Moose Hunt 2009 -- Gallery

Congratulations, NH moose hunters!

Images from the 2009 NH Moose Hunt........

Jennifer Dyer

“This was my 3rd year putting in for the Moose lottery and I got picked! I was so excited! I am generally a turkey hunter and a fisherwoman and I’ve never shot a deer, so this was a huge adventure for me. On the 2nd day, I took a cow at 100 yds. with a 30-06 in Unity, NH, she had a dressed weight of 510 lbs. I’d like to thank my subpermittee Dave Gokey, he really worked hard from beginning to the end. I would also like to thank my “Posse” for helping me get her out of the woods. Bob Bonneau, Dave Gokey’s Dad Dave, Andy Partridge and his friend Rick. Thank you NH Fish and Game Dept., it truly was a hunt of a lifetime.” --Jennifer Dyer, Claremont, NH

John McKone - Moose Hunt 2009

After 16 years of entering the NH moose lottery, I was finally chosen.  I asked my two good friends Dan Carder (pictured to my left) to be my sub permittee and Doug Dore to be the camera man.  What a fantastic time.  I had chosen zone C1 and we drove up from Alton eight times that summer and fall scouting and it paid off big time.  It was perfect hunting weather, real cold opening morning and the bulls were still chasing the cows.  We bagged this 750 lb bull with a 44 inch spread just 3 hours into the first day.  It was over a little sooner than we had hoped, but as a wise old moose hunter kept on telling us “take em, when you see em”.  Thanks to the NH Fish & Game Dept.  My friends and I have hunted in a bunch of different states and few can compete with the great hunting and fishing opportunities as we have here in NH.  Keep up the good work and thanks again! – John McKone, Alton, NH

Matt Simula Moose Hunt & crew - moose hunt 2009

(Left to right) Matt Simula, Kenneth Askham, Gary Simula. Matt took this bull on the first morning of the 2009 moose season. His story: After countless hourse of scouting, strategizing, and organizing, my dad (Gary Simula, sub-permittee) and I (Matt Simula), were prepared for the "hunt of a lifetime". Bright and early Saturday, October 18th, my dad, camera man (Kenneth Askham), and I enetered the woods of Zone G expecting a long day. My dad began calling and just after 20 minutes Kenney spotted the bull at 285 yards. Fixed on the continued calling, Kenney and I were able to crawl; closing the distance to 166 yards. Motionless for another 25 minutes, I anxiously waited for an open shot. My dad raised a canoe paddle; catching the bull's attention, causing him to move just enough. I put 3 shots into the viatls with my model 88, .308 Winchester - taking the 770lb, 94 1/2" bull down at 7:20 a.m. The fun took less than an hour, the work took the rest of the day. Many thanks to my team, Tracy Simula, and Wes Morril for their help in draggin the moose out of the woods. Special thanks to the State of NH Fish & Game for their moose lottery. - Matt Simula, Bridgewater NH

Brian Bufagna and Keith McCann - Moose hunt 2009
First, we would like to thank the NH Fish & Game Dept. for the opportunity of a lifetime and its great efforts in managing the moose population. Secondly, Keith Roberge and all the guides at  Northern NH Guide Services for their knowledge and wisdom, which helped us to locate 30 moose (YA, I said 30!!!) before we downed our moose. Thirdly, a special "thank you" to Paul Bourbeau of the recovery team who single-handedly had us on our way to the checking station in no time. This 3 1/2 yr old bruiser was taken in Zone C2 around 8:30 am on the third day of the hunt, first shot was taken with a Winchester Model 70 30-06 at about 175 yards, second shot was taken with a T/C Encore 45-70 at about 220 yards, both shots hit their marks. Spread was 43 inches and dressed weight was 790 lbs. Thank you for the memories. - Sub-Permittee Brian Bufagna (left) of Newton, NH and Permittee Keith McCann (right) of Pelham, NH

David Muzzey moose hunt 2009
We would like the opportunity to thank NH Fish & Game for the hunt of a lifetime. It took 5 days of hunting unit G with 9-11 hrs per day before we harvested this nice bull during the last hour of the 5th day. It was the first moose we saw and Erik, my subpermittee, called him in to about 50 yds and I put him down with one shot from a 7mm rem. Mag. The bull is estimated at 5 yrs. old and weighed in at 650 lbs with a 39" spread. Thanks to all our friends and family who helped drag it out. --David Muzzey and Erik Anderson

Joe Hill & crew -- Moose hunt 2009

My guide Keith Roberge and David Noyes sub-permitte both from Northern NH Guide Services  were very patient with me, a hunter that is over 400 lbs. They NEVER gave up and YOU can see the results. This will be a hunt that I will never forget. The really neat thing about this moose hunt is that David had this particular moose on their 2009 pre-season moose video on their web site,  and David filmed him again on the Friday before the opening day (of moose season). I really appreciated the opportunity to hunt in your Great state, all the people I meet were extremely helpful and friendly. Looking forward to a return trip. - Joe Hill

The 2009 Great Northern Moose Lodge Moose hunt Crew
The 2009 Great Northern Moose Lodge Moose hunt Crew – Chuck, David and Bob with their sub’s. Chuck Neiderhiser from PA his sub was his son in-law Ron Lanzara from Nashua. Bob Wilkins and Paul Freeman took our largest rack to date – 26 pts w/51.25” spread. We love our moose hunters and it is just as fantastic of an event for us as it is for them. The Moose hunt week is one of our best every single year.
- Richard Tessier, Great Northern Moose Lodge,

Lodge scoreboard - moose hunt 2009
The 2009 Great Northern Moose Lodge makes up a score board every year – Starting with the allotted tags – This year the board started out saying Hunters – 0 Moose – 3. By the middle of the week, it read as reflected in the photo, awesome crew of hunters!

Neiderhiser family - moose hunt 2009
Chuck Neiderhiser from PA his sub was his son in-law Ron Lanzara from Nashua – His Daughter Cindy has also hunted for a Moose but came up empty handed as a result of a warm hunting week. Judy, Chuck’s wife is also in the photo, as this was truly a family affair for the Neiderhiser family.

Richard Gregoire - moose hunt 2009

Here is a picture of the moose we shot on Monday the 19th of October.
This 650 lb. 3 1/2 year old bull was shot in zone B. Both me and my sub permittee Ross shot at this bull, the bull was about 130 yards away. Ross was shooting a 6.5 x 55 sweede and I was shooting a 308. We saw many cows and a small bull on the first two days of the hunt. Many thanks to "Chuck" our guide from New Hampshire Guide Services for putting us on this bull. Also many thanks to the rest of the staff at New Hampshire Guide Services for their hospitality and hard work. -- Richard Gregoire permittee, Manchester NH

Pamela Schofield - moose hunt 2009
My Husband, Maurice, son Avery, and Subpermitee, Wayne Thompson, (my Daddy), and I spotted him in A2, I shot him with my 1 Barney Fife bullet, (it only takes 1 they kept telling me) with my 308. Got him behind the shoulder, he went about 80 yards in the other direction.  This was my 1st hunt.  It was great!  I'm sorry that my Volunteer guide Donnie Atwood and camp cook, daughter, Alisa Schofield had to return to work so they missed it.  The bull was 500 lbs, about 1 1/2 years old.  Thanks Daddy for finding him  ---Pamela Schofield, New Hampton

Scott Thornton - moose hunt 2009
This bull was taken by Scott Thornton (subpermittee) for Barbara Thornton (permittee) on the last Saturday from Unit G. It was pouring rain when Scott spotted the top of a pair of antlers while we were walking down a trail. The bull was bedded down in a swampy area about 100 yards away. When Scott got within 30 yards of the bull, he called him to his feet and then took him down with his Remington 30.06. This bull was 6 1/2 years old, dressed at 800 pounds, had 21 points and a 54 1/2 inch spread.

Shauna Dearborn
Shauna Dearborn from Weare, NH. Took my dad and brother as the camera man. We hunted for six days and saw nothing. I was getting discouraged. I'd shoot anything now. Only 3 days left. We went to our main spot we hunted. The landowner said, "You'll get a moose today," we laughed. He said, "Go up the trail further." We drove about 2 miles. I spotted a big cow. I loaded my 270, firing twice, hitting her on the first shot. My dad hit her further back. She weighed 640 lbs. 

Andrew Rocha

I shot this moose in area L on the second day in Hooksett.  The moose weighed 480 lbs.  I would like to thank my permitee, my father, Timothy Rocha, for letting me shoot the moose. I would also like to thank Bob Goings for helping us find the area where I shot the moose, for letting us use his tree stand and for all of his help. --- Andrew Rocha, Kensington, NH  

Ian & Ben Ladd - 2009 moose hunt
We would thank NH Fish and Game for the great hunt we had. We took this 650 lb. cow moose on the first morning in J1 in Wolfeboro with a 300 h&h mag. We hope we can do it again! Thanks again, NHF&G.
-- Ian & Ben Ladd, Wolfeboro, NH

Charles Kincaid - Moose hunt 09

This was my 5th year for putting in for the New Hampshire permit, when I got drawn for Unit J1. I shot this 48 ½ in, 690 lbs bull moose on opening day. I would like to thank my subpermittee, hunting partner, my wife Jone Kincaid and my guide Travis Williams. What a super job he did scouting this bull. Also, I would like to thank Dustin and Jason Parent. Thank you. -- Charles W. Kincaid

Dave Pilsbury - moose hunt 2009
My brother Gary Pilsbury of Epsom and I bagged this 540 lb cow in Berlin with only minutes to spare on the first day of the season.  Lucky for us, she was standing on the back of a small cutoff only a short distance from the truck. Working in the dark from start to finish, we were able to get her loaded in the truck in 3 1/2 hours. This was far better than last year, when hunting with another brother (Scott) and we spent 10 hours quartering and dragging about a mile.  I would like to thank N.H. Fish and Game for both of these truly great hunting experiences. I would enjoy doing either of them again.  -- Dave Pilsbury, Salisbury, NH

Al Dupras - 2009 moose hunt
710 lb. cow taken on second morning of season in unit D1. Hunter is Al Dupras, who hunted with Tom Jacobs as his sub. He has been putting his name in lottery since it started in 1988. This is his first tag in all that time. This hunt was in honor of his wife Judy, who died in September of this year after a year and a half battle with cancer.

Blake family - 2009 moose hunt

Three generations of the Blake family got to enjoy this great hunt. Grampa John was the permitee; grandson John was the sub permitee; and Dave was the camera man and guide. The moose was shot on Monday morning; it was 2 ½ years old and weighed 630 lbs dressed and had 27’’ antlers. It was shot in Unit C2 off Success Pond Road. It was the 18th moose that we had seen in just over 2 days of hunting. The moose was shot at 75 yards with a 7mm.08. Thanks to Uncle Del for helping with the recovery. Everyone, put in your moose permit applications -- it’s a great experience!

Tom and Ed Kelley - moose hunt 09

Thanks to NH Fish and Game, Northern NH Guide Services, and the extraction team of Doug, Barbara, and Brad, my son Tom Kelley connected with this bull at 10:15 AM on opening day of the 2009 season in area D2.  I was along as the sub-permitee and witnessed the 100 yard shot with a new Thompson Pro-Hunter in 30 TC. The moose went about ten yards and dropped dead. With much help from the extraction team, Tom and I were on our way home at 4:00 PM. It really was an experience of a lifetime. -- Ed Kelley 

Ian McCarthy and Dave Hinsley - moose hunt 09
Ian "Goat" McCarthy (permittee, on left) from Lyme and David Hinsley (sub-permittee, on right) from Hanover teamed up with guide Bill Barrett (center) to take this nice bull in Campton on day 2.  The 6.5 year old dressed out at 760 pounds and sported a 54.25 inch 6 X 7 spread.  The trio hunted hard for the bull, which eluded them several times on opening day before they dropped him like a bad habit at first light on day 2.  Bill said we would have a good chance for a big bull if we were willing to climb, hike and hunt hard.  Many thanks to Bill and NH Fish and Game for providing us with this opportunity.

Jason Blake - moose hunt 2009
This moose was shot in unit H1 on the second day at 10am. We shot 5 times at over 300yds, hitting him 4 out of the five shots. My subpermitte was David Jacques (on the left) and permitee Jason Blake is on the right. Would also like to thank Brian Decelle, Joe Brown, Mike Coutermarsh, Don Davis, and Donovan Davis for helping us get him out of the woods. He had 6 points and weighed 510 lbs. - Jason Blake

Bob Wilkins - moose hunt 09
On Oct. 20th, 4 days into the hunt and letting a few pass -- hoping to get a big one -- Bob Wilkins of Barrington, NH, and his partner and son-in-law Paul Freeman of Strafford, NH, got this nice moose weighing in at 835 pounds with a 51 1/2 inch spread and 26 points, in the Millsfield Pond area with a 30.06 at 262 yards -- 2 shots. This was Bob's 3rd lucky drawing... We scored each time -- 2 cows -- so we were hoping for a bull...... Thank for posting our PRIZE! -- Bob Wilkins and Paul Freeman

Phil Stockman- moose hunt 2009
Patiently waiting since the N.H. moose program began, my name was finally drawn! My father Phil Stockman, who just turned 83, would be my sub permitee and use the gun. After doing our homework, including finding a great place to stay for the week and pre-scouting for a few days, we found our bull late morning opening day. My father made the shot with a 30-06. When everything settled down he had a 685 lb. bull with a spread of 42 1/2". We just found out that he is, to date, the oldest hunter to take a moose since the moose program began in 1988. -- Jim Stockman

Will Hierholzer - moose hunt 2009
Will hierholzer and subpermitee Steve Miner. After missing our first shooting opportunity at a larger bull with a bow on the second day.  We shot this bull on 10-24-09 at 5:00 pm in the pouring rain. We shot it with a 30-06 at 100 yards.  It weighed in at 550 lbs with a 28.25 spread, and it was a  3.5 years old.  Taken off a friends property in J2 Sanborton.  This was my first time putting in for the moose hunt and it was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Thank you very much NH Fish and Game.  I would also like to give thanks to my friend Matty.  He helped us for 4 hours extracting this moose at night in the rain.  Especially thanks to my subpermitee Steve, for the experience and bestowing your knowledge onto me.

Peter Gallo

“Thank you to New Hampshire Fish and Game for the privilege to take this 450-lb. dressed cow on the last day of the season. My son Stephen drew an antlerless-only permit for WMU A1 and this was only the second cow we saw during the time we hunted. We missed an opportunity on the first day with muzzleloaders, but were able to capitalize on our second chance with a clean one-shot kill from a Savage 110 in .270. It was approximately a seventy-five yard shot high on a clearcut. The cow was with two bulls. Had we drawn an ES tag, we would have completed the hunt less than five minutes into the season with a bull at less than twenty yards! We saw several bulls between ten and forty yards with the exception of the two we saw when we took the cow. Thanks to my support crew for helping us get the moose to the truck, and for the memories they helped create!” --Peter Gallo, Barnstead NH

Keith Johnson

After my last unsuccessful moose hunt 12 years ago, I finally got selected again. This time I was determined to come home with prize catch. I was successful to bag a 720 pound bull moose on Tuesday October 20th at 7:10 a.m. in Berlin section C-1. My co-shooter Wes Batty and I had a wonderful time this moose season! I would like to thank Shawn Lettre my guide, Jason, Dave and Bridgette Parent of NH Guide Services and Sue and Bob Senter of Magalloway River Inn Cabins for the hunt of a life time! -- Keith Johnson, Deering, NH

Travis Ash moose hunt
I got pulled for a moose tag 3 years ago, and this year was the first year that I was able to put back in and I was drawn for a cow only permit. My zone was A1. This cow was shot with a 300 Win. Mag Ruger. My subpermittee was Jauntessa Campbell. It took 4 people with a chainsaw winch to drag it out. 2 hours later it was in the back of the truck. -- Travis Ash

Steven M. Coleman

This moose was taken on the seventh day of extremely difficult hunting in WMU G.  My guide, Bill Barrett, on the left in this picture, worked against all odds to get this moose.  By the end of this hunt, I was using a borrowed gun that he helped to find and we bagged this young bull.  My sincerest thanks to Bill Barrett, Harley who loaned me the gun, and Scott who helped with a difficult extraction.  NH Fish and Game, keep of the great work of managing our NH’s precious hunting resources. -- Steven M. Coleman, Ph.D., Bedford, MA

Ryan Youngman and his dragging crew
This nice bull was taken on the 2nd day of the season in Zone D2 by Ryan Youngman (right of moose) with a 30/06. It had 12 points and weighed 620 lbs.  It was my 2nd time being chosen in the lottery.  Special thanks go out to Steve Loud (sub-permittee) and Sean Smas (cameraman) as well as all of the other guys from the "dragging team". We couldn't have done it without them, as this moose was shot on top of a mountain in the National Forest.  Also, thanks to the NH Fish & Game for running a great moose management program. -- Ryan Youngman, Bath, NH

Ron Butler moose hunt
I would like to thank NH Fish and Game for doing a great job with providing all the good info on everything  involved in the Moose Hunt.  Twenty years ago I had my first experience with the Moose Hunt and at my age was excited to have another opportunity.  I hunted with my subpermittee and son, Brian Butler, of Sandown.  We had a really hard hunt and finally on the fourth afternoon we spotted our Moose.  We were in Area B and it was late in the afternoon.  We both shot and FINALLY had our moose.  It was about 3 years old and weighed 700 lbs. dressed and had a nice rack of 36 and 1/4 inches. Would like to thank the best guides in New Hampshire......Northern New Hampshire Guide Services.....Pat and Chris really worked hard to help us find our moose.  Had a great time at the camp also. -- Ron Butler, Derry, NH

Deba Heathe
I  shot this cow  day  #5  into the  hunt and it was the  1st  moose we  saw.  I  shot  her in Canaan  (G zone)  at  7:10  am. with a   Marlin  45 70. She weighed 450 pounds.  My  subpermitte  Dick Newton was awesome and I would  pick  him  again  for another  hunt  in the  future. This  has been a wonderful  experience.     THANKYOU  FISH AND  GAME! - Deb  Heathe,  Lyman NH and  Dick Newton, Littleton NH

Brent Covell moose hunt
What an exciting hunt, we hunted all week until Friday Oct 24.  We mostly hunted the Pondicherry area, we saw a least one big bull a day from a distance with no shot.  All the bulls in the area were loners and would not respond to our calls. On Friday morning, we decided to hunt an area just a mile down the road from my house.  At around 9:30, we went back to the truck to get a change of clothes and decide our next plan of attack.  We were just about to leave when we heard a branch crack.  We went up the hill to investigate and saw a nice bull.  We followed him in a ways and we thought we'ed spooked him off.  Little did we know, there was a big cow standing about 125 yards from us. Neither of us hesitated to aim; my subpermittee wanted me to shoot, so I did and completely missed through all the trees.  The cow then started to move, but with a grunt from my partner, she turned back broadside and I fired. I hit her in the spine and she fell.  What a great time and experience.  Thanks to Travis Gray, my sub-permittee, for logging all the pre-hunt hours of scouting.  Also thanks to Pete Gray and Mike Earnshaw, as us four dragged her about 1/4 mile through the swamp by hand. Five hours, but we got her out.  Thank you NH Fish & Game for a great hunt. See you in three years. -- Brent Covell

Emile & Lisa Landry
We harvested this nice bull in J2 in Meredith on the 4th day of the hunt after 3 hard days of tracking by my wife Lisa and a great friend, Dan Green. We were able to take this 670 lb, 52.25" spread moose.
I would also like to thank a very special lady at the New Hampton F&G office who gave us a lot of help, and thanks to the NH Fish and Game Dept for this year. Hope I can do it again some year. - Emile and Lisa Landry, Nashua NH

John Zanga

“John Zanga and subpermitee Scott Corpie. WMU H2N, opening day, 550 lb. cow.”

Mark Rapoza Scott Piper

“This nice bull was taken on the 2nd day of the 2009 NH Moose season by Mark Rapoza of Tilton and Scott Piper of Webster, two longtime friends. Mark spotted the moose from a great distance early Sunday morning and as we approached the area where we had last seen him we were "busted" by a cow who had been calling to him. We were able to down the big bull from a distance of 250+ yds. as it tried to flee the area. The bull was taken in WMU-D2, weighed in at 790 lbs. and had a spread of 55 1/2 inches. A special thanks to Keith Rapoza, another longtime hunting partner, for his dedication and camera work. And to Ed Piper for his help in the dragging process. We also thank NH Fish and Game for this opportunity.” --Scott Piper

Ralph DiMeo

“After my sons and I had applied unsuccessfully for many years, I was drawn in 2007 for Zone E2 and we had a great hunt in White Mountain National Forest. Since that hunt, E2 has been first choice for the boys, and my son Zack drew E2 this year. Due to our work schedules, we were unable to make the 400-mile trip from home to E2 prior to the opener. We were very surprised to find nowhere near as much moose sign in 2009 as there was in 2007! We hoofed it about 12 miles on opening day and saw no moose and little fresh sign. But we were lucky to encounter Conservation Officer Brian Abrams who strongly suggested we check a regenerative cut that we knew about but had not yet visited. We took CO Abrams's advice at sunup on day 2 and found this beautiful cow. She dressed at 600 pounds even. While we admired her, we were approached by two bulls, one with about a 40-inch spread. But a prime cow had been our first choice anyway, and we had no regrets. Thanks, New Hampshire, for great hospitality and in particular to NH Fish and Game and Brian Abrams!” --Ralph DiMeo, South Orange, NJ

Kurt Laurie Jeff Trombley

“My brother Kurt Laurie and my nephew Jeff Trombley bagged this big bull in zone A2 on opening day @ 8:00 a.m. He weighed 870 lbs. and had a 58 1/2 inch spread and took 3 1/2 hrs. to drag out with a chainsaw winch. It was a great day.”

Lisa and Jeff Cantara

“My wife, Lisa Cantara, was the permittee; I was the subpermittee. Five years ago it was just the opposite. Twice my wife has been my moose hunting partner and I wouldn't change a thing. We were hunting in the beautiful Pond of Safety area in Randolph, WMU C-1. After passing several moose, including a small bull at thirty yards, we were fortunate enough to harvest this nice 620 pound 2-1/2 year old bull with a spread of 39-1/2 inches. Wednesday started off with no moose. Late morning we decided to try up high. Walking along a moose trail we jumped the bull with only Lisa spotting it. After a long hour and a half tracking, we caught up to the bull raking trees. The bull was down at 1:22 p.m., Lisa left to get help while I started the gutting process. Thanks to the help of Mike Mackillop and his horse Rex, we finally got out of the woods with our moose at 8:38 p.m. Thanks to N.H. Fish and Game for a truly wonderful hunting experience.” -- Jeff Cantara

Johnny Brown and moose

“I would like to thank the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department for giving me the opportunity to take this fine animal. After two hard days of hunting and passing on a couple other bulls, I was able to take him on the second evening of the hunt. He dressed at 870 lbs and had a 60 1/2 inch spread. Many thanks go out to my sub, Mark Raiche, and Armand Archibald who were there to experience the hunt with me, along with my fellow Real Deal Productions pro staffers, Eric Densmore, Doug Daniels, Aaron Day, Eric Moulton, Matt Knittle, Bill Miller and his father to help me get him out of the woods.” --Johnny Brown

Bruce and Doug Plummer

“Brothers Bruce and Doug Plummer of Plainfield NH couldn't believe Bruce got picked for A2 for their 2009 moose hunt. Luck was with them as their father has had a camp in that area for 15+ years, so they knew the terrain well. With snow on the ground they hunted hard, calling in several locations, and doing a lot of "in woods" stalking, The second day they managed to bag this bull around noontime, about 1/2 of a mile from the road. It weighed 750 lbs, and had a 55.5 inch spread with 23 points. It was truly the hunt of a lifetime.”

Ray and Sylvia LaCasse

“We hunted all day on opening day on Page Hill in Lancaster. We heard a big bull take off in the morning but he held up in a safe haven in some soft woods in the middle of the swamp and we couldn't call him out. We walked around the whole swamp trying to get closer with no luck. We decided to go to the first cutting we had scouted in the summer on the second day. It is a very nice cutting in Littleton close to the Dalton line. We headed up the trail at 6:45am, I was about five steps behind my husband with the 270 Remington rifle (he had the muzzleloader) when he spotted a big female (cow) moose. He motioned for me to get up to where he was so I could shoot it (it was my permit). I hurried to get to up to him where I could see her but did not look where I was stepping and I went down! He looked at me sitting on the ground and then back at the moose; now getting a little nervous and starting to walk away, and told me to get up or hand him the gun....I handed him the gun and he put her down with the first shot! We were out for only a half an hour. We were able to pull her out with the four-wheeler and when we got to the landing, a man that lived across the street came over and offered to put her in our truck with his tractor. What a lucky day! On the way to the butcher's I asked my husband, "I thought you said this was going to be a lot of work?!" Thanks for the memories.” --Ray and Sylvia LaCasse

Nate Griffin

“I took this moose on Friday the 23rd in Unit G near Plymouth. Had only seen one other moose up to this point after scouting over 60 hours and hunting for the previous 5 days. Unfortunately, my subpermittee Jim MacKenzie (left) was not there that day of the hunt. I ended up taking this animal in an area I had not scouted. The bull weighed 580 lbs had a 50.5" spread and was aged at 4.5-5.5 yrs old. Thank you F&G for this opportunity.” --Nate Griffin, Portsmouth, NH

Sue Makowiecki

“First I would like to thank Bob Makowiecki, my husband/subpermittee/wingman for always being there – you are an incredible partner in everything! Secondly, I would like to thank The World’s Greatest Guide, Wade Goulet of New Hampshire Guide Service, you were educating, patient, driven, strong, knowledgeable and instinctual (all of the perfect ingredients of an exceptional guide). My gun dry fired on my first shot and Wade was able to stop the bull from moving out by cow calling to him, thank goodness! We harvested this 62 inch, 695 pound trophy bull out of zone C-2, using a .300 WSM. I would like to thank Bridget, Dave and Sandy for the hospitality extended to us and all of the hunting parties at the Mt. Dustan Country Store and Cabins in Wentworth, NH. Thank you to NH Fish and Game for all of your outstanding work managing our state’s moose herd. Both Bob and I will carry this incredible hunting experience with us forever!” --Sue Makowiecki, New Boston, NH

Alan Preston moose hunt
This moose was taken by Alan Preston of Wilton, N.H., five days into the season. It was taken  in zone G and was shot around 7 a.m. with a 30-06. It weighed 580 pounds and was an easy one to get out of the woods with help from a four wheeler. The hunt was exciting and turned out very successful.

Mark Young

“My sub Derick Rodgers and I hunted on Sandy Green’s 20 thousand acre land, she was more than helpful, she and her husband Bob offered us a place to stay and help us recover the moose that we shot. After 3 days of seeing nothing we were given a new area by the Greens, we hiked up Black Hill in Wentworth and jumped a 730 lb. cow, we shot it at 10:48 AM and did not get it off the mountain until 18:30 PM. and it took us 7 and a half hours using a chain saw and chainsaw winch to get it to 10 mile road on the Greens’ property. The moose weighed 500 lbs. dressed, it was a thrill of a lifetime.” --Mark Young

Jesse Davis

“We shot this moose in Success in zone C2. We shot it October 18 at 9:15 am. It was 100 yards away and weighed 570 pounds and had a 31 inch spread. Ken Ficek was my sub permittee and I had been trying for 17 years to get my permit. I wasn't going home without a bull. We were trying for a big bull but this guy was close to the logging road and an easy drag.” --Jesse Davis

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