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Images from the 2003 Moose Hunt........

"I harvested this bull moose in area C1, Gorham, N.H. I hired a guide, Gord Roberge (of Gord's Guide Service) since I was making the trip up from Gilbertsville, PA. I shot the moose on Monday morning after hiking several miles per day. After a 10-minute standoff, it only took one shot with my 7 mag to drop him instantly. It weighed in at 755 pounds (dressed) and had a 54½-inch antler spread with 14 points. It was an amazing hunt and one that took lots of footwork that made it a most memorable hunt." --Todd Yoder, Gilbertsville, PA

"Enclosed is a picture of my father, George Nudd, with our moose (above; picture of writer below). I live in Kodiak, Alaska and my father has applied for a moose hunt ever since the first year. For the last few years he has put my name in for a permit also but neither one of us had ever been picked until this year. I was picked as the permittee and I chose my father as sub-permittee. He probably would have been mighty upset if I didn't choose him!! My father did all the scouting and found a beautiful spot to hunt. I flew in from Alaska two days before the hunt and only had 10 days to spend in N.H. Jokingly I told my father and family that we would get the moose on the first day of the hunt so I could spend the rest of my time home with my family. Sure enough, on the first day in the first hour we had our moose (taken in unit C2, town of Success). The bull weighed in at 450 pounds and was calculated to be 18 months old. Young and delicious.

"Friends here in Alaska think I'm funny because I flew all the way to N.H. for a moose hunt when we have plenty here. I had a wonderful experience and a great hunt with my father. It was a chance of a lifetime and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to N.H. Fish and Game for choosing me to have this chance of a lifetime experience with my father." --Jessica Eanes, Kodiak, Alaska

"Adam Spittler from PA with 450-pound moose, shot October 22, 2003 in town of Stark. The moose was downed at 167 yards with a .300 mag. I want to thank Bill White of N.H. for making me his sub-permitee and leaving me harvest such a magnificent animal. I also want to thank everyone that helped us drag the moose. Thanks again." --Adam Spittler
"Permittee Stan Balch (right) and son Matt, 14, shot this 780-pound bull in Cambridge on Monday, Oct. 20. The spread measured 61½" and the bull was aged at 6½ to 7½ years old. The moose fell at 8:45 a.m. from a single shot. We were determined to get the bull out whole and with the aid of a 4-wheeler the two of us had it on the trailer at 3:30 p.m. Thank you Fish & Game for a memorable hunt which neither of us will ever forget." --Stan Balch
"The moose was shot in Hillsboro the first day of the hunt at 6 p.m., it has a spread of 55½ inches and 22 points, it weighed 850 pounds. Dana Learn was my sub-permitee, we caught this moose on tape about 3 weeks before the season, so we figured that we had a good place to hunt. Turned out to be a dream come true." --Adam Macdonald
"A successful hunt for Dick Dickson, permittee (left), Mark Dickson, sub-permittee (right) and Jerry Hendricks, cameraman and "guttee" (not shown). In the third year entered in the drawing, Dick Dickson shot a 550-pound (dressed weight) cow moose (anterless permit only) at 5:20 p.m. on the first day (zone B, Millsfield), 8 miles from camp. 150-yard clean shot. Moose estimated to be 3½ years old. Using two 4-wheelers and 1 six-wheeler, we arrived back at camp by 9:30 p.m. Our hats off to the NH Fish & Game Department for the excellent moose management program, with special emphasis on the pre-hunt seminar. A special thanks to those landowners who allow moose hunting on their property." --Dick Dickson
"Permittee Ed Wolfe (right) of Pittsfield and partner Dan Gordner (left), with their 2½-year-old, 590-pound bull taken in Barnstead (J2) on opening day." --Matt Wolfe
"Matt Wolfe of Pittsfield with his 4½-year-old, 670-pound bull (42" spread), taken in Barnstead (J2). Sub-permittee, Tom Gosse of Pittsfield, is not pictured." --Matt Wolfe
"A very successful hunt! Thank you for allowing me the opportuntity of a lifetime! This was my first time hunting, and I had a wonderful experience scouting before the actual moose season. My father-in-law and I got the moose on the third day (10/20/03) at 11:15am in the I2 zone (Washington). I bagged the 4½-year-old bull moose weighing in at about 675 pounds dressed with a rack of 35.5 inches from 50 yards out. It took a little over day to get this little guy out! I just want to say thank you John Sampson and the people at the check in station at Hillsboro. Once again, the state of N.H. and its people made this a very special day for me that I will never forget." --Paul Laliberte, Merrimack, N.H.
"Just wanted to drop you a note and send some pictures of my son Scott Kirkwood's (of Nottingham) moose hunt. It was great to be able to be part of his hunt and to make some fond memories. You see, I have two total knees that don't work that well and getting out hunting is something I can't do very well now. I hired N.H. guide Keith Roberge of New Hampshire Guide Service and was very satisfied. Scott took a 710-pound bull moose on opening day at 5:25 p.m., Keith called him out of a steep draw to us. The rack measured 44½" and had 13 points and he tastes very good. Thanks for managing a wonderful resource so well." --Daniel B. Kirkwood
"Attached picture of 890-pound field dressed bull, by Gene McCannon of
"Attached is a photo of me and the moose I was able to take in the 2003 moose hunt. I took it in the town of Success in zone C2." --George Hockhousen
"I got this 660-pound bull on the last day of the hunt in Chester, N.H. It certainly was the most exciting hunt as I missed him two days earlier. This is my third moose hunt and certainly the most difficult. I now have taken moose from the northern, central and southern zones." --Wendy Chapley, Manchester, N.H.
"I want to thank New Hampshire Fish and Game for the hunt of a lifetime. Fred and I had a wonderful time hunting in C-2 Berlin area and we were rewarded with a trophy bull moose on opening day 10/18/03 -- my father's birthday, God rest his soul. Thanks Dad. The moose weighed 740 pounds, 47" spread, 18 points." Respectfully, Fred and Joe
Paul Fauteux and moose
"Paul Fauteux (permittee, above) shot this moose at 7 a.m. on opening day with the help of Mike Terry (subpermittee) in Warner, N.H. This bull was in the cutover breaking branches when we got to our spot in the dark. We just had to wait for it to get light and get a clear shot. The moose dressed out at 575 pounds and was estimated to be 2½ years old. The moose was dressed, dragged and loaded in the truck by 9 a.m. Who says moose hunting is hard work?" --Paul Fauteux
"This was Marc's (left) first big game animal. Marc, age 15, took this 4½- 5½ year old bull on our 7th day hunting in Fitzwilliam (area H2S). His spread is 39½" and he weighs 670 lbs." --David Balke & Marc Freeman
"Day 3 of the hunt spelled "success" for Jim Schickling (on the left) and his son, Jerry (on the right). They both hunt and guide (bear and elk hunts) in their home state of Pennsylvania but had never hunted for moose. At the urging of Liz and Gary Dane, they submitted N.H. Moose lottery applications and were both drawn (Jim as a permittee and Jerry as an alternate). The bull, harvested in Andover, weighed in at 575 pounds, had a 36-inch spread and was estimated to be 4½ years old. AND, we must add, tastes DELICIOUS! Hopefully, we can go to PA and hunt elk next year. --Details and picture courtesy of their NH hosts, Liz and Gary Dane
"This moose was shot at 8:45 on opening day by Wally MacRitchie (left). It was a 560-pound bull which Wally called in and shot at 30 yards in Dorchester, N.H. With the help of a local farmer named Bob we hauled the moose out with his tractor. It was as close to a perfect hunt as anyone could ask for. We had it fully butchered and in the freezer by the next day and it is super table fare. Also pictured is the permittee Rob Riccardi on the right." --Rob Riccardi
"Opening morning in Millsfield. Shot by Paul Shaw of Kensington, N.H. and Ralph Hawes of Pittsburg, N.H. 670 pounds with a 39-inch spread. Many thanks to Mike Gilbert from Berlin, N.H. for the help recovering this animal." --Paul Shaw
"This 640-pound, 8 point bull was taken (team effort) by Brian Roper and Mark
Roper out of I1. The hunt was adrenaline-fueled from day 1 to the morning of
day 3. It was an experience we will never forget. Thanks to all the people who helped out." --Mark Roper
"Joe Martin of North Stratford, N.H. -- with his subpermitee and brother Jerry Martin from Georgia, Vermont -- took this moose on Thursday morning in Jefferson N.H. He weighed in at 780 pounds has a 51 in spread and 20 points. It was a wonderful hunt for both brothers and one they will not soon forget. Thanks for the opportunity, it was worth the long wait to be drawn." --Joe Martin
"The moose was taken in Unit A1, weighed 695 pounds field-dressed, had a 45¼ inch spread, 14 points, and was taken after a successful spot and stalk hunt from over a mile. Once on top of the mountain, my guide Steve (left in photo) called the moose to within 80 yards for the shot. We chainsaw winched the moose about 175 yards before Ike (right of photo) returned with the trailer and 7 men and WOMEN from base camp, who then helped to quickly pull the animal the last 300 yards to the road. What a hunt and memories for a lifetime. Thanks New Hampshire residents and Fish & Game Department." --Joel Nelson, Flemington, New Jersey
"Trophy of a lifetime - 720 lb. J-2 New Hampton, N.H. - October 22, 2003 @ 7:30 a.m. - Thank you Fish & Game" --Jim & Andy
"This bull was taken on day one of the moose hunt at 10:00 am in Wakefield, N.H. Scale 710 pounds, 21 points, 45 inch rack. We were stumbling about this moose on our way to a "better" spot after a while of unsuccessful calling in the early morning. It took us 600 feet of rope, two pulleys, one winch, one truck, 5 hours and some sweat to get the moose on the trailer. Thanks to Diana and Waidmannsheil!" --Bodo Junge & Chris Batchelder
"This moose was taken by Bob and Eric Eichorn of Salem, N.H. about 1 hour after daylight on the opening morning of the hunt in Millsfield, N.H. Shortly after beginning to walk up an old logging road for a clearcut, we could hear a moose grunting in the thick brush. After setting up in the cutting and a few calls we could hear him raking a tree before eventually calling him to within 50 yards. The bull weighed in at 820 pounds and had a 60" spread with 27 points." --Jeff Lebo, Great North Woods Guide Service
"Hello, I want to thank the N.H. Fish and Game Department for my opportunity to
hunt moose. I had a great hunt in your state and was blessed with this 33",
650-pound bull moose with my recurve. I shot him at 6 yards, and he was the
16th moose I saw. I traveled from S.C. and bowhunted 8 days, mostly solo,
finally getting my big chance on 10/25/03 in Unit B. I killed him 3 miles
from the truck, butchered him on the spot and was able to drive my truck to
the moose thanks to a friendly logger. --Jeff Holchin
"This moose was shot by Phil Roberge (right) and Chris Ellison (left), both 17 years old, from Manchester, N.H., at 5:18 on 10/23/03. She weighed 430 pounds; taken in unit G."
"My sub, Ron Kraus, landed on a flight from London the night before the hunt began and we were able to pick up his hunting license 15 minutes before Walmart closed. On the morning of Day 4 (10/21), we set up near a clearing we'd scouted the day before off the Kank in Albany. At first light, this big boy came right in to us. We had to quarter it to get it out, so we never got an official weight, but we're estimating somewhere around 900 lbs. The rack had 18 points and measured 51" and the bull was estimated to be 5½ or 6½ years old. Not bad for a couple of flatlanders. But most importantly, it was a great hunt with a great friend that I will remember for a lifetime." --Chris Jodlowski, Hopewell Junction, NY
From Mark Seymour: 840 pounds, 51" spread
"It was a very good day. Trophy Moose -- scale 770 pounds, 24 points, 48 inch rack, taken in Sanbornton, N.H., October 18, 2003, 10:12 a.m." --Jerry Thibodeau with wife Priscilla
"This 775-pound bull moose with a 46¾ inch spread was shot on the second day of this year's moose season at 6:55 a.m. in Clarksville, N.H. It was standing with 4 other bulls in a clearcut on an old logging road. It was shot by Chris McKee of West Deering, NH with his father Henry McKee from Orford, N.H. This was a hunt to remember! --Chris McKee
"My next door neighbor John and Joe bag their trophy" --from David Sands
Donahues and moose
"This is our first moose. My dad (Geoffrey Donahue, right) and I got him at 9:45 a.m. on the third day of the hunt, 10/20/03, in Washington, N.H. The bull weighed in at 700 pounds, 41-inch spread, and was about 4½ years old. With the help of my friend and two 4x4 ATVs we got him to camp. The hunt was great and so was the weather. I will always remember this moose hunt and the time spent with my dad." --Kevin Donahue, Salem, N.H.
Tom Healy and moose

"Here is a photo of a 3½ year old bull taken at Stinson Lake on 10/18 by
myself and my partner Ed Beaulieu. We got him at the end of opening day. Didn't get a chance to call this one. Just walked right into him." --Tom Healey

A. Dillon, B. Plummer, moose
"This is a picture of a successful hunt 2003. Arthur Dillon of Lebanon, N.H., permittee (left), and Bruce Plummer of Plainfield, N.H., sub-permittee (right). The moose weighed in at 660 pounds, shot the first day of the season." --Courtesy of Wayne Claflin
Gary Smith and moose
"With the help of Mother Nature delivering us an 8-inch snowstorm on Thursday, October 23, 2003, I was able to jump this bull from his bed and track him for 2½ hours. After the long chase I was very happy that I was able to bring this big boy home. He was 695 pounds, with a 10-point, 45-inch spread. My wife and I were trying to figure out how to get him out when a local man (also a moose hunter who had gotten a cow earlier that day) passed us by and offered us the help of himself, his son and his three workers from Jamaica. The Jamaicans, not knowing what they had got themselves into, offered to drag the bull by hand to the truck, which was about ¼ of a mile through the thick woods. Long story short, we got it out -- but wouldn't have without their help. Thank you guys. We all had an experience of a lifetime that day. The picture shows the permit holders Gary Smith and Cody Wells (6) and Cody's sister Kerry, all from Waterbury, Vermont." --Gary Smith

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