Massachusetts Students in NH Hunter Education Classes

Many of our border communities have students attending Hunter Ed in New Hampshire who are residents of other states: Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts. We do currently have reciprocity with our neighbors for the purposes of purchasing a hunting license -- this means a Massachusetts resident takes hunter education course in New Hampshire and then he/she can buy a Massachusetts hunting license. However, Massachusetts has a requirement for individuals who own firearms to have a Firearms Identification Card or FID. Massachusetts law states that only a Massachusetts Hunter Education course will qualify the person to be issued an FID (there are specific FID courses as well).

Chief Instructors are advised to ask their students who reside in Massachusetts if their purpose in taking the course is to obtain a Mass FID. If that is the case, they should notify the student that the NH hunter education course will not qualify them for an FID.

There is nothing about Massachusetts course that is inherently better or different; they just have different laws. More information about the FID is available at

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