Moose Hunt 2004 -- Gallery

Thank you for your photos and stories! What a great season! Do you have a tale to share? Send to Liza Poinier at Include the hunter's name and hometown, and let us know how big your moose was, where and how you took it, or any other (brief) details you care to share. NOTE: By sending your material, you are authorizing the N.H. Fish and Game Department to use it on this website or in other ways, without compensation.

Images from the 2004 Moose Hunt........

Sue Driscoll
"I would like to thank the employees of NH's Fish & Game Department for a wonderful experience in being permitted to participate in this year's Moose Hunt. I would particularly like to thank the members who hosted the Moose clinics; they were very informative and made attending the seminar a learning experience and a pleasure. I would also like to thank my guide Dave Demers of Errol for the belated (2 days) birthday present." --Sue L. Driscoll, Littleton, NH
Peter Genest
"My father and I harvested this moose on the fourth day of the season at about 7am after a dusting of snow. It was shot with a .338 Winchester magnum with one shot at about 70 yards, it fell were it stood only about 100 yards from the clearing were we parked. It took all of about 40 minutes to get it on the trailer and on its way to the checking station. It dressed out a 860lbs and had 51 1/4 inch spread with 21 points. What makes it really special was it was the first year I applied as a NH resident. Thank you for a great experience, can not wait for the three years to be up to apply again. THANK YOU" --Peter Genest
Mark Gjerseth
"Here's a picture of the 42" bull I shot opening morning North of Errol around 10. I put him down with .300 ultra. We quartered and packed him out. Superb meat. Thanks" --Mark Gjerseth
Marty Cairns
"I had a great hunt in New Hampshire and enjoyed the scenery in Coos County. I was fortunate to harvest a great bull on the second day of the hunt in A2. The bull weighed 830# and had an 61 inch spread. I was able to call the bull into 25 yards for a shot and was able to get a second double lung hit at 55 yards. It was officially scored at 165 2/8 net. I hope you can use this photo for your records. Thanks." --Marty Cairns, Stahlstown, PA
Mark Kline and John Boppel
"This is a picture of Mark Kline, Mount Carmel, PA and John Boppel, Ashland, PA and the moose Mark shot the first Monday of the 2004 season. The moose went 740 pounds field dressed, 4.5 years old, with 12 points and a 45 inch spread. It was taken in Cambridge, Area C2 with a 30-06. I like to thank Dave, Jeff and Butch, Great North Woods Guide Service for showing us lots of moose and getting it out of the woods. New Hampshire is a great place to hunt." --John Boppel
Paul Girard and John Girard
"This is picture of my husband Paul Girard and his brother John, after they took a bull moose in the hunt last year, in Wentworth's Location. It weighed 1,200 lbs on the hoof and had a 53 1/2 inch spread. Paul & John were absolutely thrilled! They still talk about it every chance they get!!! The meat is delicious and they would like to thank the NHFG for this wonderful experience! --Sandy Girard
Dan & Gary Wood
"Just wanted to thank NH Fish and Game for picking me as a permittee this
year. My brother and I harvested this 780-pound bull in WMU J2 (Meredith) on the
second day. It had a 54¼ inch spread and 16 points. The scouting we did definitely did
pay off -- and dropping it 100 feet from the truck was also pretty nice. Once again, thank you for a great experience and keep up the good work." --Dan and Gary Wood
Marilyn & Bill Thorson
"After applying for 10 years, I was chosen for a moose permit for the 2004 NH moose season. Bill, my husband and subpermittee, and I hunted for three long days with no sighting of a moose and sign getting older. On the 4th day, we were hunting high in a clear cut in section D1 when we spotted a cow and began to trail her. Suddenly, this bull appeared about 75 yards away. One shot from Bill's 30-06 and the bull moose went down. This beautiful bull weighed 900+ pounds, was 6½ years old and sported a 66¼-inch antler spread. It took the two of us all day to skin, quarter, and pack out some of the moose. Our jackets, shirts, etc., saved what we couldn't bring down that first night from the coyotes that were howling all around us. A washed-out bridge forced us to park about a mile away from our hunting area. The next day we got the rest of the moose out with the help of a friend, Matt Tinker. A very exciting hunt!" --Marilyn and Bill Thorson, Croydon, NH
Chris & Mike McHenry, moose
"Here is a photo of our moose taken in area A2 on Tuesday morning (10/19). 57¾" spread, 22 points, and 800 pounds. Thanks much to NH Fish & Game personnel -- you guys are the greatest and so is New Hampshire hunting. Thanks also to "Too Tall" Roger, Moe & Danny; without whom we would still be in the woods." --Chris & Mike McHenry, Pittsburgh, PA
Mike Millette, Gary Parker, moose
"Mike Millette of Lisbon, NH and Gary Parker of Lyman, NH stand proudly with the 700 pound, 53½ inch spread, bull moose they shot in Lyman, NH during the 2004 moose season. Gary Parker was one of the lucky NH residents to have his name drawn in the NHF&G Moose Lottery, with Mike Millette as his sub-permittee." --Tammy Towle
Herb Watkins - Brian Bufagna moose
"This is a photo of my sub-permittee Herb S. Watkins of Londonderry, NH. This magnificent bull was taken in WMU C1 on the 2nd day of the 2004 NH Hunt. He dressed out at 875 lbs, had a 53¼ inch 20 point spread, and was estimated to be between 5 and 6 years old. After a day and a half of heavy hunting, this was the 4th bull we had seen, and was he a trophy!!! 1st shot was approx. 225 yards broadside, as the bull was walking away from us in a large clear-cut, this turned the bull back towards our direction, 2nd shot, approx. 175 yards, found its mark, for he didn't go far after that. A Browning A-Bolt .338 did the job. I would like to THANK the NH Fish & Game Dept. for the opportunity of a lifetime. A special thanks to Keith Roberge and Jay Parent of, after the bull was down, they had the connections to have 15 guys within the hour to get the bull out, granted it took 6½ hours, but without them this wouldn't have been possible. Lastly, a really special thanks to my friends Herb and Joe, my family, and all those who made this possible for me, again, I THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!" --Brian Bufagna, Newton, NH
Chris Ginter, moose
790 pounds, 54½-inch rack, shot in Wolfeboro. --Chris Ginter
Jim & Laurie Russell, moose
"My husband Jim (who was my subpermittee) has been trying to get drawn for a Moose Hunt since its begining. I think we counted 17 years. This was my very first year hunting big game, and my very first year putting in for the drawing!! Needless to say, he wasn't angry with me, especially when I told him he could be my subpermittee. This moose was taken in Zone B (on top of Signal Mountain). We were at the end of a very looong day, on the fourth day of the hunt. We decided to sit til dark on a big rock in the middle of a clear cut. No sooner had we settled in, when we heard th moose in the bushes. It took close to 2 hours for him to come out, and when he did I was shaking so bad I could not even get him in my scope. My husband shot him with my Dad's 30-06, after getting permission from me of course. He weighed in at 650 pounds dressed, had a 42-inch spread. We were told he was 5½ yrs old. He had a broken hind leg that had calcified around the break. The picture was taken the next morning -- we did not get him out of the woods til after 10:30 that night, and that is a story in itself!! It was a blast, and I cannot wait until I can put my name in again. Maybe the next time I will be seasoned enough to actually take the shot! Thanks for the awesome memories!!" --Laurie Russell, Subpermittee Hubby Jim Russell from Nelson New Hampshire
Tom Villemure, moose
"This 3½-year bull moose dressed out at 600 lbs., had a 40" spread, and was taken in Columbia (zone B) after he responded to our coffee can call. He was shot with a .30-06 by Tom Villemure of Manchester, NH, who was assisted by his father Tom Villemure of Goffstown NH. He was taken towards the end of the second day of the hunt. The hunt was a great adventure and the meat is delicious!

"Special thanks to everyone who helped make our hunt successful, including: our families for their patience and understanding while we were away, NH Fish & Game for doing such a great job managing this resource, Fred - for letting us hunt on his land and helping us get the moose out of the woods, Radcliffe - for lending us a rifle, Jim - for lending us a trailer, Twin Maples Farm for superb meat processing, and NH guide Robert Hatch for a great day of pre-season scouting." --Tom Villemure

2 Covey family moose
"Here's a photo of both mine and my wife's moose taken during the 2004 NH Moose hunt. Both were taken on the same day, Monday the 18th, mine in zone A2 and my wife Sharon's in zone B. My bull weighed 850 lbs. and carried an impressive 62-inch-wide rack and Shari's was 550 lbs. with a 38-inch rack. I am shown here with my brother Charles on the left as my sub-permittee and my wife Sharon along with our son Scott as her sub-permittee. We would like to thank the NH Fish & Game Department and all the personnel involved in the moose hunting program for the opportunity to be able to hunt this magnificent animal in our own back yards of New Hampshire." --Ernie and Shari Covey, Clarksville NH
Chuck Caron and Lou Gagnon and moose
"The photo shows my friend, Chuck Caron, and myself with the bull that I got in Pittsburg on the second day of the season. We hunted just like we were still hunting for deer, keeping the wind in our face while "mousing" through feeding, bedding and breeding areas. It was the 8th animal that we saw that day. I shot it at 3:30 in the afternoon. We had to pack it out about a quarter of a mile, it was hard work, but extremely rewarding. The bull had a 52 inch spread, and was 900+ pounds. There are truly world class hunting opportunities here in New Hampshire. Thanks for providing us the opportunity to experience such a great hunting thrill." --Lou Gagnon, Danville, NH
Elson Libby and Mike Faucher and moose
"Elson Libby, permitee (background); Mike Faucher, sub-permitee. Opening morning I called this 640-lb. bull with a 36" spread in to 30 yards at 9:30 a.m. What an amazing experience and a great hunt that paid off early due to our numerous days scouting. I would like to say thank you to my sub-permitee Mike Faucher who sat with me in the rain that morning and was a great asset." --Elson Libby
Guy and Barbara Beauregard and moose
"This 760-lb. bull moose was bagged on the fourth day of the season in the zone G by Guy & Barbara Beauregard. Many thanks to our guide Aaron Comeau."
Glenn Lavoie, Red Stearns, moose
This 945-pound moose was taken in Bethlehem by Glenn Lavoie (right) and William (Red) Stearns (left), both of Littleton. The measured spread was 61½ inches.
--Photo courtesy of Glenn Lavoie

"This year my uncle Luke Fontaine (right) was lucky enough to be drawn in the moose
lottery and picked me to be his sub-permitee. We were drawn for the area of
C1 and he was allowing me (left) to take the shot. After 2 days of
hard hunting and not seeing a moose my uncle said that the third day was
going to be lucky. Early on the third day we crossed 3 cow moose with two
calves. About an hour later Luke spotted movement up on a hill. Soon
everything fell into place and with one well-placed shot at 40 yards from my
7mm-08, the 615-lb., 2½-year-old moose fell." --Tadd Bailey
Mike Sadowski and moose

"I shot this one in Campton on the third day at 0830. It was one of the most exciting hunts I have ever had. The hunt took about a half hour from the first snap of a branch till this boy went down. My sub-permittee was the one that heard the snap while my boot was stuck in the mud. Finally we saw him rubbing his antlers on a small balsam. From there we had to low crawl in the ditches and mud (50+ yards) just to get close enough to get a shot. The most difficult part was trying not to be seen from the other bull that was there. We both hit him in the lungs with our 30-06's. After the shot, low and behold, there were actually TWO other bulls with him!! He was approx 800 lbs., had a 53½ inch spread and was 5½ yrs old. Thanks NHFG!!!" --Mike Sadowski, active Army, hometown Greenville, NH, stationed as recruiter in Concord

Maureen and Nick Weir and moose

"I want to thank the State of New Hampshire for giving me the chance to hunt moose there. This is the moose I shot near Pittsburg at 5 PM on the second afternoon. It took us 4½ hours to get it out. My son, Nick, is pictured here with me. I'm very glad that he was along to help. The bull dressed out at 790 lbs. and has a 56¼-inch spread." --Maureen Weir, Fly Creek N.Y.

David Carr, Alice Davison, moose
"Moose was shot by David Carr, subpermitee. The permitee was Alice Davison and it was shot in area G. The rifle used was a 450 Marlin; he stated it was an 85-yard shot and it took one shot to down it." --Courtesy of Wayne Claflin
Ben Schofield and moose
"I am a licensed guide here in the state and had the opportunity this year to hunt moose in zone B. Wanting to be different, I hunted with my bow and arrow. This was the second bull I called into bow range on opening day. He came from over 300 yards away. He gave me a broadside shot at 58 yards. The arrow found its mark right behind the shoulder. The bull was down on the ground within 30 seconds. I shot him at 4:50pm and we dragged all night in pouring rain and wind. We finally got him out at 10am Sunday morning. He weighed 745 pounds, had a 48-inch spread, and was 4½ years old." --Benjamin Schofield
Sandy Trybulski and moose

""Sandy! A big bull!" I could tell by the look on Bill's face he wasn't joking. I reached down for my bow, looking through the tree branches in the direction he had indicated. I saw a bit of black and white, then one side of the antlers.

"Omigosh, it is a bull!" I thought, and my heart pounded. I could only see his head, as he turned it slowly, side to side, testing the air. Luckily, the wind was in our favor. He started walking, and I drew my bow. He stopped for a few seconds, his head behind some trees, broadside to me, just short of 30 yards. I remember concentrating on the sight pins through the peep on the imaginary x-ring behind the front shoulder, and then seeing the dot of my arrow bury into his dark side exactly where I had wanted it. The summer of 3-D tournaments had made the anchor and release natural without even thinking about it. The moment was as thrilling as one could hope for. He went down 70 yards away. Estimated weight: 800-900 lbs., 52½" spread." --Sandy Trybulski, Acworth

Bill Hansen and moose
"I just wanted to let you know how much this hunt meant to me. I am handicapped and am unable to walk extensively. I had to change my subpermitee and I scouted either alone or with my wife. I shot this bull along with my subpermitee (Ken Maynard) on the second morning. My subpermittee was going to have to leave at noon so I prayed that we would be successful before he left. We shot him at 7:10 and had him in the truck at 12:00 noon. By the way, this bull was handicapped too -- he was blind in one eye and was still in velvet. So I guess it was a gift from God. Thank you all for a wonderful experience." --Bill Hansen
Michael Tirico and Bruce Welch and moose
Michael Tirico (right) of Exeter took this nice 640-pound bull moose in Effingham on October 18th with help of Bruce Welch of Middleton. --Photo courtesy of Eric Orff
Joshua Garland and moose
Joshua Garland of New Durham took this 650-pound bull right near the Alton Traffic Circle on October 22nd. --Photo courtesy of Eric Orff

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