NH Moose Hunt 2010 - Gallery

Congratulations, moose hunters - and thank you for your photos and stories!

Charles Drake

"After 22 years of putting in for a moose permit  I finally got drawn in zone B.  I was lucky to shoot this 645 lbs bull with a 55 1/2" spread.  He was about 4 1/2 years old.  It was an 373 yard shot, on the 6th day of our hunt.  Thanks to the expert guide Robert Hatch of Down Wind Guide Service as my guide. In order to get him out we had help from the other guides from the Down Wind Guide Service  who are Josh Shackford, Justin Brooks (Cubby), and Peter Nichols. My subpermit tee was my sister Ann MacDonald, but she was not able to be present that day, I'm sorry for her.  Also, thank you to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department." --Charles H. Drake

Thierry Soucy
"Thank you NH Fish and Game for allowing this great opportunity and exciting hunt! This bull was taken in Zone L with my subpermittee Brian Geary. I spent about 50 hrs or so scouting in the zone and it paid off. It was taken at 7:10am opening day. The bull came in within a minute of being called! It weighed out at 460 lbs with a 30" spread." --Thierry Soucy

Brian Keyes

“My wife Dawn and I shot this 59 1/2 inch, 860 pound bull moose in Pittsburg (WMU A2) on day 3 of our hunt. He was with 3 other bulls and a cow when we spotted his rack through the woods. We used a .30-06 180 grain bullet and he did not go far (less than 20 feet). This bull had 2 broken tines from sparring however his rack rough scored 173 5/8. We want to thank our cameraman Chris Moore, my parents Bill and Becky Keyes for staying at camp with our sons. And the extrication crew, Rick (Tuggy) Hewlett, Kyle Jameson, Kim Upham, Jeff Desrosiers, as well as John White of Pittsburg for checking on us while we were in the woods after dark hauling this big boy out. Thanks to Paul Piwarnus of Tag-Em Guide service and NH Fish & Game for an exciting world class hunt right here in our own back yard.” –Brian Keyes.

Rick Giguere

“After applying for almost 20 years, I finally had the opportunity to go on a moose hunt in Pittsburg, New Hampshire. My zone was A2 and my subpermittee, Dave Redfield (right), and I scouted this area frequently and saw a number of bull moose. When opening day finally arrived, Dave and I went to the one spot that had the most promising sign. At 9:00 a.m. we heard antlers clashing and made our way towards the noise. With Dave’s keen eyesight he spotted two of bulls bedded down and a third one was up and moving about. After sizing up the three bulls, I chose this one. The moose weighed in at 680 lbs, had an antler spread of 48 ¾”, and had 19 points. Love to do this again and I hope I don’t have to wait another 20 years. Thanks Dave!” –Rick Giguere, Marlborough, NH

Jeff Flanders

“Here is a pic of the moose that my brother and I managed to shot this year. It weighed 830 lbs (without heart and liver) and had a spread of 62.5 inches. we shot it in C2 using a.308. The hunters were Jeff Flanders of Stewartstown, NH and Jim Flanders of N. Stratford, NH.”

Dave Labelle

“Thank you NH Fish & Game for the opportunity to hunt moose in NH. I enjoyed a great hunt with my oldest son Greyson. 100 yards with a 30-06 got the job done in Pittsburg. 500 pound cow, 1 1/2 years old, mmm mmm good....Thanks to my buddy Joe for the use of his cabin and his scouting skills.” –Dave LaBelle, Bradford, NH

Andrew Cody

“Let me introduce you to JAC B. Moose; he was the 23rd moose that we encountered in just over four days of hiking in WMU A2. The approximately 3.5 year old, 16-point (8x8) moose weighed 605 pounds dressed and was shot by myself and my nephew (sub-permittee James Cody) on 10/20/2010 at 8:10 AM with a 30.06 and 300 Weatherby respectively. N.H. Guide Scott Gilbert brought us to within 35 yards of JAC and within 25 yards of his running mate (another bull same weight/age, uneven rack). This truly was "The Hunt Of A Lifetime"! We three may have harvested JAC but we could not have done so without the help of the following people; NH Fish And Game, Sgt. W. Saunders, who introduced me to Mike Gilbert (Scott's dad), my brother Ed (who got me into hunting), Adam D. who opened his camp to us, sharing a little bit of Northwood's paradise! Lastly and perhaps most memorable, Scott's "Posse" (the guy's who helped get JAC to the trailer).” –Andrew Cody

Ron Beauchesne

“Not the biggest bull in the woods but a nice one! Ron Beauchesne of Canterbury and Jim Burgess spotted this bull in a clear cut off Indian Stream Rd, Zone A1, early Sunday morning. Ron made a great off hand shot with his .308 hitting the bull in the heart at 120 yards. A log skidder trail made for easy access and the moose was on the trailer in about one hour. He is delicious!”

Christensons and moose

“Todd Christenson, of Portsmouth, NH (left) and Scott Christenson of Phillipston, MA (right) shot this moose together. We would like to thank the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department for drawing our names for the moose hunt of 2010. Also special thanks to the people that we met in Errol, NH for their daily moose report and giving us areas where moose were located. Shot the moose on October 19th at 7:30a.m. Took us 10 hours to drag the moose out of the woods and onto our trailer. Moose weighed 760 pounds, dressed. With an antler spread of 60.5 inches. Moose was also taken in zone C2. Moose was shot with a 30.06 at 130 yards and ran 300 yards into the brush, making it an even more challenging hunt. Had a great time and hope to do it again soon and not have to wait another 22 years for the next permit! Thank you.” –Scott and Todd Christenson

Steve and Corey Chabot

“We would like to thank the land owners of the state for keeping their land open to hunting. After 20 years in the lottery, I finally drew a permit for A2. I hunted with my son Corey (sub-permittee) and Alex (camera man) all day Saturday in the wet snow and didn't see any moose. Sunday morning we saw a cow leaving a clear cut and started following her tracks. At 10:15am we walked up on this bull and Corey put a double lung shot in him at 50 yards. We followed the bull for about 75 yards where I downed him. After a 2 hour walk back to our truck to get our gear, we headed back into the woods to prepare the moose. We left the moose in the woods for the night and returned in the morning enlisting the services of John White (moose hauler) to help us get the moose to the road. Chuck DeGray (North Country Fly Shop) appeared out of nowhere and started helping. It took Corey, Alex, John, Chuck and my self 5 hours to get this 700 lb. bull with a 52" antler spread out of the woods. We would like to thank our camera man and camp host Alex Cote along with NH Fish and Game for this GREAT hunting experience. We also need to thank Craig and Buck at Perry Stream Guide Service for allowing us to hang our prize on their game pole until the butcher could take our moose.” –Steve and Corey Chabot, Manchester NH

Jill Bagni

“I'd like to take this time to thank you for the opportunity to experience the New Hampshire Moose Hunt 2010. As you can see from the photo, my husband and I were successful in harvesting a 3 1/2 year old mature bull in Pittsburg, section A-1. Despite the miserable weather conditions we hung in there and were rewarded with this 650 lb. 51.5" beauty. Our guide, Travis Williams, provided us with video footage of his scouting efforts which proved to be invaluable to our hunt. He knows this area very well. Thanks again, I hope to be emailing again when my husband is lucky enough to draw a permit!” –Jill Bagni
Justin Routhier

“Al and Justin Routhier have been getting accustomed to going on NH moose hunts as this was their second hunt in two years! Al agreed that his 19 year old son, Justin would be the primary shooter on their 2010 C1 moose hunt. Justin had no problem holding up his end of the deal when given the opportunity at this massive 50 inch bull. One perfectly placed shot from Justin's TC 30.06 was all it took! Al and Justin were accompanied by Guide Dustin H. Parent of New Hampshire Guide Services.”

Ron and Deirdre Fournier

"At Orion Outfitters and Guide Service, we spend a great deal of time guiding people to their trophy bear, deer, or moose, yet rarely have the opporunity to hunt ourselves. This year was different! My wife Deirdre drew a moose tag in Maine...and New Hampshire! After a successful moose hunt in Maine, we switched gears and headed to New Hampshire's Zone C1. During the first day we passed on 4 bulls and 2 cows, and had a great day in the woods with our son Gunner. On the second day we called in this brute at 8:17 am. The actual size wasn't apparent until this monster was on the ground but the bull sports a massive 62" rack with thick heavy palms and several drop tines. The bull weighed in at 840 lbs dressed and you could see how much weight he lost during the rut as his hips and ribs were visable thru his skin. Thanks to New Hampshire Fish and Game for their great moose management and trophy quality, and the opportunity to participate in a great hunt." --Ron and Deirdre Fournier, Mason Township, Maine

Ben Foster

“Ben Foster and his father "silver" were fortunate enough to draw the coveted C2 tag. Ben and Silver hunted very hard for four long days looking for a real trophy. The pair enjoyed observing several different moose throughout their hunt while exercising patience. Ben finally had the opportunity at the bull he was hoping for but there was one problem....he was 375 yards away! Luckily Ben was equipped with Rugers new African .375 and a good set of shooting sticks. Ben made a fantastic shot and harvested this beautiful 48 inch bull. Ben and Silver were accompanied by Guide Jason Parent of New Hampshire Guide Services.”

Brandon Gullison

“Brandon [Gullison] has been looking forward to the NH moose hunt for a long time and he was determined to hunt hard and long for a trophy bull. Brandon and his subpermittee covered what felt like every square inch of zone A2 before locating this breathtaking 52-inch bull! Brandon was accompanied by Guide Jason Parent of New Hampshire Guide Services.”

Jason Lucas

“Jason Lucas of Lincoln, Illinois knows what its like to catch lightning in a bottle. Jason entered the NH moose lottery for the first time in 2010 and was rewarded with a C2 ES tag. Jason was on a quest for a trophy bull with "impressive paddles and points"....that's what he got as you can see from this photo! Jason was accompanied by Guide Dustin H. Parent of New Hampshire Guide Services.”

Jason Wirth

“Jason [Wirth] was excited to partake in his second moose hunt in NH. Jason did lots of scouting and preparing for his central moose hunt in zone J2. Jason harvested this great bull on his second day hunting. Jason was assisted by Guide Dustin H. Parent of New Hampshire Guide Services.”

Ludwig & Jenn Bohler

“Ludwig and Jenn Bohler received two of the Legacy tags this year and definitely took advantage! Ludwig harvested a 58 1/2 inch bull in zone C1 while his wife Jenn harvested a beautiful 56-inch bull only moments later! Ludwig and Jenn were accompanied by Guide Jason Parent and Guide Travis Williams of New Hampshire Guide Services.”

David Price

“What a successful hunt we had, after entering the lottery for eighteen years I finally got my permit. It was exciting to do this hunt with my son David Jr. who was not only my hunting partner, but is a licensed guide. David Price Sr. and David Price Jr. of Contoocook N.H. took this moose with their flintlock rifles on the fifth day of the hunt in area C1. They passed up two smaller bulls earlier in the week, and it was worth the wait, this moose is the new muzzleloading record for the State of N.H., with an antler spread of 61¼ inch, weighing in at 755 lbs. It was late afternoon with the light fading fast, the moose was 93 yards away, a tough shot with open sights on a flintlock. Both of us fired but there was only one hole in the moose. We were both shooting a 54 cal. round lead ball with 95 grains of black powder, we will never know who really hit the moose. The ball took out both lungs and he only went 35 yards after being hit. What a wonderful hunting trip for a father and son, we will never forget it. David Price Sr. built both rifles that were used in the hunt. www.davidpriceflintlocks.com. We would like to thank the N.H. Fish and Game for making it possible for us to participate in what I consider 'The Hunt of a Lifetime.'"

Travis Sherman

“Travis Sherman was fortunate enough to be able to "shop around" for the bull that caught his eye. Travis saw several moose on his first day moose hunting in zone C1 but decided to hold out until day two. Travis harvested this awesome bull with a few shots out of his .375 H&H. Travis was accompanied by Guide Dave Anderson of New Hampshire Guide Service.”

Chuck & Shawn Lamie

“This is me and my son Shawn on opening day. My son was drawn for the lottery this year after waiting 5 years for the opportunity to hunt a moose. He shot this 720 lb., 47 3/4 spread bull October 16, 2010 opening day 45 minutes into the hunt in Zone C1. Shawn's friend Shane filmed the hunt and helped drag the moose out. We had a great time and it was a very memorable experience. This was our second successful moose hunt in New Hampshire in three years. We would like to thank the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department for the opportunity to hunt these great animals in the State of New Hampshire.” –Chuck Lamie, Hampton, NH

Ryan O'Neil

“Thank you very much NH Fish and Game for making this hunt possible for me! I got this 540 pound cow in Success (C-2) second day of the hunt. I had an antlerless only and of course saw a nice bull within the first hour of the first day, and spent the rest of the time checking out different spots that looked good during the scouting. No clear shots that day, but we had a solid game plan for the next day. We took her about 0700 heading up to the spot we wanted to hunt in. Got her with my great grandfathers 30-06. Only took one shot, she took about 15 steps, did half a circle and was down. It was a great day and a great hunt. In the picture is my dad Jerry O'Neil (photographer/guide) on left, me Ryan O'Neil (permittee), brother-in-law Joe Groen (sub-permittee).”

Victoria Felch

“After 25 plus years of applying, I finally got drawn for a moose permit in WMU C2. I had success in Success, NH on opening day with one shot from a 338 WM. Around 10 a.m., I saw a bull and two cows together. My trophy was the 2 1/2 year old bull weighing in at 515 pounds. My husband, a son, and a grandson had been drawn in the past but this year was finally my turn. Thanks go to my husband and subpermittee for a great scouting job and a excellent hunting experience. Thank you NH Fish and Game for this opportunity.” –Victoria Felch, Seabrook, NH

Jon Trudeau

“I had a great NH moose hunt!! My good friend Michael Polewarczyk was fortunate and lucky enough to draw a moose tag in WMU G. Michael generously gave me the opportunity to be his sub-permittee to pursue my goal to harvest a trophy bull. Michael had harvested a 57" bull 16 years earlier and decided to let me be the first shooter. Wow, check this bull out. He dressed out at 730 lbs. Has a 56" spread with 22 points. I took him with a 308 at 406 yards. Thank God for range finders. We took the bull in Grafton where fellow hunting friend Larry Neff helped us out in the moose removal. I want to thank New Hampshire Game and Fish for the opportunity and their continued efforts in wildlife management. I would also like to thank Michael for giving me this once in a lifetime hunt opportunity. And of course, thank you Larry. Until next time. Hunt safe.” –Jon Trudeau, Woodstock, Ct.

Wendy Sheridan

“Wendy Sheridan of Milford, NH, shot this magnificant cow moose on opening morning in Milan, WMU B. This was Wendy's first ever hunting experience. Her husband Jim was a 2009 lottery winner and her sub-permittee for this hunt. Wendy did a great job on this hunt, thanks to BOW, her hunter safety course instructors from Merrimac, and Northern New Hampshire Guide Service. After seeing eight different moose on opening morning, she set her sights on this cow at 80 yards, two shots from her 30-06 and it was down. We both want to thank Northern New Hampshire Guide Service guide Chris Norton and cameraman Pat Hickey for this once in a lifetime experience, their efforts and work are greatly appreciated. Thanks to New Hampshire Fish and Game and Northern New Hampshire Guide Service for making this happen. This cow moose was the largest taken in 2010 at 730 pounds.” –Jim Sheridan

Alan Lamper

“I took this 560 pound cow on the fifth day of the hunt in Weare. My subpermittee (Gary McAlister) and I hunted hard the previous four days without seeing any moose in our unit K area. We found lots of fresh sign on the second day we hunted and decided to go back to this area. Doing so provided success when we started still hunting through a small cut over. The moose just appeared to my left in the thick secondary growth at 35 yds. One perfect shot put her down quickly with an antique British 303 that an Uncle rebuilt for me. A big thank you to NH Fish and Game for making this hunt possible.” --Alan Lamper

Robby Begin

“This is my son Robby Begin 16 yrs old from Epsom NH he shot a 445lb Cow moose on the second day at 250 yds with a .270 WSM 150 Gr ballistic tip through the heart, walked 10 feet and dropped. This was my second time picked and we now each have taken a cow moose Thank You for allowing us to participate in the hunt, we have memories that will last a life time "like father like son." But mine was bigger. Sorry Rob, had to do it. We would also like to thank Phil Winn for allowing us to stay at his camp every weekend for the 4 weeks before the hunt and the weekend of the hunt also thanks to Chris Winn for all the help during the extraction you guys are the best.” --Bob & Rob

Patty Lambert

“Finally at age 59 I received a moose permit for area I2! Strong winds on opening day meant I spent the early morning swaying in my tree stand, then we walked and sat until 5pm. Next was the perfect set up for me. The 4.5 year old, 540 pound cow appeared directly in front of me and turned broadside. No trees in the way, light out, 60 yards and I could hold the rifle still on my knees. One double lung shot with my 308 was all it took! I have lots of people to thank for my success. Linda Verville and Rita Boisvert for help and information and Ted Walski the local biologist for great info as well. Of course my husband and his brother, Jim and Charles Lambert. Also Gary Remillard for allowing us to hunt on his land and his neighbor Jack Gullage for getting the moose out. We thoroughly enjoyed our scouting hikes, camping at Oxbow campground and the hunt itself.” --Patty Lambert, Richford Vermont

Robert Wilson

“After 20 years of applying, I finally had the opportunity to hunt moose in NH. With the aid of my guide Shawn Upton of Hooks and Horns Outfitters we hunted hard and long for the first six days in unit I1 without spotting a moose. On the seventh day we decided to go to a new area. Up to that time we had avoided that spot because it was a 2.5 mile hike in from the truck, and we were not looking forward to getting a moose out of that location. Fortunately, when we arrived at the trailhead, we ran into some loggers who had just started operations in the area that week. They informed us nobody else had been hunting the area, and they would be willing to lend a hand in extracting a moose if needed. We hiked up to the old clearcut at the top of the mountain and immediately spotted this bull 150 yards out. After ten minutes he finally presented a broadside shot, and he went down with a single shot from my 30.06 180 grain bullet. We dressed him out @ 8:00a and Shawn hiked back down the mountain to find the loggers. What a wonderful sound to hear that skidder coming up the mountain. We hitched him up to the skidder and pulled him the 2.5 miles down to the truck. He was at the butcher's by noon. The bull dressed out at 680#, had a 35" spread, and was 4.5 years old. A great ending to a great hunt. Thanks to everyone including NH Fish and Game for making it possible.” --Robert Wilson, Gilmanton, NH

Bill Trybulski

“I don’t have a photo of a moose to send, but I have the memories of a moose hunt I can share. The excitement of the big bull I called in 2 weeks before the season, the bull we came across, bedded on the first morning of the season, or the cow that walked within yards of my husband as we both looked for the bull that we thought might be following her. And of course, the fresh needles and bark on top of the snow from a rub minutes before. My husband was my subpermittee this year, and it was his turn to be the shooter, as I got a moose with my bow as his subpermittee in 2004. He had made the decision to only go for a trophy bull, (at least 60” spread). When he counted 13 points on the bull we saw that first morning, he had to make the decision to shoot, or to pass it up with the rest of the season ahead of him and a chance for a bigger bull but also maybe not getting a moose. He chose to wait. We saw 9 moose during the 9-day season, including 2 bulls, 4 cows, a calf, and 2 we only saw partially. The local forecast had predicted a week of sunny, partly cloudy, no-rain days. That was not to be the case. We hunted in snow, rain, fog, frost, and a little bit of sunny weather. It was beautiful being in the woods everyday and having the opportunity to hunt moose. Any day you get the chance to hunt is a successful day.” –Sandy and Bill Trybulski, Acworth NH

Jeff Lajoie

“After 16 years of applying I finally got drawn for a moose permit in WMU I2. The bull weighed 680 pounds and had 13 points with a 41 inch spread. It was taken on the third morning of the hunt in Washington, NH. I would like to thank Mike Vogel (sub-permittee), Al Gross and Marcel Leger for all their help.” --Jeff Lajoie, Fitzwilliam, NH

Mark Bergeron

“Mark Bergeron of Goffstown, NH (left) and Craig Rennie of Great North Woods Guide Service (right) with a 630 lb cow taken in WMU B that was estimated to be 5½ years old. A little calling brought this cow out of the thick spruce/fir and into the open hardwoods for a 50 yard shot. Special thanks to our “dragging crew” Skylar Vogler, Jon Rennie, Dave Rennie and Ken Grzywacz. Also, a big thank you to the NH Fish & Game Dept. and their professional and courteous staff who are doing an outstanding job managing our wildlife resources for future generations! This opportunity was truly a hunt of a lifetime!”

Dan Deyo

“Our successful moose hunt couldn't have been completed without the help of my nephew Christopher Deyo and best friend Mike Wright (the draggers) and of course New Hampshire Fish and Game's management of our moose. After waiting over 20 years I did my homework after finally having MY name on a moose permit. I scouted hard and saw this moose a week earlier in nearly the same spot as where we found him opening day in Pittsburg. Between the cold the rain and all of the excitement I didn't realize my brother Bob still had his face mask on for the field picture. Moose was 880lbs 57 1/2inch spread with 24 points and lots of character. Thanks again Fish and Game and all that helped. Hopefully I don't have to wait another 20.” Dan Deyo, Hinsdale N.H.

Justin Routhier

“Here is a picture of my son, Justin Routhier of Strafford with his 2010 N.H. moose. Taken in unit C1 on Oct. 17 at 6:45 A.M., 665 lbs/50” spread/18 points. One shot from a 30-06 at 75 yds. did the job. The area we were hunting was incredible,as we saw over 30 moose in about 12 hours of hunting. This was his second, and my fourth N.H. moose hunt. We are very lucky to have the quality moose hunting we do, thanks in part to N.H. Fish and Game.”--Al Routhier, Strafford N.H.

Christopher Achorn

“Many years passed without a permit but persistence paid a dividend this year with a permit in D1. So began the hunt of my dreams to be shared with my son Christopher as sub-permittee. Though we scouted little, our spirits were high as we knew the area well and received a few tips from local acquaintances. Though the weather was perfect, five days went by with little to show but a bear taken on day 1. Our luck (and hard work) paid off with one shot from my 30-06 at 7:40AM on day 6 of the hunt when we came upon this 650lb, 3.5 year old bull sporting a spread of 43½”. A few hours later, with the help and ingenuity of my son, with which I couldn’t have done without, we had him hanging on the game pole. It was truly a memorable experience.” --Christopher B. Achorn

Mark Lambert

“After hunting hard for six days and passing up on two cows my son Keith was able to take this nice bull. [first kill ever for Keith] Thanks to his uncle Roger [sub-permittee left] and Jim [camera-man right] for all their help. Thanks to NH Fish and Game for a great moose hunting season.It was a great time for farther/son/brother/and friend to spend some quality time together.The moose weighed in at 535 lbs 36in and est. 1.5 yrs old. A special thanks to Kristine Rines and Will Staats for all that you do.” --Mark Lambert

David Richards

“Thanks to NH Fish & Game for my second moose permit in 4 years. My 2006 hunt was in F zone and was successful with a 860 lb 52 1/2" bull. This year was for zone L. We spent approx. 40 hrs. scouting. This is a zone you don't pass on any moose. Got this bull on second morning by calling. Got him to 80 Ft. away and Rob dropped him with his 308 Remington 742 jammaster. This bull was 29 1/2" 400 lbs. I would like to thank Mike Lafleur from Trailsend Guide Service for some tips on calling. Mark Langevin, wife Paula,son Mike for help getting it out. Mark shot a bull less than 100 yards from this moose 2 years ago. Thanks again.” David Richards, Weare & Rob Kyer, New Boston (Sub)

John Spinney

“My subpermittee; Jim Bigelow of Hudson, NH; and I would like to thank the New Hampshire, Fish and Game Department, and the greatest State in the Union, for the hunt of a lifetime. The Fish and Game Department personnel that we met in the field were extremely professional, helpful, and encouraging with our pursuit of our moose. Not to mention, that from the time I won the lottery until the day that we registered our moose, the people at Headquarters and the group at the Berlin Registration Station were all very helpful and enthusiastic. We met great people throughout the area, and can't wait to go again. Last of all we would like to thank the owners of those beautiful tracts of private land, for keeping them open to hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. After five days of hunting in Zone B, with missed opportunities on two large bulls and two younger bulls, we were able to take this 560 pound bull on the sixth day. The moose moved only 25 feet and dropped after being hit with one, 220 grain 30-06 round. When that happened, to my surprise, my subpermittee, who had pointed out the four other eligible candidates during the week that I couldn't quite get my gun on, clasped his hands and fell to his knees in thanks. Truthfully, he looked a little worn out to me. I thought for a moment that maybe I had pushed him to hard. I might have held out for a bigger bull if I wasn't a little worried about him, but that's hunting. It was a great experience to have pre-scouted the zone, and then hunt the one area that we thought would be the most productive. We both agreed we would go again tomorrow if we could. Zone B was a spectacular piece of moose territory. My subpermittee, and good friend, Jim Bigelow, could not sit for a photo. It turned out, that he was too busy explaining to a crowd that his moose, that he had taken in 2005 was bigger than mine. It was a little later that day, when I replayed the days hunt in my mind, that I realized why he was really giving thanks. It's on buddy! See you in 2014! Thanks Again.” --John Spinney, Windham, NH

Bill Duggan & Tommy Sharpe

“Bill Duggan and Tommy Sharpe, both from Windham NH. On Oct 22nd at 07:02am shot this 480 pound 6 1/2 year old Cow in area A1 (ES) on the Big Brook Bog road. They saw 2 large moose on day 2 that ran and never stopped running with no clear shot at them and a very small Moose on day 4 that they passed over. on day 7 they decided that any Moose goes from this point on.”

“Jack Middleton of Freedom, N.H. (right), with his state-record bull moose taken in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) A-2. The bull's rack boasted a spread of 68.5 inches, topping N.H.'s previous state record of 68 inches set in 1996. Dustin H. Parent of New Hampshire Guide Services (left) guided his hunt. Jack Middleton is an 81-year-old attorney who has been on hunts all over the world, including an Alaskan moose hunt where he harvested a 68-inch bull. Our great state of NH beat out what even Alaska had to offer! Very exciting. Jack harvested his NH trophy with a 150 grain .270 with one very well placed shot. I spotted the bull from 1.4 miles away and so the stalk began. Jack's agility was a key factor in the stalking process, which ultimately led to the taking of the new state record!” --Dustin H. Parent, New Hampshire Guide Services

“I shot this nice Bull on opening day 2010 in West Milan NH. He has 19 points 53 1/2" spread and weighed 720 pounds. Walked up to him, a smaller bull and a cow in their beds in a strip of uncut firs. When he got up from his bed I shot him at 75 yards and he only went 30 feet and dropped. Had a great time with friends and family. We had 3 generations of us on this hunt. My dad is 74 years old and my nephew Wyatt is 5. Thank you for a memorable time in the woods. I want to thank my subpermittee Richard and his wife Chris for putting us up in their camp and a few locals, Mike and Gordy who were very generous and friendly both during my hunt and scouting trips.” --Mike Horning, Cape Neddick, Maine
“Here is a picture of Craig Moote and Bill Dexter, both of Claremont, NH standing with a 730-lb. moose, 21 points, and a 57-inch spread, taken on Saturday, October 16, in Dorchester, NH. The moose was taken on the first day of the season and it was the first time Moote had been drawn in the lottery."
“Diane Kraemer of Temple, NH has completed her 2nd successful NH Moose Hunt. On Tuesday 10/19/10 at 09:20 she took a 590 pound cow in WMU G. She and her husband Don logged in over 100 hours of scouting to make this a successful hunt. Her first Moose Hunt was in 2000 when she took a 650 pound bull.”
“After passing up on a cow and getting busted by the bull on day one of the hunt, we decided to move to another area day two in hopes of letting things calm down to come back to if needed later in the week. We set up on a power line where we know the moose cross and started calling on day two. As darkness turned to daylight we noticed a cow feeding several hundred yards in front of us, once she left the area we started calling. After several hours of calling we heard the break of a stick that could only mean one thing, our calling had done its job. After a few minutes the bull moose appeared and the rest is history. The bull weighed 685lbs.; 12 points and 41 ½” spread. This was the first permit from our hunting group and those who haven't been applying surely will now. Thanks to the State of New Hampshire for the opportunity of a lifetime. P.S. joke around the camp is that I get the next permit in 4 years...see what you can do...lol. Jason Beaudry (permittee on left) Dave Fielder (sub-permittee on right) and Reyer Jaarsma (cameraman in center).” --Jason Beaudry
“Thanks for the opportunity to hunt moose this year. It was a great experience for me and my subpermittee (Michael “Gus” Gauthier) and we thoroughly enjoyed it! I was drawn as an alternate and was fortunate to get picked for zone M. It required a lot of time scouting and work, but our efforts were rewarded on opening day with this 500-lb. cow. You folks do a wonderful job with this program from the seminar, info packets and CD an overall education on moose in general. Keep up the great work in moose and wildlife management as we hope to continue to enjoy our natural resources with future generations for many years to come.” --Michael S. Gath

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