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N.H. State Record Fish

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department maintains a listing of state record fish, which dates back to 1911, when A. Val Woodruff's 9-pound, 25.5-inch Brook Trout was caught in Pleasant Lake, New London. That record has never been broken in the ensuing years. The current State Record list has weights and lengths for 35 freshwater and 142 saltwater/anadromous fish species.

Think you can't get a record anymore? Think again.  Four new records were set in 2013; three in 2012, and four in 2012.  But you don't need a record fish to get some serious bragging rights.

In the mid-1970s, Fish and Game initiated the Trophy Fish Program, which provides recognition for both kept and released fish in 21 freshwater categories and 7 saltwater categories. The Trophy Fish program not only provides the angler with bragging rights but, more importantly, it provides biologists with valuable information on the fisheries throughout New Hampshire.

Just for entering a qualifying fish the angler receives either a Kept or a Released Trophy Fish patch.  Then, each February, the entries for the previous year are reviewed and the largest in each category receives a special certificate recognizing the angler and his or her fish.  Don Miller, the Fisheries Biologist in charge of the Record and Trophy Fish program, encourages anglers to send in Trophy Fish application forms.

"Even if your catch is not a listed species for the program, anglers should fill out a form and send in the information.  Your catch of a red-breasted sunfish is valuable information that will be utilized by biologists," Miller said. "Any angler can help. There is no age requirement, and every legal method of getting your catch has been represented over the years."

Click here to download a trophy and record fish application form and enter your catch!

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