thank New Hampshire Fish and Game enough for this tremendous opportunity to allow my son to harvest such a great animal. The time we spent in the woods and the emotions experienced on this "hunt of a lifetime" are something we will never forget as a family. I look forward to having this chance for myself someday, although this day will be hard to beat." --Ken & Zach Sicard
Jeff Neamand and moose
“This moose was taken in C1, on opening day, at about 10:30 am. It was the 5th moose we saw that morning, having to pass on a pair of big bulls as we were cow only tag. The moose was approximately 750lbs and we packed the moose out. It was shot at about 27 yards with a High Country Bow, Carbon Express Arrow, Rage Broadhead and SABO GEN 2 holographic site (thanks to Neebe Archery for their hard work to set this bow up). This was my 7th year applying for a tag. Taken by Jeff Neamand, Doylestown PA along with subpermittee Dave Poli, Doylestown PA. NH Fish and Game wardens were so helpful prior to and during our hunt, truly a first class service, we thank you.”
Graham Courtney and moose
“I was ecstatic to find out I had been chosen for an either-sex NH moose tag in zone C2. After many "Moose Meetings" to discuss the hunt, my subpermittee Tom Krafton and I drove up to the great north woods and were rewarded with many moose sightings during our first scouting trip and confidence was high! After 7 long days of hunting hard we had only brief glimpses of moose and we were a little discouraged but knew we could not give up and it paid off. We spotted this bull on the back of a large cut and after a tense stalk and 1 shot from my 7mm mag and we had our bull. Special thanks to our camera? man Kelly Kozec, Chris "the rock" Krafton our moose removal specialist and to Mountain Mike of Upton for his expert help in butchering this 590 lb. Bull with a 43" spread. Thank you to all at NH Fish and Game truly the “Hunt of a lifetime!’” --Graham Courtney South Hampton NH (pictured -Kelly Kozec camera, Graham Courtney permittee and Tom Krafton sub permittee/cook)
George Cunningham and moose
“Living in Pennsylvania, 600 miles from zone C1, I knew I would need to hire a guide. I elected to go with NH Guide Service and met Jason Parent two days before the season opener. We scouted my hunt area both days and saw several mature bulls. On my third day hunting, after passing shots on smaller bulls, I shot this 800 lb., 49" trophy. Many thanks to Jason and friends who helped get him out of the bush and to the NH Fish and Game Dept. for the opportunity.” --George Cunningham
Adam Ziccardi and moose
"We had a great time in NH. I was called at work in June 2011 by Corey Copp who offered to help me hunt. That's how I found out I was drawn. He is a great guy. I also got informative help from Travis Williams which was invaluable as the local guys in J1 we hooked up with were indispensable. We shot this spike bull on the fourth day at about 4pm. Everyone knows what a spike bull looks like so this pic I think is more cool to share. The bull is between the two skinny white trees. My sub-permit and I shot at nearly exactly the same time and we only put one hole in this bull! We planned to shoot simultaneously so if there was only one hole we could brag forever that the other guy missed. We even used the same 30-06 180 grain loads. Well, that's exactly how it turned out. So the bull was over 500 lbs so we quartered him up in the woods and I spent the better part of the next 2 days butchering. Great times, memories forever. Thanks NH. We'll be back for a big one next time.” --Adam Ziccardi, Orchard Park, NY
Russ Baker and moose
“Vermont residents Russ Baker (left) of Monkton, and Dave Ferry (right) of Underhill pose with their 2011 Bull moose. After applying every year of the moose lottery for a permit to hunt out of our camp in zone A1, I was finally drawn. On the second day of our hunt we spotted this beautiful bull feeding with two cows in the woods. As we had planned, my sub-permittee (Dave) pulled the trigger first, and I followed up with the second shot 2 seconds later. Almost a mile into the woods, it took us 5 hours to drag this 795 lb, 64 5/8" spread moose out. Although we were hunting for any respectable bull, shooting a bull that will be close to the state Boone and Crockett record was beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you NH Fish and Game for providing us an opportunity of a lifetime, and memories that will last forever.” --Russ Baker
Paul Beaulier
“It was a 720 lb., 45 1/4 inch bull shot on the second day at 7:45 am in zone A2 by Paul Beaulier from Amesbury, Mass. (left) and Gary Popovice from Palmetto, Fla., the subpermittee on the right. The short story, scouting is key, then I made a call using my coffee can, two pulls and not 5 minutes later the bull charged down the hill towards us. A .30-06 and a .308 did the trick at 130 yds. The hunt of a lifetime! Thank you to the N.H. Fish & Game Dept. and the many other people who made this hunt possible, you're all outstanding.”
Carl Stock
“On opening day at 9:40 am we harvested our first moose ever, 15 points, 43” spread, 650 lbs. in H2S. From left to right are Guide David Seymour, subpermittee Bill Rose, permittee Carl Stock. We both shot the moose with our 30-06’s at nearly same time. Many thanks to David for the scouting and getting it out, and Morse Sporting Goods/ Bear Hill Motel who couldn’t have been more hospitable. We can’t wait to do it again!!” --Carl Stock
Don Evanson
“I've been putting in for the moose lottery for...many years and was finally given the chance to hunt NH WMU C2. After 5 days of patiently waiting and watching and calling, this 580 lb. (dressed), 11 point (38.5" spread) bull wandered into range. Dave was able to make the shot with a 30.06. The moose dropped within 10 yards. We made a call to our support people and with their help were able to retrieve our prize from the dead fall where he had dropped. The chainsaw winch and ATVs came in handy for this endeavor, considering we were more than a mile into the woods of Berlin. That was a long, wet 3 hours! Dave and I would like to thank Jon and Bob for their support and assistance.” --Don Evanson, Francestown, NH
Cathy Felch
“After applying for the moose lottery for over 15 years, Cathy Felch of Colebrook, NH finally experienced a moose hunt of a lifetime. Her brother and subpermittee, Charles Felch, Jr. had success with one shot of his 300 WSM on opening morning in J1 when he caught a 4 1/2 year old, approximately 650 pound bull moose sleeping. Cathy and Charles honed their butchering skills as the meat had to be backpacked out. It was an experience they will never forget.”
Richard Patch
“We took this moose just after sunrise on Thursday, 10-20-2011. My sub permitee and I logged about 65 hours of scouting time and have captured numerous different moose on our game cameras including a photo of 2 small bulls fighting wjile a third bull watched the action. A big thank you from Dennis and I goes out to NH Fish and Game department for the opportunity to enjoy the hunt of a lifetime. After camping out in the Carter Notch area for the first 3 days of the hunt, at 2000 ft. elevation and under extreme weather conditions, we decided to break camp down and continue the hunt from more comfy accomadations, leaving our homes near Jackson each morning and hiking to our hunting area. After passing on a few cows and one small bull, we decided to take this bull and we are glad we did. Again, thanks to NH Fish and Game and a very, very big thank you to our drag team, Reggie, Steve, Steven, John, Chipper, Brookie, and the gang. Without you folks, it would have been a much longer day.” Rich Patch and Dennis Lufkin
Jim Bolduc
“After reviewing many aerial photographs and scouting several areas, my subpermittee (Mike Lychwala) and I decided that we would hunt in an area where we had seen fresh sign during one of our recent scouting trips. As we approached our hunting location on opening day, we were EXTREMELY surprised to see this bull and 2 cows in our setup spot! After a 75 yard shot from my T/C 50 caliber muzzleloader, we were off to the races to get this moose off the mountain before dark. With the help of two gentlemen who live at the base of the mountain and a capstan winch, we were able to get the moose on the trailer in 6 hours. The moose weighed in at 600 lbs. (dressed) and was determined by NH Fish and Game to be 3 ½ years old. The moose was taken in Zone H2N in the Town of Antrim. I would like to give a special thanks to the land owner who was generous enough to give us permission to bring a vehicle on his property and also to the two gentlemen who helped us get the moose to the trailer. Thanks NH Fish and Game for the opportunity of a lifetime.” –Jim Bolduc, Portsmouth, NH
Doug McDonald
“After 5 days of hunting and countless hours scouting, my brother/subpermittee (James “moose” McDonald) and myself score this 550lb cow with a shotgun in Unit M. We were lucky enough to have some logger’s with a skidder in the area and no drag was required. Shot at 8:30 am had it home and on Ice by 7 pm. Many Thanks.” Doug McDonald
Teri-Anne Malo
“Thank you New Hampshire Fish & Game for a true hunt of a lifetime, not once but twice! In 2007, my husband’s name was drawn for the moose lottery for A1 & I was his sub-permittee. This year for the moose hunt I was lucky enough to go again with my name being drawn and he was my sub-permittee. We hunted A1 again and in the same area as my husband's, I shot this 600 lb cow. I shot her at 7:20am on opening day with a 7mm magnum. It was not only a hunt of a lifetime twice, but a true hunting experience and lots of memories with my husband!!!” -Teri-Anne Malo, Epsom, NH
Bob Dedrick
"Our moose hunting experience started when I received a call from Nancy Berliner, Coordinator with WHFNH, who informed me of being one of the moose permit auction winners. I contacted NH Guide Service and booked a 9 day 50” Bull Moose hunt. After hunting 7 days and spotting 13 cows/calves and 10 bulls none being 50 or better, we decided to harvest the next respectable bull. In zone A2, we harvested our trophy. Thanks to our guides, Dustin ‘Chuck’ Ryan and Dustin Parent. Special thanks to sub-permittee Chris for making this moose hunt a most enjoyable experience." --Bob Dedrick, Valatie, NY
Donna Bissonnette
“I would like to extend a very special thank you to my wife Donna for picking me for the second time to be her sub-permittee and for finding the strength to endure through it all. After missing out on an opportunity on a large bull the second morning at first light, this smaller (but tasty) 500# bull came to the same spot at the same time on the third morning! Many thanks to the NH Fish and Game, the many people we talked to who provided valuable information and to our cameraman (Ron) for all your help in making this another fantastic hunt!” --John Bissonnette
Jack Michelotti
“Thanks to New Hampshire Fish and Game for a great moose hunting program. October 18th, 2011 9:00 AM Zone G, 750 lbs. (1095 live) 46 3/4 Bull. Big thanks to Carol Morgan, an awesome guide for doing her homework and to Al, her husband for the pictures. Thanks to Bill Stever, my sub. and to Sam the skidder man for their help.” --Jack Michelotti, Pennsylvania
Josh Mackay
“After countless hours of scouting, both on the computer and on the ground, my subpermittee (Dean Jernstrom) and I were successful in taking this 2.5 year old bull. He was taken in unit I1 and weighed 550 lbs. The weather didn’t want to cooperate, but we did see another bull and a cow on the first morning and called this bull in on the second. We just were not presented with a shot. As light faded on Sunday night, this bull came back into the clearcut. The hunt of a lifetime ended at 6:15pm on day two of the hunt. We would like to thank Tom Flynn for his help scouting as well as for his help with the drag. We would also like to thank all the landowners who keep their land open to hunting and a special thanks goes to the landowner who allowed us to drive down his tote road to better access the moose.” --Josh Mackay
Patrick Shea
“It took 6 days of hunting in the warm, rainy weather before Patrick Shea of Manchester (center) and Mark Bergeron of Goffstown (right) were finally able to fill their cow only tag in Zone B with the help of Guide Craig Rennie (left) of Great North Woods Guide Service. Patrick’s first moose hunt was filled with many miles of hiking and many hours of sitting in ground blinds, but his persistence finally paid off for him and his subpermittee Mark, as they were able to take a nice 2½ year old cow that dressed out to 510 pounds. Many thanks to the NH Fish and Game Department and their professional staff for the opportunity to hunt moose and build lasting memories with friends and family!”
Brian Hubbard
“I would like to thank my sub-permittee Tommy Hartwell from Lisbon NH and NH Fish and Game for the hunt of a lifetime. This bull was taken the second morning of the hunt in H1. A three pointer weighing in at 470lbs. A half hour into the hunt we let out a cow call, it wasn't two minutes and he was breaking brush coming into us, we shot him at 10 yards dropping him where he stood. Thank you.” --Brian Hubbard, North Haverhill NH
Brenda Currier
“The Currier family had a great moose hunting trip. My husband Brett & I (Brenda Currier, permittee) hunted in zone C2 and successfully got a 725 lb. bull with a 49" rack on day two of the hunt, above. Our daughter, Tricia Currier who was also drawn this year in zone B hunted with our son Matt Currier, and she successfully bagged a 450 lb. bull! (below) A special thanks to Joel Dupuis of Groveton for dragging out our moose and to Bobby Rousseau at Twin Maple Farm in Milan for processing our moose. A wonderful experience, Thank you NH Fish & Game.”
Tricia Currier
Mike Warren
“My son Mike and I spent many hours scouting, obtaining permission, etc. We decided on one primary area and three secondary areas. The moose in our primary spot left the area on the first day of the season, I assume because there were numerous other hunters there. We decided to concentrate on one of the secondary areas. On day five, we spotted this 720 lb. bull from across a valley 1/2 mile away and were able to make a successful stalk. One shot from a .270 sealed the deal!!! Thanks again for this awesome hunt of a lifetime!!!!” --Mike Warren, Salisbury, NH
Jim Morris
“Steve Black and Jim Morris with a 800lbs 5 1/2 year old bull, taken in I2 in the town of Windsor, on the first afternoon of the hunt. We had a great time hunting and can't stress enough how much work it is getting these animals out of the woods! He was taken about 1 1/2 miles from the nearest road in very rough terrain. But we still managed to have a great time and many life long memories. Thanks to the State of NH for the opportunity and all the good friends that helped get him out.”
David Fitts
“I was very ecstatic to draw a NH Moose permit. My subpermitte Dave Leggio and I were even more ecstatic to call in and shoot this Moose in "G" on Monday October 17, 2011 in the late afternoon. He was shot with a Browning A - Bolt in 30-06 and a Marlin 336 in .444Marlin. We wish to thank all of the landowners and caretakers who opened up their land and were all very supportive of us hunting on their properties, we made many new friends. We also wish to thank the NH Fish and Game Dept. for the great opportunity, we had a blast." --David Fitts, Sharon, VT
Adam Sliva
“My name is Adam Sliva and my subpermmittee was Jeremy Lounder, my son in law, and we want to send a big THANKS to N.H. Fish and Game for this moose hunt of 2011, after putting a permit in for at least 15 years, had the time of my life. Shot a 650 lb Bull Moose opening day around 10:00 am in zone H1. Thanks again!!!”
Jimmy Hepner
“Being from Kentucky, I had never even seen a Moose before, so I knew the most important part of my hunt would be choosing the right guide that knew the area (Zone B) and understood how important this once in a lifetime hunt was to me. I chose the right guide service! Northern New Hampshire Guide Service made the experience wonderful for myself and my wife, Andrea. Keith and David run a top notch outfitting operation, and my guide Chris Norton worked WICKED hard for me on this hunt! On the third day of my hunt, Chris put me on a very nice 4 1/2 year old bull at 40 yards, that weighed 750 lbs., with a spread of 46". Thanks Leo, Rene, PJ, and everyone else in Moose Camp!” --Jimmy Hepner, Beaver Dam, KY
John Wieloch
“I would like to thank Mr. Chet Adams of Swamp Donkey Adventures out of Andover NH for guiding me on a moose hunt in Zone I1. This hunt was one of the toughest in the fact that moose in this zone are spread out and hard to find. Through his skill and experience as a woodsman and guide, Chet was able to put me in the right spot to take a nice bull. This bull was weighed at the New Hampton check station at 730 lbs. dressed and the antlers were 38 1/2 inches wide. My hunting tool of choice was a Thompson Center Contender handgun in 45-70. This was truly a memorable hunt and would not have been possible without Chet's assistance.” --John Wieloch, Webster, Mass.

Chuck Cacavas

“WOW, what an experience! Like many hunters before me, after years of applying for a permit I was thrilled to be a lottery winner. The time spent scouting is so much part of the hunt. The excitement and anticipation from June to opening day in October is something I will always remember! My sub-permittee Rich Lavoie (right) and I took this cow in J1 on opening day and weighted in at 630 pounds. Special thanks goes to Rich for his incredible and ever amazing scouting skills.” --Chuck Cacavas, Center Conway, NH

Tom Havey

“In the picture, on the left is my subpermitte Ryan Hart from Gardiner, Maine, and I’m on the right. O what fun you have have on a NH moose hunt. Having started in July looking for permission to hunt in clear cuts. Meeting new people,and making friends along the way. You can appreciate the beauty and vastness of this state. Every place we scouted you could enjoy the scenery, from ponds and marshes to panoramic mountain sides. All this right in the central part of the state. The week before the hunt we scouted the few places that we liked and had luck calling in a couple moose -- one time just 25 yards from the truck. Finally on Wednesday morning we called in this spike. He responded by raking the brush just 50 yards away. These are times we will never forget. My son in law can't wait for next year’s lottery.” Tom Havey, Franklin, NH

Bob Quimby

“Bob Quimby with his son Rob got a tag in zone B. With the help of his guide Jon Parks Jr. owner of G & G Guide service harvested a moose on the third day. The bull weighed 700 lbs. with a 50" spread. Thanks.” --Jon Parks

Bill Thomas

“Well it took 22 years of applying and 6 days of some of the worst weather hunting conditions for moose, but at 7:45 am in Zone A1 my dad, Bill Thomas Sr. of Weare, and I spotted two bulls and a cow. This 1.5-year-old spike-bull gave me the best shot with the .338 Winchester Magnum, and about six hours later he was loaded. The countless hours of scouting, trail camera pictures and miles of walking enable me to call in a bull and see a few monster bulls earlier in the week. Unfortunately we never got a good shot opportunity until day six but in the end all the hard work paid off. Thank you Alison, Emily and Teresa and the in-laws for the countless hours from home scouting and the 9-day “vacation,” the Chapmans for the lodging, Leonard George for the truck, the locals “Buzzy” for all the advice and encouragement from the fellow moose hunters. Moose hunting takes a team effort. Thank you NH Fish and Game for the hunt and great memories with my dad.” --Bill Thomas, Salisbury, NH

Luke Fontaine

“Successful hunter hunter and sub-permittee Shayne Dion (right) of Lancaster, N.H. lucky moose tag winner Luke Fontaine of Groveton, N.H. and Guide Tadd Bailey of Twin Mountain, N.H. After working hard and putting the foot miles on during the first two days of the hunt this 600-pound cow was taken on day three in D2. It appeared that the moose were holding up tight and staying bedded so we had to really work to find them, even going to multiple spots to hunt. After jumping this cow from her bed we tracked her for about half an hour before we caught up to her again. With a couple well placed shots at 40 yards Shayne dropped the cow in her tracks. It was a great time had by the three of us that will never be forgotten. I can also tell you if we had been hunting deer or grouse we all would have made out like Kings. Also a very big thank you goes out to Jeremy Lamarre of Bath, N.H. who was a great help and saved us countless hours in getting the big cow out of the deep woods.” --Tadd Bailey
Denise Cobb
“I want to thank Kathy my sub permitee (pictured left), John (our guide) and NH Fish and Game for an exciting hunt. This young bull taken in A2 may not be all that big but he sure tastes good. It was a good experience and I look forward to the next time. I would like to also add that the Conservation Officers were very nice in the area even adding a bit of humor in conversation. Thank you.” --Denise Cobb, Spofford NH
Peter Elliot
“I would like to thanks Mr. Woods (landowner), Conservation Officer R. Arsenault and the Fish and Game for a great hunt in my home state. We put in over 50 hours of scouting and it paid off. Just after two hours into the hunt we found a 1½ year old moose. We took the monster with the T/ C encores as we did in 2008 when I was my brother’s subpermittee. I just love my family and the State of New Hampshire. Eric Elliott on the left (subpermittee) on the right Peter Elliott (permittee)”
Ed Wills
“Barb, my subpermitee/wife, and I took this bull in the Lake Winnisquam area of J2 on October 16 at 7:40 AM. The bull was out feeding in a clear cut and fell immediately from a shoulder shot from a .30-06. The 3.5 year old bull checked in at 590 pounds with a 30.5 inch spread. We spent over 100 hours of scouting activities that included talking to folks to get leads, using the PC for "virtual" scouting, and putting time in the field with our boots on the ground. Special thanks to our private land owners that allow us to hunt on their lands, the hard working personnel, NH Fish & Game Department, and Steve Wheeler of Concord who helped make Barb's first hunt a success.” --Ed Wills, Concord NH
Steven Miller
“In this picture is myself (Steven Miller, permit holder), and on my left is subpermittee and brother Rick Miller. After applying for a moose permit for over 20 years, myself and my brother were able to participate in the 2011 moose hunt. We hunted in Zone K, Francestown, NH and shot this cow moose on Friday, October 21st. Along with friends we were able to remove her from the woods and she weighed in at 500 lbs (minus the heart and liver). We will continue to hunt and cannot wait for another chance to win in the moose lottery.”
Flip and Willy Henry
“We were lucky and drew an ES permit for A-1. We located some good cuts about a mile from the Quebec border when we were scouting and found this bull on Monday morning. A .405 and 30-06 started the work for the day as we were 3/4 mile away from the truck in some very nasty terrain but that is where the moose were staying. Wtih the help of Jan (wife and mom) the 3 of us cleaned, skinned, quartered and packed out 445# of meat in 4 trips. The bull measured 48 inches, but the left paddle is broke off from fighting and the right side has the unique double paddle. A great family hunt.” --Flip, Jan and Willy Henry


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