Moose Hunt 2007 -- Gallery

Congratulations, moose hunters -- and thank you for your photos and stories!
[Please note: Submissions to the 2007 gallery have closed.]

Images from the 2007 Moose Hunt........

Tom Norton & co.

"Dear NH Fish & Game – Thanks for providing us with a hunt of a lifetime and also for doing such a great job in managing the 2007 hunt so meticulously. The season began very warm and we had to “go in after them” as the moose were bedding down all day. On the third day we jumped this beautiful A2 650-lb. cow and I was able to drop her in her tracks @ 100 yds. with one 7mm magnum round. Although the weather was too warm, the hunt was perfect. In addition, I got to hunt with my favorite hunting partner in the world, my father (right). This moose was taken on his birthday, which made the hunt even more memorable. Many thanks to Dustin Parent (rear) and the NH Guide Service out of the Mt. Dustan Country Store. This family owned and operated business provided us with the best guide in New England and some new friends that we will know for life. Great food, hospitality and these guys can hunt !!  I guess that’s why they have 100% success with their clients. Thanks NHF&G, Dustin, Chuck, and most of all, my father for being there." --Tom Norton, Winchester, MA

Ryan Mackey

"I would like to thank New Hampshire Fish and Game for another successful moose hunt. My father, Bob Mackey on the left, was the permittee, myself Ryan Mackey with the moose, and Mike Rioux on the four wheeler, we wouldn't have gotten the moose out without his help. I was able to shoot a cow last year in Pittsburg (Zone A2) and this year I was able to connect with a 560-pound bull with a 30" spread in Berlin (Zone C2). After a long day of hunting, we spotted four bulls from over a half mile in a distant cut and made a stalk on them with only a half hour of shooting light left on opening day of the season. I shot the bull at 70 yards with a Thompson Center Pro Hunter in 30-06. We worked into the night, and didn't get him out until the next morning. Thanks again, I can't wait to enter the lottery again." --Ryan Mackey, Windham, NH

Dan Lamos
"As alternates, we were picked two weeks before the season started, not having much time to scout. My (sub) Mike Hobart, of Groton, (on right) and myself, of Alexandria, hunted hard the first two, very HOT, days without seeing a moose. Never hunting in J2 made it more difficult. The third day we headed toward Alton Bay, instead took 11A to Gilford. Taking a side road we found a clear cut with a cow and calf feeding in the middle. We carefully made our way up the side to where they had turned and crossed directly in front of us. The cow kept looking behind her and within a minute this 3 ½ year old bull came trotting across. Both of us shot exactly the same time, and he hit the dirt hard. He weighed 650 lbs. and had a 42” spread. Thanks NH Fish and Game for letting us have a great hunt." --Dan Lamos, Alexandria, NH
Mark Barnard

"Thank you to NH Fish and Game for the opportunity to hunt moose this fall. To be honest, initially I was disappointed to have been drawn in Area K as I own a camp in Clarksville (Zone A1) and had to bring my ATV and hunting gear south. Considering that this is the first time I was picked in 15 years of applying, I still felt fortunate to hunt regardless of the area. After spending time talking to hunting friends and contacts, we made plans to hunt three spots in the WMU. My brother Harold Barnard of York, Maine (sub-permittee) and I scouted over 40 hours from Bow to Milford to Peterborough and all points between. We found some promising spots and on opening day at 8:55 AM we walked up on a young cow and yearling calf browsing along a power line at about 300 yards away. We took our time through the woods and got to within 95 yards and with one shot of my .308 Browning, took this 470 pound cow. Pictured with me is my 75 year old father Charles Barnard of Calais, ME who still fishes and hunts all season long. He shot a 4-point buck in Maine last week and is hunting with us in NH before heading back to Florida for the winter." --Mark Barnard

Alex DiMeo
"First off, a big THANKS to NH Wildlife and the Saco and Androscoggin Rangers who gave us great advice for Zone E2. My son Alex and I are from New Jersey and we didn't get a chance to scout until late Thursday afternoon, just prior to opening Saturday. There was plenty of moose sign, so we knew we were in a good area, but we were still awfully surprised when a very big bull suddenly appeared right on the logging trail, not 40 yards away!! We hadn't even been in the woods for an hour! The bull just stood and looked at us, and browsed some leaves, and looked at us some more. He was on the trail between us and our truck, and there was nothing for us to do but watch and wait. He kept us from getting to our truck for at least 15 minutes. It was full dark before he ambled back into the woods. Up close for so long, his size was awesome. That experience alone would have made our trip worthwhile! At about 9AM on opening morning, we found some very fresh tracks in the mud of a logging road. We tracked the moose for a couple hundred yards until the tracks entered some thick, thick second growth .... and about 35 yards in, there was our cow. She went down with one shot. It was so thick and dark in there we never did get a very good picture. The biologist estimated her age at 5.5 or 6.5 years, and she weighed 570 pounds dressed. What a wonderful opportunity and experience! Just my son, the moose and me in the beautiful White Mountains National Forest. Truly awesome. Thanks again to New Hampshire. We met some really fine and friendly people!!! And ..... THANKS to, and for, a wonderful animal and the truly superb meat she has provided for my family." --Ralph DiMeo, South Orange, New Jersey
Steve Fleetwood Jr.
"Thanks N.H.Fish & Game for a hunt of a lifetime.  Also, thanks to Richard Lausier Sr. for letting me be the subpermittee.  Steve Fleetwood Jr. from Dividing Creek, N.J. shot this large bull with a 55'' spread and weighting in at 840 pounds in A2 with a 300 WSM."
Scot Lefferts
"This is my sub-permittee, Scot Lefferts, with the 2 1/2 year-old cow he shot on Tenney Mountain in Plymouth with his 45-70. Between the two of us, we've hunted moose in three states and two countries, and NH Fish and Game does it best. Thank you." --Brad Rohdenburg, Meredith, NH
Bill & Vernon Wechtenhiser
"Thanks to the New Hampshire for their management of the moose and many thanks to Rob Hatch & crew from Down Wind Guide Service for assisting my father and I on our hunt. We hunted C-2 and took this nice bull in the 4th day of our hunt. 250-yard shot using a 300 Win Mag. The bull dropped dead in its tracks. The best part was the recovery. We hired a logging company that was timbering just down the road to use their log skidder to get it out. The moose dressed out at 580 pounds. Now 2 families have a good supply of delicious meat for the winter. The best part was having my dad along for the hunt and to witness the harvest. After 20 years in the Army and not getting to hunt with my dad, this sure helped to make up for a few of those lost years. Thank you again for giving us this opportunity to harvest a majestic creature. --Bill & Vernon Wechtenhiser, Latrobe, Pennsylvania
Steve Leonard
"Thank you NH Fish & Game for another great moose hunt. This bull was taken in Zone "G" by subpermittee Mike Chick of Rochester with a .50 cal. TCA Encore muzzle loader. It was shot in Dorchester, NH at 50 yds. away on Tuesday Oct. 23. It has a 50 1/2" spread with 17 points including one drop tine, was 4 1/2 years old and weighed 670 lbs. Special thanks to gracious landowner Bob G. and his moose recovery crew for all their help." --Steve Leonard, East Rochester, NH (Permittee)
Bill Carlsen
"My wife, Laura, was #18 on the alternate list. Interestingly enough we had just purchased 25 acres in Barrington, NH, in an area where I have bow hunted for deer since the mid 80's. We joked about her getting a permit and being able to hunt on our own land....for moose, of all things! When we got the letter offering her Zone L we were all over it as we knew from my previous deer hunting and walking in our new property that there were some moose to hunt. We hunt only with recurve bows so Laura was not able to be a shooter but on the last day, last hour it all came together. We saw a cow browsing on hemlock at about 4:30. We watched her from about 50 yards for 30 minutes. At 5:00 I told Laura we had to do something as we really only had about an hour of the season left. So I slipped off my boots and started a cold, soggy stalk in my stocking feet. I made it about 20 yards and heard branches breaking to my right. The wind was perfect and the next thing I knew a cow walked out followed by a small bull. She looked at me and proceeded to walk by me at 20 yards. In the best opening for a shot she just didn't stop but she did stop between two trees that allowed me to see just her shoulder and rib cage. My 60# recurve put the arrow into her heart and lungs and she was down in three strides and was dead in about 10 seconds. The ground was too boggy for a four wheeler so my friend, Todd Gregory from Warner, came over the next morning and we quartered her and had her out in 2 hours so I do not know the weight. She was a dry cow, 3.5 years old. My wife and I enjoy bow hunting together and this hunt will just be with us the rest of our lives. Thanks for the opportunity." --Bill Carlsen
Dennis Manning

"I would like to thank NH Fish & Game for this hunt of a lifetime. Here is my brother in-law Dennis Manning (permittee) from Tilton, NH. Dennis shot this bull opening morning in A2 WMU. He weighed in at 770lbs with a 65” spread! Dennis was able to knock him down with one well placed shot from his 7mm Mag. We would like to thank Jason Parent of New Hampshire Guide Services and Dave Parent, MT Dustan Country Store for a great time and great food!! And last but certainly not least our drag team Uncle Craig, Josh and Jake Borgenson. Blaze orange never looked so good!" --Jon Guilmain, Sanbornton, NH

Bill and Mark Lancaster

"We would like to thank the N.H. Fish & Game Department for the opportunity for the hunt of a lifetime. I was the lucky one to get the moose permit and of course chose my brother as my sub-permitee. Day One: Was wet from the night rain and a long day only seeing one cow. Day Two: Was better for us both, weather was good and we saw three cows and a calf. Day Three: After sitting from daylight until around 9:00 AM we decided to move up the road about a ½ mile to a log landing. We got out of my jeep and walked about 400 yards onto an old skid road, I took up a spot about 50 yards from my brother and we both sat down. I heard what I thought was a deer approaching and to my surprise it was a bull moose. ; I stood up slowly and placed my shot at a quartering away shot. The bull ran about 20 yards and stopped. My brother had a clear front shoulder shot. He shot and the bull went down! No long tracking job thanks to our two thirty five Walen shots that ended a great and successful hunt that we will never forget! Bull was taken in A-1 - Pittsburg NH; 2 ½ years old, 600 Lbs, 12 points with a 34” spread." --Bill Lancaster, Grantham, NH and Mark Lancaster, Etna, NH

Marc Bessette
"Marc Bessette (right), permittee from Manchester, NH, and Jeffrey Valcourt (left), subpermittee from Weare, NH, took this young 1 1/2 year old 450-lb. bull on day two in zone E3 Bethlehem, NH.  They took turns leading with the understanding that whoever could get the shot off first would. They weren't looking for a trophy, just good food on the table (and it is delicious meat). Jeff shot at approximately noon that day with Marc only 10 feet behind him. With the temperature at a balmy 73 that day, it was a rush to get out of the woods. Thanks to everyone who helped get the moose out of the woods and on its way to Manchester in record time: Jim Valcourt, Ryan Valcourt, Geatan Valcourt (pepe), Martin Goulet, Dillion Goulet, and Cory Chabot."
Elton and Corey Copp
"731 pounds - 46 inch spread - 3.5 year old bull - Second day out, J1 - Thank you NHF&G - Memories that will last a lifetime." --Elton and Corey Copp
Jenna Marshall, Papsie and moose
"I would like to thank NH Fish and Game for the opportunity to hunt moose in the beautiful state of NH.  I was very fortunate to be drawn after only entering the lottery for the last two years.  I shot this 5 1/2 year old cow in C1 with one shot from my Ruger .308 at about 75 yards. I would also like to thank my sub-permitee, Brad Marshall (my father-in-law), who was with me for my VERY FIRST kill!  This was a hunt of a lifetime for me.  Thanks a bunch Parker, Mum, and Papsie for helping with hauling this beauty out of the woods!" --Jenna Marshall, Boscawen, NH
Parker Marshall and moose
"I would first like to thank NH Fish and Game for the incredible opportunity to hunt moose in NH.  You have done an outstanding job managing the moose herd.  This was the hunt of a lifetime.  I would also like to thank my subpermittee, Kennetha Marshall (my mother), for spotting this beautiful bull for me.  I shot this 6 1/2 year old bull, with a 40 inch spread, on the fifth day of the season, in C1, with one shot from my Remington .270.  I would also like to thank Brad Marshall, my father, for helping my mother and me get this big guy out of the woods -- it only took 8 hours!  I would also like to congratulate my wife, who was also drawn to hunt in C1, for harvesting her very first animal -- a cow moose!" --Parker Marshall, Boscawen, NH
Lloyd and Joseph Clement and moose
"Lloyd and son Joseph Clement of Manchester, NH managed to take a 550-pound bull in zone A-2, with a 30-06 rifle and a 180 gr. reload at a distance of 90 yards. The plan was to have Joseph (age 10) shoot the moose, but breaking both arms prior to the season made that an improbability.  Nevertheless, Joseph did take a 106-pound doe during the youth deer season. It was his third deer. I would like to thank the Fish & Game for managing the moose herd and the memories we now have, also I wish to thank Greg Machos for assisting me with getting our moose out of the woods." --Lloyd Clement
Haley Hay and moose
"Thanks to NH Fish & Game for such a great hunting program. I took this 2 1/2-year-old, 530-pound bull on the first day in unit F. He has 8 points and a 32" spread. Thanks to my subpermittee dad and Mr. "Woodman" for the use of his skidder in getting him out. Thanks again." --Haley Hay, Campton, NH
Damien Davis, moose & co.
"I would first like to say thank you to New Hampshire Fish and Game for providing my family with the hunt of a lifetime. On the first day of the season my father and I decided to sit on the edge of a bog (in H1) where we had seen several moose during scouting. There was a lot of fresh sign, but due to the unusually warm temperature we were questioning whether it would happen on this day. Well after about 3 hours' worth of waiting, my father decided to make a series of grunts. He made two series of four grunts and immediately this bull came in. He stopped at about 100 yards away from us and I told my father to shoot him. He made an excellent shot with his Ruger 7mm and the bull only traveled about 35-40 yards. He weighed in at approximately 800 lbs. and had a 41-inch spread. I want to thank my brother Donovan, without whom this would have never been possible. I would also like to thank Dave Jacques for helping with the 2-mile drag back to the vehicles (great wheelies). Pictured from left to right: Damien Davis (permittee), Don Davis (sub-permittee) and Donovan Davis (drag & chainsaw guru). Last but not least I have to say: we're even now, Dad, and congratulations!! --Damien M. Davis, Charlestown, NH
Jennifer and Marc Bailey
"I want to thank NH Fish and Game for the opportunity to hunt moose this year. I haven't been out hunting in almost 6 years and this my first successful hunt! My husband Marc did most of the scouting with his dad throughout the previous months leading up to the big hunt in zone D1. I now have a new respect for this beautiful animal. We had hunted hard for 5 days with at least 8 hours being spent in the woods. On the morning of day 6, we decided to go to one last spot that he had scouted. It was in an area we had previously been, but we took a different trail this morning. We were in the woods for about 15 minutes when he motioned me to stop and listen to the scraping he heard. I looked down the old tote road to my right to see a beautiful 2 1/2 year bull walking out. We both fired, and I was lucky enough to take the shot that dropped the moose. He dropped about 6 feet from where he came out of the woods and into our sights.  He ended up weighing 550 lbs. (dressed), with a 36" spread, 44mm beam diameter and 10 points. This will be something special that my husband and I will remember for the rest of our lives. We also want to thank our friends for being wonderful hosts to us during the hunt, and to our friends who helped pull the moose out by horse. Thanks again NH Fish and Game." --Jennifer Bailey (permit holder) and Marc Bailey (sub permittee), Nashua, NH
Chris DeMeritt and moose
"Thank you N.H., after 15 years I drew a permit in J2. One shot with my Browning .270. He was 500 pounds and shot in Strafford, N.H." --Chris DeMeritt, Northwood NH
Jeremy Lukat and moose
"I would like to thank N.H. Fish and Game for a wonderful hunting experience.  I traveled to New Hampshire from Kentucky and shot this cow moose (490 lbs, 5.5 years old) at 5:30 on the first day of the hunt in zone C2.  I would also like to thank everyone at Downwind Guide Service for a great hunt and a Northwoods experience I will never forget. Thanks." --Jeremy Lukat, Shepherdsville, Kentucky
Michael Robinson, Robert Boutin and moose
"It all started of course on the morning of October 28, 2007 @ 0400. My subpermittee Robert Boutin and myself sitting @ the kitchen table saying how it easy it was going to be, just walk into a clearcut, wait a few minutes, bang it's all over. After three days of morning to night hunting adventures and seeing absolutely no moose, we had to rethink our hunting techniques. To my surprise, for a huge animal, they can really hide themselves very well. The fourth day I called a good friend (Bucky Elliott) for help!! So with our new advice, we started the fifth day with very high hopes. At 1045 on the morning of October 24, Robert and I were standing at the top of an hardwood ridge doing the famous (Whaaa, Whaa, Whaa) bull moose call when suddenly we were surrounded by three moose. We both fired our rifles and about 500 yards later we found our trophy. Thank goodness we had cell phones and cell service because it took seven of us in all to get the bull out of the woods. The moose had a rack of 14 points and weighed 630 lbs. with an antler spread of 43 1/2 inches and was 4 1/2 years old. What a hunt of a lifetime! Special thanks to all involved." --Michael Robinson, Lisbon
Ken Cayer and moose
"After five long days in the woods my Sub (Eric Fields) and I saw nothing. So we moved to Groton NH in area G and spoke to a logger who was more than happy to tell where the moose were. After a short scout on Thursday afternoon, we scored on Friday morning at 8:45 am. This bull was taken by myself (Ken Cayer) with my Thompson Center 50-cal. muzzleloader. It was a 100-yard shot in a clearcut, and one shot was all it took to put him on the ground. He was 3 1/2 years old and weighed 540 lbs. with a 29-inch spread. I'd like to thank Fish and Game for opportunity of a lifetime and a special thanks to my Sub for keeping me focused on the hunt. --Ken Cayer
Josh Borgeson, his dad and moose
"I ended up getting a 53-inch bull on Sunday October 21 at 0700. He weighed 620 pounds and was 7 1/2 years old with a broken lower jaw with a lot of skin and 3 teeth missing from fighting. [Fish and Game biologist] Will Staats said that it was one of the worst fighting wounds that he had ever seen. My cousin Dennis Manning shot a 65-incher on opening day. I have always wanted to go moose hunting, and after working on the moose project and getting really close to a lot of moose, I really wanted to shoot a moose. It was the opportunity for a true hunt of a lifetime. My dad (Sub-permittee) and I scouted over 100 hours this summer and fall, calling in at least 25 bulls in early October. I ended up shooting my moose in an area that we didn't even scout, if you can believe that. Thanks again." --Josh Borgeson
Chris Holmes, moose & co.

Left to right: Eric Chrobak of Pennsylvania (Cameraman), Chris Holmes of Penacook, NH (Permittee), Corey Klinefelter of Florida (Sub-Permittee). The moose was taken in Giles State Forest, Springfield, NH. 700-lb, 6 ½ year old bull with a 55 inch spread and 21 points. Taken with a Remington 270, 150-grain bullet. --Chris Holmes

Mike Sylvia and moose
"I had a great time in New Hampshire this year and want to thank everyone at NHF&G for a great experience. I was fortunate to take this great bull on opening morning - 645 lbs., 43" spread, 5.5 years old. I hunted in unit A1 and the bull dropped in his tracks after one shot at 50 yards from a 30-06. Thanks again." --Mike Sylvia
Jessica M.
"My wife Jessica (shown) and I went moose hunting in WMA C2 this year. Although I have taken her turkey hunting with me, this is the first time she has ever had a hunting license. Even just moments before this young bull presented itself just 45 yards away, I still was not certain that she would squeeze the trigger. The crack of her barrel rang out and I saw the bull stumble, as it began to trot away I followed up her shot with one of my own and the animal went down. WOW, what a great feeling it was to see my wife so excited. This was the best hunt I have ever been on. Thank you NHFG for a terrific memory." --Mike M.
Wayne Claflin and moose
"I want to say Thank You NH Fish and Game for a second chance in the moose lottery. Here is a picture of a cow my subpermittee and myself got. She weighed in at 625 lbs. and was 4 1/2 years old. My sub-permittee was Ken Clark from Enfield NH (left) and I the permittee Wayne Claflin also from Enfield NH. Thank you again." --Wayne Claflin
Yvonne Lavallee

"After Saturday, Sunday and Monday's "Florida weather" and hiking endless clearcuts in Unit E3, Tuesday was the day. 8:17 a.m., out pops this bull at 30 yards. One shot later my T/C Black Diamond 50 cal. -- shooting a new 338-gr. platinum power point -- did the job. My sub had to work, so my husband was with me (camera in hand, no gun!). 22 1/4" spread, and an even 500 lbs. on the scale. We had a great time." --Yvonne Lavallee, A proud female hunter from Pembroke NH

Jason and Tom Cheever
"This moose was taken in Millsfield, NH on the morning of Tuesday October 23, 2007. The moose weighed in at 740 lbs. and had a 38-inch spread of antlers. That's me on the left, and my dad, Tom Cheever, on the right. Thanks." --Jason Cheever
John Hubbard and Jon Huteau

"I would like to start by thanking NH Fish and Game for the opportunity of a lifetime to hunt moose. We went out on the first day and heard what we didn't want to hear -- and that was a shot not too far from us that took down a small bull.  We went all day with no luck.  We went back to our same spot on day two (in E1) were able to call in this 4.5-year-old bull which dressed at 690 lbs. with a 44.5" spread. We called him in with a cow call and by slapping around some small scrub brush. He came charging in like he was ready to fight, it was very exciting.  He went down with one shot from a 300 short mag, and about two minutes later he stood back up and was back down with one shot from a 270 mag.  The moose was taken by me, John Hubbard, the permittee (left) and my sub-permittee Jon Huteau (right).  I would also like to thank the drag team: Rick, Bobby, Peter, Pj. and Bryan." --John Hubbard

Dave Kittredge and his moose

Just a brief note to thank NHF&G and especially the landowner (Lyme Timber Co.) for a successful moose hunt this year near Mt. Magalloway (A-2) in Pittsburg. It took only one shot from my .308 to drop this bull at a distance of about 50 yds. early the second day, but a lot of hard work and a logging skidder to get him out of the woods and back to camp before dark. Our moose had a dressed weight of 750 lbs. with a 51 inch rack and was 5 1/2 years old, according to NHF&G. It was truly a once in a lifetime hunting experience. Thanks again. 
Dave Kittredge, Permittee, Mike Godzyk, Sub-Permittee

Moose hunt 2007

We would like to thank NH Fish and Game for this wonderful opportunity. Greg Crane on the left was the permittee and Gary Girouard on the right was the subpermittee. We found a beautiful clear cut in A-2 to spend the first morning of our hunt. With Gary's cousins Mark (guide) and Roger Lambert (camera man) with us, we were hoping for good luck. At 8:30 this big bull moose with a 59 1/2 " spread , weighing 780 lbs, estimated 5 1/2 years old came running at us from behind. The moose spotted us, turned and ran broadside  at 100 yds . We fired 3 shots with our 30-06's and dropped the bull in its tracks. Thanks again.

James Morrison Moose Hunt 07
James Morrison of Rochester NH harvested this 48 inch, 700 lb moose in Zone A2, with the help of New Hampshire Guide Services and Guide Dustin Parent.  Special thanks to New Hampshire Fish and Game for the hunt of a lifetime.

Jorgenson 2007 Moose Hunt Success

"This one is going on the wall!" Ed and Marlene Jorgenson of Pennsylvania harvested a 38 inch bull that weighed 680 lbs in zone I1, with the help of New Hampshire Guide Services and Guide Dustin Parent.  Special thanks to N.H. Fish and Game for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Shelly's moose -- 2007 NH Hunt
This was my first moose hunt and first kill -- a 2 1/2 year old
bull that weighed 570 pounds with 30" spread and 7 points. I had A2 area and dropped
the bull with one shot. I would like to thank my guide Buck Mercier for
all his help. -- Shelly Nault, Pittsburg, N.H.

2007 Moose Hunt Success

Steve Brem, of Center Harbor, N.H., and his son-in-law Dave bagged this 760 lb bull with 51 inch spread on opening morning in Zone A2, with the help of New Hampshire Guide Services and Guide Dustin Parent.  Special Thanks to N.H. Fish and Game for the chance to hunt these magnificent animals.

Tony Valley -- 2007 Moose hunt success

Tony Valley (permit holder) and his son Spencer (shooter), age 13, of Bangor, Maine, tagged this 54 inch Bull Moose in Zone A2 on 10/24/2007 with the help of New Hampshire Guide Services, Guide Dustin Parent.  Way to go Spencer!! Special thanks to New Hampshire Fish and Game for the chance of a lifetime for this young man!!!!

Bill Schoof

Thanks to the New Hampshire Fish ad Game Department for the great hunt! I pulled a tag in C2, didn't get to do as much scouting as I wanted, but we located several spots. I took my 65-year-old father with me. I took this 600 lb (dressed) bull moose on the morning of the second day with my TC Encore handgun in 30 06 at the top of Head Pond Road. I was in the woods for less than ten minutes. I walked into the bull with two cows grazing; after taking the shot, the bull ran towards the logging road, thank god! With the help of a four-wheeler, it was an easy pull. Thanks, Marc for the four wheeler! First moose for Bill Schoof and Bill Schoof, Sr. -- Bill Schoof, Weare, N.H.

Kopasky -- Moose Hunt Success in 07

Thanks for the opportunity of a lifetime. My moose was shot in Waterville Valley near the "Kank" Highway. The whole process was quite an adventure. There are so many aspects to this kind of a hunt. Scouted 6 complete days, plus hunted the first two days and never saw a moose. However, on the third day, we had snow! We tracked long and hard, which made this 900-lb. moose history. In the final analysis, it all was worth it, though there were times when I really wondered! -- Joe Kopasky (Permittee), Dover, N.H. Sub-permittee, Rich Kopasky; Camera -- Paul J. Mooers.

Mike Finn -- 2007 Moose Hunt Success
Thanks to The New Hampshire Fish & Game Department for the opportunity to hunt this majestic animal. We will never forget this. Robert Finn of Nashua and Mike Finn of Litchfield (Permittee) took this bull on the 2nd day of the hunt in WMU A1. This is Robert you see here. Taken at 190 yards with our Dad's (William "Billy" Finn) Win. 270 he purchased in 1965. Dad passed away in 1978, but was with us on this day. 32" spread, 570 lbs., 11 points.

Jeff Moshka -- 07 NH Moose Hunt
Taken in A1 on the second day of the hunt, this 2 1/2yr old grew a 39 1/2" spread. Called into 40 yds; one shot from my 30-06 put him down within 20 yds.  Thanks to the Orientation Seminar from N.H. Fish and Game, we were well prepared to pack him out of the woods on our backs. A BIG THANK YOU to Paul Blossom and George for helping me, my father/subpermittee Bill and cameraman Andrew Skrzypek pack meat out of the woods till 1:30am.  Thanks N.H.F.G. for a true wilderness experience  I will never forget.       -- Jeff Moshka, West Hartford Ct.

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