NH Lakes and Ponds Stocked withTrout and Open Year Round - by County

Trout Species Present
Belknap County
Crystal Lake Gilmanton Rainbow Trout
Lougee Pond Barnstead Brown Trout
Manning Lake Gilmanton Brook Trout
Opechee Lake Laconia Rainbow Trout
Pout Pond Belmont Rainbow Trout
Waukewan Lake Meredith Rainbow Trout
Winona Lake New Hampton Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout
Carroll County
Beech Pond, Lower Tuftonboro/Wolfeboro Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Chocorua Lake Tamworth Rainbow Trout
Copps Pond Tuftonboro Brook Trout
Crystal Lake Eaton Brown Trout
Dan Hole Pond, Little Ossipee Brook Trout
Davis Pond Madison Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Hutchins Mill Pond Effingham Brook Trout
Iona Lake Albany Rainbow Trout
Loon Lake Freedom Rainbow Trout
Lovell Lake Wakefield Rainbow Trout
Mill Pond Ossipee Brook Trout
Moody Pond Ossipee Brook Trout
Pea Porridge, Big Madison Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Pea Porridge, Little Madison Brown Trout
Wentworth Lake Wolfeboro Rainbow Trout
White Lake Tamworth Brook Trout
Whitton Pond Tuftonboro Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout
Cheshire County
Forest Lake Winchester Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Gustin Pond Marlow Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Laurel Lake Fitzwilliam Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Newell Pond Alstead Brook Trout/Brown Trout
Warren Lake Alstead Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Coos County
Akers Pond, Big Errol Rainbow Trout
Cedar Pond Milan Rainbow Trout
Christine Lake Stark Brown Trout
Durand Pond Randolph Brook Trout
Martin Meadow Pond Lancaster Rainbow Trout
South Pond Stark Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout
Grafton County
Armington Lake Piermont/Warren Rainbow Trout
Canaan Street Lake Canaan Rainbow Trout
Clark Pond Canaan Rainbow Trout
Crystal Lake Enfield Rainbow Trout
Cummings Pond Dorchester Brown Trout
French Pond Haverill Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Higher Ground Pond Wentworth Brook Trout
Joe Coffin Pond Sugar Hill Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout
Mascoma Lake Enfield/Lebanon Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Mirror Lake Woodstock Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Ogontz Lake Lyman Brown Trout
Pearl Lake Lisbon Rainbow Trout
Post Pond Lyme Rainbow Trout
Robartwood Pond Campton Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout
Soil Conservation Pond Wentworth Brook Trout
Stinson Lake Rumney Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout
Streeter Pond Sugar Hill Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Tarleton Lake Piermont Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Tewksbury Pond Grafton Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Hillsboro County
Deering Reservoir Deering Rainbow Trout
Franklin Pierce Lake
Hillsborough Rainbow Trout/Brown trout
Gould Pond Hillsborough Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Horace Lake Weare Brown Trout
Merrimack County
Catamount Pond Allenstown Brook Trout
Highland Lake Andover Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout
Kezar Lake Sutton Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Sunapee Lake, Little New London Rainbow Trout
Webster Lake Franklin Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Rockingham County
Beaver Lake Derry Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout
Canobie Lake Windham Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout
Island Pond, Big Derry Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout/
Massabesic Lake Auburn/Manchester Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Pleasant Lake Deerfield Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Tower Hill Pond Auburn/Candia Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Strafford County
Bow Lake Strafford Rainbow Trout/Brown Trout
Willand Pond Somersworth Rainbow Trout
Sullivan County
Island Pond Washington Brown Trout
Kolelemook Lake Springfield Brown Trout


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