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Images from the 2005 Moose Hunt........

Jim and Charles Lambert
"Here is a picture of my moose taken at 6:58 A.M. on the opening day in area B. At the check-in station, our moose weighed 740 lbs., had a spread of 54 1/4" with 24 points, and was aged at 7 1/2 years. My brother, and subpermittee, Jim Lambert (seen on the left in the picture) and I had gotten 4 bulls (3 large bulls and 1 spike) on video the day before the season in the same cut where I shot this bull. After comparing my bull to those on the video, we found that he was a different bull, one that we had not seen the day before. I don't see how any hunt, including high-priced, guided moose hunts anywhere, could possibly be any better than a New Hampshire moose hunt!!" --Charles Lambert, Berkshire, VT
Tammy Ouellette
"This is the 620 lb, 3 1/2 year old cow moose that I shot in zone C1 on the fourth day of the 2005 moose hunt. My husband, Dave Ouellette, was my subpermittee and the "real" hunter in the family. This was my first hunt, which proved quite successful after hunting in a lot of rainy weather. We returned to a clear cut area where we had previously seen moose and I was fortunate enough to take this cow around 7:30am. She went down quickly after two shots in the neck. I used a 308 rifle. Many hours of scouting made our hunt very successful and we would like to thank NH Fish & Game Dept and all those who made the hunt a memorable experience." --Tammy Ouellette, Laconia NH
David Edwards family
"Thank you Fish and Game Dept. for the memorable hunting experience. Your staff was very helpful with their advice and patience in planning our hunt. Gary Bedell at Spruce Cone Cabins in Pittsburg was our host. Gary's knowledge of the great north woods and the ways of the moose was impressive. We felt very confident after spending evenings with Gary in his game room talking about the days scouting. My 12 year-old son was with us from the pre-scouting to the hunt. We couldn't have had a better trip. Pictured left to right is Gerry Souza, Gary Bedell, John David Edwards and Dave Edwards. Thanks again."
Jared Costa
"I wanted to thank they state for giving me the opportunity to hunt moose in 2005. Here is a picture of the cow moose I was lucky enough to take on the 3rd day of the season with my bow. I shot her from a range of 18yrds and she only traveled 75yrds after the shot. I was hunting in unit F with no subpermittee and had seen a few other moose but wasn't able to get close enough to get a shot with the bow. She dressed out at 680lbs and and has been some of the best game I have ever tasted." --Jared Costa
John & John Monroe
"John Monroe and son havested this moose in C2. The bull weighed 860 lbs and had a 49 1/4" spread. This moose was 13 1/2 years old. It was a wonderful hunt. We really enjoyed our time together. We saw 14 moose including a few nice bulls. This seasoned moose stepped out 45 yards away in thick cover. We had just seen a deer and repositioned to see the deer again when we saw the rack emerge. We did not have a good shot so we angled in another 10 yards. The bull went down immediately with a simultaneous shot from each hunter. We appreciate the unique rack and a delightful hunt. It was a rainy season and we hunted hard. We were in the woods every possible minute of each day. We scouted the as much as possible throughout the summer. We have lots of things to reminisce about including all those hours scouting, the animals that we saw and the years that this moose walked the great north woods. Thank you." --John A. Monroe Jr., John L. Monroe
Jim Bigelow
"I would like to thank the state of NH for the hunt of a lifetime. My brother and I had a great hunt in area A1. Despite all the rain and wind that we encountered during our hunt we had a great time that we will never forget. We were rewarded with this mature bull on the 3rd morning of the hunt. We had to quarter and pack out our Moose 400 yards. The bull was estimated at a minimum of 750 lbs to 800 lbs with a 50 1/2" spread. Thanks for the hunt." --Jim & Joe Bigelow
Scot Pettengill
"We spent many days in the rain scouting and never saw one animal. We knew that our spot should pay off if we put our time in. This bull came into our clear cut at 8:00am opening day in zone K . The toughest zone in NH. Two great friends sharing the hunt of a lifetime. Our thanks to family & friends and most of all to the landowner who made this dream come true. Thanks." --Scot M. Pettengill (Mike Beebe on right)
Laurence Frazier
"What was up with that crazy weather! I was one of the lucky ones to get drawn for the 2005 moose season. That's me, Laurence Frazier (on the left), my father William Frazier (center), and my brother Shawn Frazier (on the right); He was my subpermittee. We were very fortunate to have found a great guide, Paul Piwarunas, of TAG-EM Guide Service, out of Pittsburg. The mountains were a challenge compared to the farmlands of the Southern tier in Centerville, NY. We told Paul we were here for the full nine-day hunt and wanted something to put on the wall as well as in the freezer. We passed up three small bulls and one in the 35-40 inch class.On the sixth day Paul put us on this 52-inch moose which field dressed 690 pounds. My brother and I were able to shoot at the same time. It was a hunt of a lifetime! Thanks to everyone in the surrounding community for their great hospitality." --Larry Frazier, Centerville, NY
Gary and Margaret Keresey
"This 490lb.dressed cow moose was shot on the last day at 8:15 A.M. by subpermitee Gary Keresey with his wife Margaret in area J2 with the help of guide Tom Watson of Watson's Guide Service."
Jim Eeckhout
"Here is a picture of the 40" bull I took during the 2005 season. I have hunted a lot of places but I must say this hunt was a great adventure in a beautiful state. I would like to say thanks to Jason Parent of New Hampshire Guide Service and everyone at Mt. Dustan Country Store and Cabins for making this a hunt to remember. Everything was top notch and I was made to feel like one of the family. First rate all the way. Also thanks to the state of New Hampshire for the chance to hunt moose." --Jim Eeckhout, St. Clair MI
David Gurney
"I would like to take the time to say thank you to the NH Fish and Game Dept. for giving me the opportunity to participate in the 2005 Moose Hunt. I was able to get this nice bull at 10:00am opening morning in zone C2. He weighed 760 pounds with 15 points and a 50 1/2 inch spread. Thank you to you again. And also to my subpermitee Scott Wallace and the whole crew at Akers Pond Inn for everything." --David E. Gurney, Enfield, NH
"Hi my name is Amber Nash, I'm 11 years old. I got my turkey this spring in youth weekend. My turkey was double-bearded, it was awesome. I got my first moose that weighed in at 560 pounds at 120 yards. That was a bull too. My dad got picked for the lottery and let me be his sub-permittee. And I would like to say thank you to Jason Parent for guiding us on the moose hunt and the whole Mt. Dustin crew. I got my deer the first day of youth weekend. It was a button buck. The deer was facing me straight on. I shot and I didn't think I hit it but my dad said I hit it and it fell right where it was standing. I want to say a special thanks to my dad for letting me hunt. His name is Al Nash." --Amber Nash, courtesy of Gene Meier
"I would like to thank the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department for running the moose seminar. I found the information helpful and interesting. Our 2005 moose hunt was successful. On the first day of the season, 1 hour and fifteen minutes into the day, I shot a bull moose weighing 865 pounds with 18 points and a 58-inch spread. It was shot with a 30-06 using 180-grain bullet, at 50 yards, in WMU G. We sure appreciated the help of friends and family getting out the moose." --Robert McAlister of Canaan NH permittee (right) and Peter Perillo of Enfield NH sub-permittee (left)
"Opening day of the 2005 moose season had William Whitney of Sandown a bit wet in his hunt, but the soaking paid off with this nice 720 pound 3 1/2 year old bull taken in Effingham." --Photo by Eric Orff
"I just wanted to drop you folks a note to express my thanks and appreciation for being able to participate in the 2005 New Hampshire Moose Hunt. My sub-permittee and I hunted Unit A-2 near Pittsburg, and scored on a nice bull opening day. New Hampshire is a beautiful state, a veritable sportsman's paradise, and everyone we encountered was friendly and supportive. We hunted with Pittsburg Guide Jeff Prehemo. He was an excellent representative of the citizens of your great state, friendly, knowledgeable, and personable. Our bull went 47 1/2 inches, and weighed out at 725# dressed. He was taken by my sub-permittee, Steve Grosso, with a 300 Winchester Magnum. This picture is of me (right) and my sub-permittee (left) with our moose." --Chuck Esser, Fair Haven, Michigan
"Here is a photo of the moose that Mike Huntoon and Bruce Wakefield shot in zone A2 on opening morning at approximately 8:15 AM. The bull weighed 750 lbs. and the horns had 22 points and a 60 1/2" spread."
"I would like to thank the New Hampshire Fish and Game Dept. for the opportunity to enjoy a hunt of a lifetime. After applying for several years I was awarded a 2005 moose permit. Two weeks before the hunt my wife and myself enjoyed many hours of scouting, looking for moose and enjoying the beautiful landscape. When the season began with the help of my step-son Ed Friedrich and friend Bryan Connary we were able to bag this incredible bull. It had a 59 1/2" spread, 22 points, and tipped the scale at 955 lbs. Thanks again for this opportunity." --David Gagnier, Hyde Park Vermont
"What do you do on the opening day of the 05 moose hunt? You get wet, real wet and with a lot of pre-season scouting and a little luck, you get your moose. We picked this spot because we had called in a bull there with a coffee can call the Sunday before opening day. My subpermitte, Eric Bumann (in the picture) and I got this moose at 12:30 pm on opening day. He was bedded down in some ferns at the edge of a tall stand of white pines he was using as a wind break. My GPS indicated that we were 1.2 miles downhill from where we parked the truck. Six hours later the moose was in the truck bed and we were on our way back to camp in search of dry clothes and a hot meal. It was great hunt and we'd do it again in a heartbeat if given the chance. Thanks for the opportunity for such a great experience." --Scott Rouleau, Londonderry NH

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