Fishing in NH

Fly fishermen in N.H.

Fishing in New Hampshire? You've come to the right place! Great fishing is just around the corner all around the state.

Fishing Report (bi-weekly, in season)

Fish stocking (weekly, in season)

Fishing publications - fishing digests (with seasons), and more

Depth maps for selected NH lakes and ponds

Fishing Tournaments (lists, guidelines and more.)


Broodstock Atlantic Salmon

Ice Fishing

Get a Fishing Guide!

Release radio-tagged bass caught in the Squam Lakes

Where to Fish

Suggested Fishing Locations (by species):

Regional Fishing Brochures

Forest Society's top 17 Fishing Holes - Forest Notes Summer 2014

Boating in NH

Boating and fishing public access sites

How to fish

Fish Species - for N.H. warm and cold waters

Fishing Videos

Let's Go Fishing - Free classes for adults and youth. School programs available.

Take the Salmon Anglers' Pledge!

Landlocked salmon - tackle tips

Keep Getting The Lead Out! Protecting New Hampshire's Loons

"Alabama rig" - restricted use in N.H. fresh waters

Stream flow map - selected sites (from Fly Fishing in NH; data from USGS and dam operators)

Fisheries management

Fisheries management in New Hampshire

  • Warmwater fisheries
  • Coldwater fisheries
  • Large lake fisheries
  • Hatchery program
  • Fish habitat program
  • Fish conservation program

State Fish Hatcheries

Commercial Fish Hatcheries in NH

Wild Brook Trout Distribution Studies

Rules and regulations

NH Freshwater Fishing Digest

Other fishing resources

Freshwater Fishing Seasons- species and dates in brief

Saltwater Fishing - Recreational and Commercial

NH Trophy Fish Program

NH State Record Fish

Becoming a licensed N.H. fishing guide

Angler's Guide to Landowner Relations

Take Me Fishing - fishing, boating and conservation info - Take a quick online survey from our partners at Southwick Associates and enter to win a $100 gift certificate


List of Bait Dealers

Become a Bait Dealer

Bait Dealers Monthly Reporting Form

Baitfish species and import rules

Application to Import Fin Fish for Bait

Need-to-know fish info!

Salmon and Brown Trout: Know the Difference!

Aquatic Nuisance Species in New Hampshire

Is it safe to eat the fish? - Current fish consumption guidelines for:

"Grubby" fish

Sport Fish Restoration logoLargemouth Bass Virus

The Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Program - Your purchase of angling equipment supports fisheries management and restoration.

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