Moose Hunt 2008 -- Gallery

Congratulations, NH moose hunters!

Images from the 2008 Moose Hunt........

"Joel Smith and Gerry Zoltowski from Pa shot this moose in C1 with Guide Pat Hickey from Northern NH Guide Service in 2008. The bull was shot only after a 1/2 hour of hunting on the 1st day . The bull had a 53 inch spread and weighed 790 at the weigh site. Keep up the great work NH Fish and Game!"

George White & moose
“This was the latest of several great adventures my old college buddy Mike Pelletier and I have been fortunate enough to share over the last 27 years. Mike had drawn a nonresident tag for the I-1 unit and generously invited me to hunt with him. After gladly accepting his offer, we started our homework. We were “Living the Dream” as we planned out our hunt. Thanks to the State of NH for this program. Thanks for the time shared with Mike’s family and friends that made this a treasured lifetime memory. Thanks to the foresters, landowners and acquaintances we met along the way that became part of the fabric of our moose hunt story. It wouldn’t have been possible without their help. We are truly grateful to all of you. We spooked this bull from a high mountain clearcut at 10 am on the 6th morning of our hunt. We found him 2 hours later, further down the mountain. The shot was 150 yards with a .308 and a 165-grain handloaded Barnes TSX bullet. He dropped on the spot, so no tracking was involved. The first thing that comes to mind when you see them up close is “Boy, that’s one big animal”. The second thought is “we have some work to do.” With Mike’s Dad’s help and his priceless 6-wheel Argo we got this bull off the mountain in one piece about 4 hours later. This was a 3-1/2 yr old bull, with an 8-point, 36” wide rack. He dressed 590 lbs. We are still smiling. Thanks Mike!” --George White
Fran Rocray and moose
“We, Fran Rocray (permittee) & Ed Savoy (sub) have nicknamed this moose "Last Day Bull." Our zone was A2. From the beginning we were very confident we were going to get one. We had seen 14 moose in 64 hours of pre-scouting. Our plan was trophy or bust. Some how the moose caught wind of our plan. At the end of 7 days of hunting (Friday) with only 2 days left, we had seen 18 moose. The cows & small-racked bulls seemed to oblige us with broadside shots at distances as short as 10 yards. The trophies weren't so obliging, always showing us how fast they could run the moment we saw them. So a new plan was made: "next bull or cow we see." Day 8, Saturday came & went with not a single moose being seen. Sunday; last day, after finding nothing at plan A, we drove 3 miles to plan B, & saw towering over some thick cover the heads of a cow & this bull. At 8:07 am the 50-yard shot was made. The bull is 3 1/2 years old with a 46 3/4 spread, 16 points, & scaled in at 740 lbs. We would like to thank Kevin Cote, our video camera man/moose hauler, and NH Fish & Game for all the work they do to make moose hunting possible.” --Fran Rocray
Andre Kloetz and Kevin Keenan
"Thank you to NH Fish and Game for this opportunity. Many weeks were spent in the woods of Gilmanton and Sanbornton prior to the hunt, quietly and patiently looking for sign of moose. It paid off the second day of the hunt, October 19, at 10:28 am in the woods of Sanbornton. Kevin Keenan, of Laconia, was able to take this beautiful bull moose, coming in at 600 lbs., with an antler spread of 39 1/2". This picture shows Andre Kloetz, of Meredith (permittee) and Kevin Keenan (sub-permittee) along with two of Kevin's daughters, Emma, 5, and Carolyn, 2, proudly posing with the moose. He is now affectionately known as "Marty" and displayed proudly in Andre's home." --Kevin Keenan

Steve Adamovich

“Steve Adamovich and his subpermitee Bob Perry took this nice 700-lb. bull at 7:30 on opening day of the 2008 NH moose hunting season. This might sound quick and easy but we had at least 40 hours of scouting and many miles walking to put us in the right place to take this fine bull. Many thanks to the landowner for all the help and permission to hunt on his land.”

Robert Lilljedahl

“Right to left: Robert Lilljedahl of New Durham, NH, permit holder; guide Dustin Parent; cameraman Chuck Ryan; and sub-permit holder Henry. Robert and Henry were fortunate to draw an antlerless-only permit in WMU A2 and scored this nice cow which tipped the scales at 585 lbs. Robert and Henry would like to thank New Hampshire Guide Services & Down Wind Guide Services for all the hard work and the NH Fish and Game Department for the hunt of a lifetime.”

Arthur Hatfield

“Arthur Hatfield Jr. of Merrimack, NH, who was a lucky recipient of an Either Sex permit in WMU C2. Arthur chose his son Rick as his sub-permit holder. Guided by Jon Guilmain of New Hampshire Guide Services. Arthur and Rick were very lucky to score this bull on opening morning, 48” rack and a body weight of 770 lbs. Arthur and Rick would like to thank NH Fish and Game for this ‘Hunt of a Lifetime.’”

Mike Massey

“Pictured is Mike Massey, permit holder, and his sub-permit holder Brian. Mike was the lucky recipient of an antlerless-only permit for WMU B. Mike chose New Hampshire Guide Services and hunting guide Sean Lettre. After being fortunate enough to see several moose the first few days Mike harvested this nice cow, which weighed in at 450 lbs., in Millsfield NH. Mike and Brian would like to thank the State of NH Fish and Game Department for this excellent opportunity to hunt moose in New Hampshire.”

Dan Krause

“The 21-hour drive from Wisconsin was well worth it when on Oct. 18, 2008 my guide Travis Williams from New Hampshire Guide Services got my sub-permittee Mike Koenig and I to within 100 yards of this bull in WMU F. His hours of preseason scouting certainly paid off with this 810 lb., 55 inch, 6 1/2 yr old bull. He had four brow tines on each side with 20 total points! Thank you NH Fish and Game for this once in a lifetime opportunity!” --Dan Krause

Mike Sas

“We booked with Northern NH Guide Services after being drawn for Antlerless Only, our first time in the lottery. We drew zone C2. We were very excited about our "Hunt of a Lifetime". We do not have Moose in Ohio and could not have imagined the sheer size of these beautiful creatures. Opening day brought a lot of walking & glassing; however, we were well within range of 10 different Bulls and 3 Cows (some as close as 35 yards!). Wow! What a feeling. Day two we decided to sit on a cut and see what would enter it. About the time we were ready to stalk further up the cut a massive (easily 60 inch bull) cleared the ridge, along with 3 other bulls, some cows and calves. Two hours of waiting them out later; the last remaining cow in the cut presented a shot. She turned at 110 yards, the bull was at 150 yards. I shot her through the heart with our Dad's 30/06 (thank you, Dad), my brother followed up with a running double lung from his 30/30 and our Cow spun & piled up less that 20 yards from the first shot! WOW! 545 lbs hanging. Incredible hunt, Incredible animals, Incredible scenery. It really was the "Hunt of a Lifetime" for us. Thank you New Hampshire Fish & Game. Thank you Dave Noyes (our Guide with NNHGS).” --Mike Sas, West Salem, Ohio

Jake Borgeson

“Both Jake Borgeson and father Craig Borgeson (sub-permittee) of Gilford, NH were more than happy to be able to moose hunt during the 2008 season. After hunting four full days and passing up several large bulls during the hunt's beginning in anticipation of shooting the real "trophy" that showed himself during scouting, it was time to settle on Weds. morning, October 22. The snow had come and the morning was truly perfect, giving up this 34 inch 560 pound 2 1/2 year old bull from WMU B. A bawling cow allowed us to put a quick sneak on the trailing bull, and the rest was history. It's not too often that many get to shoot a moose on snow! Special thanks once again to the NH Fish and Game Dept. for the hunt of a lifetime, and to the dragging crew who made getting the bull out of the woods possible. Much fun was had by all...” --Jake and Craig Borgeson, Gilford, NH

Melissa and Ron Clark

“We would like to Thank the New Hampshire Fish and Game Dept. for the opportunity of hunting a moose this year! Melissa was the Permittee and Ron was the Sub-permittee for a hunt in area C-2. We had the BEST Guides for Fun and Professionalism...that was Northern New Hampshire Guide Service w/ Keith and Leo! They spent 3 long days with us and we finally harvested Melissa's 5 1/2 year old Bull weighing in at 700 pounds with a 42 1/2 inch spread. It was killed with a 30-06 at 312 yards. This was an awesome experience for both of us. Thank you Northern New Hampshire Guide Service and the State of New Hampshire for this once in a life time experience!” --Melissa and Ron Clark

Joe and Joey Grady

“Joe and Joey Grady of Barnstead tracked down this bull moose in unit J1 on the second day of the season, it weighed 630 lbs and was 6 1/2 years old. Not bad for a first moose for Joey Grady age 15, acting as his dad’s subpermittee.”

Jim Jacques & Jere Calef

“Jim Jacques of Gonic & Jere Calef of Barrington shot this 610 lb., 3 1/2 year old moose on day 4 in Millsfield, NH. Thanks NH Fish & Game and the crew.”

Randy Hooper

“This moose was shot opening morning with a Thompson Center Encore Pro-Hunter in 30 TC caliber in Pittsburg, NH in zone A1. This cow weighed 510 lbs and was 2 1/2 years old. I would like to thank Fish and Game for the opportunity to hunt moose in this wonderful state of mine. I would also like to thank Gary at Spruce Cone Cabins in Pittsburg for the great hospitality and my father Garry (sub-permittee) and my son Boo for all their help with this great hunt, even though it only lasted 20 minutes. Thanks again.” --Randy Hooper, Wolfeboro, NH

Stephen Borden and Randy Cook

"Stephen Borden of Belmont NH and subpermittee Randy Cook of Gilmanton NH with the moose Stephen shot on the 2nd day of the hunt in WMU J-2. The bull was estimated to be 4 1/2 years old and dressed out at 670 lbs. The antlers had a 40 inch spread with 15 points. Stephen shot the bull at 9:00am with his new 30-06 about a mile from the truck. We had the moose field dressed and back to the truck at 12:30pm. Thanks to NH Fish and Game for the chance to hunt one of these great animals."
Ryan Grant

“Tony Battistelli and I killed our moose on opening day at 4:15 PM in the Nash Stream State Forest (WMU B). We had scouted over several weekends and the 3 days just prior to opening day. We decided to spend opening day in the Nash Stream Forest where we had seen some good moose. My subpermittee owns a camp there and we know the area well. Late in the afternoon after walking many miles we located and killed this bull in some VERY thick woods about 1/3 mile from the truck. With 8 men (thanks guys!) and 20' of rope we got him out of the woods and back to camp by 11 PM. The bull was 2 1/2 years old and weighed exactly 500 lbs. Special thanks to my stepson, hunting buddy, and cameraman Devin Quinn, who was part of the hunt from the day I got picked in the lottery to the end. This was the hunt of a lifetime that none of us will ever forget!! Thanks for the opportunity Fish and Game.” --Ryan Grant, Litchfield NH

Tim Parker

“Tim Parker of Manchester & Bill Borchers of Derry shot this 4 1/2 yr. old, 12-point, with a 41” spread, dressed out at 650 lb. in Zone I2. Mike from Trails End guide service called him in from 1/4 mile away. The whole hunt lasted about 30 min., couldn't have gone any better! Nice Job Mike! We would also like to thank Ted & Brian from the N. H. Fish & Game for all their help.”

Steve Ramsey

“Steve Ramsey from Milan NH shot this 500 lbs. 2 1/2 year old bull in Zone E3 in Twin Mtn. with his Browning 300 wsm. After spending 3 days hunting from dark to dark this bull was taken at 7:28 am on the 4th day of the hunt on top of a ridge 1.5 miles from the road. Even after 12 1/2 hours of dragging this moose out in the rain it was worth it! I want to thank NH Fish & Game for this true wilderness hunt and also my wife for getting the permit.”

Spencer Blish

“Spencer Blish, on the left, took this 510-lb. dressed 3 1/2 year old bull at the edge of a cut almost at the spruce line above the Beebee River in Campton with a .308 rifle in the early evening of the third day. The sub-permitee Tim Morrison and his 7-year-old son Tanner, both from Freeport, ME, are also pictured. Many thanks to my guide Bill Barrett of Groton, NH and the NH Fish and Game Department for making this experience of a lifetime possible and enjoyable! Special thanks to the Conservation Officers for allowing the next generation to come along and observe the excitement of the hunt, and the beauty of New Hampshire.”

Jim Gray

“On 10-18-08, Jim Gray (right) permittee of Bethel, Vermont and Keith Brick (left) of Piermont, NH sub-permittee were ready to do the hunting trip of a lifetime. After many hours of scouting and seeing a handful of moose, we were ready. We left the truck at 6:45 A.M. and the hunt was over at 7:00 A.M. The hunt lasted a whole 15 minutes. The bull was the first moose reported in at the Twin Mountain Fish Hatchery/ Moose Reporting Station. He weighed in at 670 pounds, had 14 points, a 44" spread and was 5 1/2 years old. The bull was taken in WMU G. A special thanks goes out to Keith for being there and to the Riche's for all their help and equipment that made this dream come true. We couldn't have done it without you guys. Another special thanks to the NH Fish and Game Department for a great and successful moose hunt.” --Jim Gray

Mark Whitten

“WOW What a season......My brother Bob Whitten & I (Mark Whitten) shot this moose on day 4, 10/22/08, in D-1 Whitefield. This bull was standing among 6 other moose that were laying down and even a 6-point buck was nearby, if you can believe it. We were about 300 yards and just went for it. He weighed in at 840 lbs. dressed and had a 50 1/2 inch spread. This was an AMAZING experience. Thank you NH Fish and Game for all the guidance before the season started. We know that scouting ahead of time made the difference.”

Randy and Jim Boyle

“Randy and Jim Boyle, both of Lincoln NH, father and son, were both lucky enough to be drawn in the 2008 moose lottery. Randy had area D2 and took Jim as his subpermittee, Jim had area G and took his father Randy as his subpermittee. Jim was the first to score on Saturday opening day with a 570 lb cow, shot in Dorcester. Randy was next to score Wednesday with a 550 lb cow shot in Landaff. Many hours of scouting was put in for a successful hunt. Photo left to right: Mike Conn, camera man, Jim Boyle and Randy Boyle. Thanks Fish and Game for a hunt of a lifetime.”

Ed Henkes

“800 lbs., 20 points, 48-inch spread. Moose meat timeless. These are the actual measurements.” --Ed Henkes

Craig Martel

“Finally on day 5 after 55 hours of hunting, we saw a couple of bulls and decided it was time to take one. Craig Martel on the left of Swanzey NH and Patrick Bischof on the right, subpermitte from Keene NH. Two shots from my .270 and the bull was down. It weighed 640 lbs. with a 30-inch spread. Taken in A-2. Our guides Josh Shakford and Justin Brooks of Freedom NH were great. Never gave up and kept on looking. I am having the moose mounted as I may never get another. NH Fish and Game has this moose thing figured out; it was very well organized from start to finish. Even with the e-mailing to show all others their moose taken and sharing the pictures is pretty cool too.” --Craig Martel

Mark Langevin

“Mark Langevin of Deerfield NH and Troy Corey of Hooksett NH scouted long and hard. Shot it in WMU L at 10:10 am on October 19. The bull weighed 740 pounds and had a 53-inch spread. Special thanks to Paula, Nick, Mike, Pete, and Ron for help getting it out. I would also like to thank Mike McAllister for help scouting, NH Fish and Game for the opportunity, and Sgt. Eskeland for his help.”

Jim Conway

“That's Jim Conway of Bedford, N.H. on the right with a Contender in the 30-06 cal. and Bob Eldredge of Exeter, N.H. with a 45-70. On the third day of hunting, we were in Pittsburg on top of a ridge when we saw this cow about 125 yds. away, both shooting about the same time, she went down quick, weighing in at 650 lbs. This was Jim's second time getting picked, he was picked in the first lottery the state held and this was Bob's first, very excited! We want to thank Roger for telling us where to hunt, Fred for letting us stay at his camp and Bob, Ozzie and Dan for keeping the camp clean.”

Tracy Simula

“This moose was harvested opening morning in unit G by permitee Tracy Simula and sub-permitee Ryan Simula. The moose weighed 530 lbs. with 6 points and a 31-inch spread. Would like to thank NH Fish and Game for this opportunity.”

Scott Gasbarro and Michael Desirey

“Scott Gasbarro and Michael Desirey from southern Rhode Island. Perfect 25 yard shot with a .300 winn mag. This cow dressed 540 lbs. Tender Vittles! We hunted WMU D2 for the full season, finally scoring on the eighth day at 7:30 am. We saw 8 moose total. We hunted the Long Pond area in Benton, N.H. A big thanks goes out to Northern N.H. guide service for their guidance and to Grafton County Sheriff Doug Dutile and his wife Barbara for helping us get her out of the woods. Can’t wait to do it again!”

Dana Wickman

“Dana Wickman of Windham NH shot this cow near the Dalton Littleton line in zone D1. After 4 days and only seeing one other moose I decided it was time to fill the fridge. I’d like to thank NH Fish and Game for the opportunity for a great and rare hunt.” -- Dana Wickman

Andre Bergeron

“Harvested on day 7 from WMU B near Phillips Brook. 740 pounds/52 inch rack. Andre Bergeron (subpermittee) and Deb Bergeron (permittee) of Berlin NH.”

Charles Lamberti

“Last week was certainly one of the best hunting experiences I have had in my 35 years of hunting. The hunt was tough and very challenging but the weather was perfect. I passed up on some cows and calves because I wanted a bull. I did not get that 55 inch bull BUT the bull that I did get is certainly a lifelong trophy in my book and will look great on my wall. As for my guide Mitch Filson, he was the BEST! He was very educating and very knowledgeable about the moose and the area (I2). We did some walking to say the least. Mitch, like myself, did not give up even though we had some tough days. He kept telling me to stay focused and our time will come, and it did. I cannot say enough good things about Mitch Filson as a guide and most of all as a fellow hunter and now a friend. I want to also thank Jason Parent from NHGS for hooking me up with Mitch and for making last week a hunting experience that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Thanks again for a trip of a lifetime.” --Charles J. Lamberti, New York

Gia Santosuosso

“Hunter Gia Santosuosso from South Hampton, NH, hunting with her hubsand, Mike. WMU A2, 500-lb. cow on an anterless tag. What better way to spend your 1st wedding anniversary! On day 4 in the rain, we took this cow at 7:15 am. At 1:30 pm, while still raining, we finally got her on the trailer.”

Richard Click


Victor Engel

“This moose was shot in Zone G on the second morning, Sunday, October 19th thanks to the expert calling from my "guide" subpermittee Scott Herrick of Concord. After having someone shoot a moose opening morning first thing that was coming to our call and having the wind betray us on a second moose that same morning (also coming to the call), we moved to a piece of private property that we had obtained permission to hunt on the next day. At first light we called and heard a bull rubbing his antlers. We moved further into the piece and set-up to call again. After a half hour of calling, this guy snuck in using the terrain and bushes to get within 60 yards before we saw him. One shot from a .338 and he dropped in his tracks. He weighed 560 pounds and sported 8 points with a 31" spread. The biologist aged him at 3 1/2 years old. Normally, once a moose hits the ground the hard work begins. We made a few phone calls to the "cavalry" and within an hour and a half, we had eight able bodies there to assist with the dragging. Using an ice fishing sled and our "eight wheel drive" pullers, we were able to skid the moose out 1,500 yards to the vehicles in about 20 minutes. Thanks to Roger, the landowner, who graciously allowed us access to his property. Thanks to Scott Herrick, my subpermittee, for being such a great friend (and an expert caller). Thanks to Arnold, Butch, Dave, Steve, Greg, John, Dan, Cody and Nick for being the horses. And lastly thanks to NH F&G for their continued dedication to the NH Moose program. Hopefully it won't be another 20 years before I draw again.” Victor Engel, Concord, NH

Chuck Fritz

“Thank you New Hampshire Fish and Game! This moose was shot in WMU F on Saturday the 25th at 4:30pm By Chuck Fritz of Manchester, NH and my father Charlie Fritz of Moultonboro, NH. She went down two swamps deep with a ¼ mile drag in the pouring rain. We couldn't have gotten it out with out the help of this great crew. Special Thanks to Mike Baker, Matt and Harry Blood, Jim, Jimmy, Andy and Ben Fritz, Neil Davis and Will Richards. This was an awesome experience and the hardest hunt you could ever want. The moose weighed 400 pounds.” --Chuck Fritz

Geoffrey Ziminsky

“Some good scouting just weeks prior to the 2008 moose hunt resulted in success less just an hour into opening day! My sub-permitee (Harley Putnam) and I spent several days in WMU F scouting, and finally locked into a good location in Campton. Though we only had an antlerless only permit and came across no cows during scouting, we knew from the sign we were in a good spot. Early on opening day morning, after a brief stalk up the side of a mountain, and passing several hunters, at 7:35 AM this 480-lb. dressed cow was standing on the edge of an old logging cut on the side of a mountain, 50 yds away. I raised my gun and Harley, who was just behind me, asked "what do you see - a cow?". I replied "yes" as I verified no antlers and pulled the trigger. One shot with a 7mm WSM and she was down. Four strenuous hours later we had her on the trailer and off to the check in.” --Geoffrey Ziminsky

William Kersey

“I got this bull with the assistance of my guide, Dustin Parent of NH Guide Service in Unit A2. The hunt was exciting, exhausting, hot, cold, dry, wet, and exhilarating beyond my wildest expectations. In the first three days, we passed up several cows, a small bull and two big bulls that I just couldn’t manage to get a bead on. On day four, it was drizzling rain and that allowed us to slip right up on a pair of bulls and a cow napping next to a marsh. I really appreciate the opportunity to come from my home state of Indiana to hunt in the beautiful mountains of northern New Hampshire. The bull was 7½ years old, sported lots of scars and had a 51-inch rack. He weighed just 600 lbs. at the check station. The biologist there said this bull apparently took his duties in the rut quite seriously. Thank you again to New Hampshire Fish and Game and the guides at NH Guide Service. It really was the trip (and the moose) of a lifetime.” --William D. Kersey

Mark Stanton

“First I would like to thank the NH Fish and Game Dept. for giving me the opportunity to hunt moose. My moose was shot in WMU C2 at 11:30 on the opening day of season. The first photo is from left to right myself Mark Stanton of Homestead, Iowa, my guide Chuck of New Hampshire Guide Service and my brother, Norm Stanton of Hollis Maine. The second photo is of myself and my moose. My moose was 4 1/2 years old, weighed in at 660 lbs. and had a 50-inch spread. I shot the moose with a 300 mag and it only went 25 feet before going down. I can’t say enough of New Hampshire Guide Service and its guides, very knowledgeable, hardworking and honest. Thanks to the State of NH and to Chuck of the New Hampshire Guide Service.” -- Mark Stanton

David Dufoe

David Dufoe

Bob Enos

“Bob Enos of Nashua and Bob Maucieri of Hudson took this 650-lb. bull in the town of Success in WMU C2 at 7:30 on Monday morning.”

Mike Wasson

“With the help of our guide Chris Norton from Northern NH Guide Services and my sub-permitee/gun bearer (Thanks Dad). My anterless-only moose tag was filled by this beautiful 610 pound, 4½-year-old cow moose. This was truly “A hunt of a lifetime” for Dad and me. Kudos to NH Fish & Game for their outstanding work managing the state’s moose herd. We saw 21 moose during our hunt and thanks to our talented guide the hunt was over in two hours. Thanks again to Northern NH Guide Services, we could never have succeeded without you guys. All the best.” --Mike Wasson

Ron Sherman

"This photo of the 11 point, 56-1/4", 800# (estimated from previous kills and hung weight) bull taken in Area G, Town of Wentworth, by Ron Sherman of Erin, NY, was taken by friend and sub-permittee Roy Marble of Morrisville, VT. The 6-1/2 year old moose was taken at 8:15 a.m. on Wednesday the 22nd, our fifth day of hunting, at an elevation of 1841'. Only the bull's face and horns were visible in the fog, and after a 30-second stare down, a .30-06 with 180 grain Winchester Silvertip was used for the 40 yard neck shot. By the look on my face, I'd probably just realized that we were 2-1/2 miles up a mountain from the trucks. We skinned and cut the bull into six pieces where it fell, and carried it out over a 12 hour period. We thank the citizens of New Hampshire and their Fish and Wildlife Department for the opportunity to harvest such a fine animal." --Ron Sherman, Erin, NY

Tim Early

“Dear NH Fish & Game, I wanted to sincerely THANK YOU for providing a hunt of a lifetime! Through the urging of a co-worker, I applied for my first NH moose permit in May and was absolutely surprised to be drawn for an either sex permit in the C1 WMU. As an out of state hunter, my subpermittee (Mike Razzano) and I realized that our best chance of success was to hire a guide service. After interviewing many companies we were very fortunate to choose Jason Parent from NH Guide Services. Jason’s preseason scouting proved to be extremely beneficial, on opening morning we were able to see a number of moose prior to Jason calling out a small herd of 3 bulls and 1 cow from the thick brush. Single shots from my 300 Win. Mag. along with Mike’s 30-06 allowed us to harvest this 44 inch 720 pound dominate bull at just 40 yards. What topped it off for us was the fact that Jason was able to video tape the event that has allowed us to share this once in a lifetime event with our friends and families! Additionally, I would like to thank Bridget, Dave and Ernie for the hospitality extended to us and all of the hunting parties at the Mt. Dustan Country Store and Cabins in Wentworth Location, NH. Thanks again for an experience that we will carry with us forever. Kind Regards.” --Tim Early, Franklin, MA

Carl and Jake Creamer

“We shot this moose the morning of October 19 (2nd day of 2008 Moose Hunt). We were in Sharon, New Hampshire in WMU K. I scouted a pretty good size cutting that to me was obviously traveled by moose daily. My father (at left) and I along with my brother (camera man) started into the cutting at about 6:25AM. Shooting time came and we were right where we wanted to be. Within two minutes of shooting time starting we heard 3 shots go off about 400-500 yards to our right. We lost courage a little, thinking someone took the moose we were there for. We decided to stick it out and do a little calling. We called 3 times with our homemade bleach bottle call and this bull came straight down the hill at us. He came to within about 150 yards and turned broadside for us, it was now or never. I brought the crosshairs behind his front shoulders and squeezed the trigger. He buckled and was headed down. My father followed up with one more and that was it. That's when the work began. The moose dressed out at 645 lbs. Turns out the shots we heard earlier were shots that took down another similar bull.” --Jake Creamer and Carl Creamer, Brookline, NH

George LeVinus

“This 2½ year old bull was taken in WMU G. It took us four days to find him, but it paid off, thanks to a landowner who was willing to open his land to us. Only took 3 trips to the truck over a ¼ mile distance, certainly better than the ¾ mile last year!! That’s me, George LeVinus on the left (shooter), and my son Rich on the right. We butchered the moose in place, placed it in game bags and then bags made with cotton sheets. Then, we placed those into ice-fishing sleds, and dragged the sleds with the meat in them. A two-wheeled cart was used where the sleds could not go over rocky areas. Even though we have done this before, we found the Fish and Game seminars (last year & 1999) and video (this year) to be extremely helpful.” --George R. Le Vinus

Dan Daley

“Dan Daley of Pittsfield and Ken Elliott of Northwood shot this moose in Berlin on October 25th at 8am. It was a beautiful morning and we knew the moose had been pressured so we decided to go in looking for them. This picture shows what a 600lb cow moose looks like after quartering and packing it 1 1/2 miles out of the woods. We were hunting national forest so no four wheelers allowed just people power. We want to thank NH F&G for doing such a good job and giving us the opportunity and privilege to hunt this great animal. Also a special thanks to Jeff Beauregard for driving 3 hrs to help us pack the moose out he is a true hunting friend!” --Dan Daley

Marty Cogar & Lester Burlock

“I would like to submit this photo of Marty Cogar from Blackstone, Virginia (LEFT) and Lester Burlock (RIGHT) from Hillsborough, New Hampshire. They were excited to take this bull on the 20th anniversary of moose season in New Hampshire. The bull weighed in at a dressed weight of 720 lbs and a spread of 41 3/4 inches. They scouted area "F" for about one week and was able to take this bull on the opening day. Marty and Lester have hunted together all over the United States for game such as whitetail, mule deer, antelope, turkey and wild boar, but this was the most exciting hunt they have experienced. The video supplied by NH Fish and Game was extremely helpful. Thanks for the opportunity of sharing this photo.” --Beverly Cogar, Blackstone, VA

Eric Elliot
“This moose was shot in J2 on Tuesday the 21st at 7:10am. My brother and I have never had a chance to do a hunt of a lifetime without leaving our beloved state. This was an awesome experience. The moose weighed 500 pounds and had 6 points and about a 30-inch spread. We took the moose with our Encore 50cal muzzleloaders. My grandson was overjoyed. From left to right, Eric Elliott from Alton NH, Camren Cardinal and Peter Elliott from Middleton.” --Eric Elliott
William Cardinal
“I was getting really discouraged after my father-in-law and uncle shot their moose the day before mine was taken. It was raining and cold and my father and I were going to go one more time around the area and then we were going home. The Moose jumped up and the rest is history. The bull I took was a 6 point bull and 505 pounds and a 31inch spread. I was so happy it outweighed my father-in-laws by 5 pounds and had a large beard. I took this 2 1/2 year old bill in J2 on the 22nd. This was a wonderful experience to be able to hunt with my dad. This is something I will remember forever, I hope that next time it will be me and my son. Thanks to the CO that helped me. Left to right William Cardinal and Camren Cardinal of New Durham and Arthur Cardinal of Farmington.” --William Cardinal

Melinda Ferland

Justin Ferland

“Our Moose hunt was very sucessful!! On the first day of the season, four hours into our hunt, Justin and I stumbled across this MONSTER bull moose. We were standing in a clear cut in Zone B watching a cow when Justin started calling to see what else we could bring in. We started to hear some noise to the right. We looked over and nothing. Justin continued to look right and when I looked up, right in front of me, coming directly at me, was a huge bull moose. I didn't have a clear shot so I called to Justin, who did!! Justin took three quick shots with his 7mm Rem Mag, hitting the moose in the heart/lung area, dropping him instantly. The moose weighed in at 795 lbs with a spread of 62 inches!!” --Justin and Melinda Ferland, Barnstead, NH
Joe White
“Here is a picture of my son Joe White (subpermittee) with a cow moose I shot on my birthday Oct. 21st in Brookfield NH, 2008. The moose was shot at 5:00 pm on top of a mountain. It took four people until 9:30 at night to get it down off the mountain. The moose weighed 715 lbs and is the largest cow ever taken from J2. I was told at the time of registration that it was the biggest cow taken in the state so far this year. Your website reported otherwise. I suspect either the biologist who told me this or your reporter has made a mistake. Please let your website reflect this. Thanks.” --Ned V. White, Milton, NH [Note to Ned: We'll look into this and make note on this page when we know more about the largest cow taken as of 10/21. Happy Birthday!]
Ryan O'Donnell
“I took this bull on October 19th at 4:15 pm. (Effingham, NH, WMU J1 - weight 480 lbs. dressed.) My dad Tom O'Donnell called it in within 25 yards of me. This was our first moose hunt, and we had a great time.” --Ryan O'Donnell, East Hampstead
Michael Amicangioli
“Michael R. Amicangioli of Derry NH, J2 permit holder (right), my older son Michael P. Amicangioli (center) from Dover NH, was the shooter, my younger son Matt (left) was our videographer. I did the calling, and we brought in two bulls at 5:30 PM on opening day. This bull weighed 640lbs, had a 32” spread, and was 3.5 years old. I couldn’t be more proud of my two sons, and this hunt turned out to be perfect.”
Kim Jarvis

“Here is a picture of my wife Kim’s successful moose hunt. The hunt was in the J1 zone and the moose was killed on 07:13 Saturday morning. The weight was 620 pounds and it sported 8 points and a 32" spread. Best regards.” --Mike Jarvis

Ed Henkes and George Austin

“I had the privilege to guide Ed Henkes and George Austin on their first NH moose hunt this year. Opening day was a long one. We walked 11 miles and saw 1 bull and 4 cows. Had no good shot at the bull and could not catch back up with him. Next morning we went to the same area and were fortunate enough to get this great bull. This is Ed's first animal he has harvested. And a darn good one to start with. The bull weighed 800 pounds and had 19 points and a 46.5-inch spread. George and Ed were a pleasure to hunt with. We all just wanted to thank NH Fish and Game for allowing sportsmen the opportunity to hunt these great animals. Was shot in zone H1 with 30-06.” --Armand Archibald Jr.

Wayne Colpittis Wayne St. Hilaire

“Wayne Colpittis (left), of Errol, and Wayne St. Hilaire, of Brentwood and Dalton, were among the first hunters to bring their prized moose to the Twin Mountain Fish Hatchery/Moose Registration Station (D1) on Saturday, October 18, the first day of 2008 Moose Hunt. They proudly display their 660 lb., 3.5 year-old bull, which Mr. St. Hilaire, the permittee, shot near the Dalton-Littleton line. The cold, clear morning provided 'a perfect day' said Mr. Colpittis, the sub-permittee. The men spent ten hours scouting recent clear-cut areas and two hours hunting. [At the check station, someone said] 70 percent of the allotted moose are taken within the first day and a half.” --Jeff Woodburn

Steve Lavallee

“Opening morning in a tree stand in Hooksett, NH. A calf, cow and bull show up after calling. We harvested this 590# 38" spread bull with my sub Todd Smith. With special thanks to NH Fish and Game for the opportunity to harvest such a magnificent animal. And to my crew Dan, Ray, Jim, and Ray-Ray... oops and my Fiancee Diane who took all photos and put up with me for 2 weeks while scouting and picked the tree for the stand.” --Steve Lavallee, Pembroke, NH

Lisa Ames and Lynn Dreghorn

“Lisa Ames from Wentworth and her sister Lynn Dreghorn from Rumney took their nice little bull in WMU G on Sunday morning, Oct. 19. The bull field dressed at 430 pounds and was one and a half years old. The two sisters were guided by Jeff Ames from Wentworth, Lisa Ames’s husband. Camera person Ashley Ames was filming the hunt. The hunt was exciting and fast-paced and the moose were talking all morning. The entire family had a great time and the hunters are still telling their moose hunt story. Husband and guide Jeff Ames stated, ‘wait till they get my bill.’”

Michael Kneeland Jr.

“Truly a hunt of a lifetime. At 75 years old and being a cancer survivor, I was thrilled to be picked for the opportunity to hunt in this year's NH moose hunt. After a lot of hard work, I shot this bull on day 2 in Berlin (WMU C2). The bull weighed 820 pounds, had a 51-inch spread and was 5 ½ years old. It was exciting to bring the moose home, to show to my grandkids. Thank you NH Fish & Game for a great time.” --Michael Kneeland Jr., Windham, NH


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