NH Fish Species - Conservation Profiles

Guide to New Hampshire’s resident fish species, with notes on identification, life history and conservation status.

round whitefish
American eel
Bridle shiner
New Hampshire's fascinating fish range from the rare round whitefish to the diadromous American eel (center) and tiny bridle shiner (bottom).

Here you'll find descriptions of fish found in New Hampshire waters, learn about their habitat needs and distribution, and find out about the kinds of work being done to conserve them. Click on fish name below to view its conservation profile.

Fish Conservation Program

The objective of the New Hampshire's Fish Conservation Program is to protect and restore healthy aquatic ecosystems that support the full array of New Hampshire’s native fish, including both resident and migratory species. Click on the links below for conservation profiles on New Hampshire's fish.

Fisheries biologists conduct a seine survey.
Fisheries biologists conduct a seine survey.

To learn more about New Hampshire's Fish Conservation Program, click here.

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