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PHOTO TIP: Use your flash (yes, even if the sun is shining!), and lose the hat! We want to see your smiling face!

Send your photo and story to Liza Poinier at Include the angler's name and hometown, and tell us what kind of fish, how big, where it was caught, and any other details you care to share. Please, no more than two photos per message, and try to keep it brief. NOTE: By sending your material, you are authorizing the N.H. Fish and Game Department to use it on this website or in other ways, without compensation.

BIG FISH FRIENDS: Thank you for your patience, some of you have been waiting a long time to see your pictures here.

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Jayme Kennedy
"This is a 5-pound 10-oz. largemouth that I caught in a small pond in Barnstead." --Jayme Kennedy
Chris Dionne   Stephen Ribecca
"My grandsons caught these 2 bass within minutes of each other at Pawtuckaway Lake. Chris Dionne (age 10, above left) is the Yankee fan with a nice bass. Stephen Ribecca (age 14, above right) hooked the other one shortly after. We're all from Manchester, NH. Success!" (unsigned)
Phil and Jess
"My son Phil Roberge and his girlfriend Jess (above) teamed up to pull this 6lb bass out of our favorite spot at Pawtuckaway Lake. A week later, I went back to the same spot and pulled another 6-pounder out (below). Or was it the same one? Don't know but both fish gave us a thrill. We all hail from Manchester, NH but spend a lot of time on the water." --Don Roberge
Don Roberge
Jason C.   Alicia
"I caught this guy at a northern NH Lake on 9/16/06 at 10:30 in the morning. I was pre-fishing for a tournament the following week and ended up with this 24.5" monster!! I wish the fish could have waited a week:) I weighed it on a digital scale twice (to make sure): 8 lbs., 9 ounces, and a 17" girth. A catch of a lifetime for a New England fisherman. It was caught on a 6" worm and released shortly after the picture for someone else to enjoy." --Jason C., Merrimack NH
  "My son and I took his cousin Alicia trout fishing on May 6, 2006. Both she and my son caught their limit within an hour. They are fishing at a stream on Route 155A. She is now hooked on fishing." --Donna Clark
Jess Mitchell
"Well, she finally did it. Jess Mitchell caught her first bass and three more that day to finally become a real fisherwoman. She can no longer be considered fish repellent. Her 4 fish were caught on Haunted Lake in Francestown and all were released to be caught another day. Hopefully next time I am holding the fish instead of the camera." --Michael Mitchell
Stephen Green
"This 3-lb., 22" brown trout was caught at Crystal Lake in Eaton on July 4, 2006, while trolling with a Gold Eagle claw spinner, what a fight it was!" --Stephen Green, Middleton NH
Mike Mitchell   Ken Baker
"Here is Mike Mitchell with his prize catch from a lake in New Hampshire... No measurements to speak of but getting this Larry out of the thick weeds was a task that warranted a high five!" --Mike Mitchell
  "Ken Baker of Danville NH caught this beast at Great Pond in Kingston -- a nice 4 lbs." (unsigned)
Ed Stepensky
"Here's a nice NH Great North Woods laker that weighed in at just over 13 lbs. This fish put up a great fight as I brought it into shore on a spin cast reel. It nearly completely spooled out my 6-lb. test line 3 different times before I was able to net it. This one is my 2nd NH trophy laker! With hopes of many more to come..." --Ed Stepensky, Bristol CT
Joe Gaudet   Donna Clark
"Caught this beauty smallmouth in the first week of June on Ossipee. It measured 20" and read 4 lbs., 5 oz. on the scale. It fell for a soft jerkbait in about five feet of water. A great fish on a great lake. Thanks" --Joe Gaudet
  "I caught this largemouth bass on September 20, 2006. He was about 2 1/2 pounds and his length was 17 inches. I caught him on a local pond in the town of Lee." --Donna Clark, Lee NH
Gabe Gries
"5 lb 14 oz. largemouth bass -- Pearly Pond, Rindge. 6 lb test, ultra light rod." --Gabe Gries
Dave Roberts   Mike and Dan Brady
This fat lake trout looks to be 9-10 lbs. "Thanks a million I had a blast catching it!!!!!!!!" --Dave Roberts, Berlin N.H.
  "This is a picture of me, Dan Brady with my dad, Mike Brady, with a catch of a lifetime. I am only 17 years old and I managed to land a 27" 9.17 lb landlocked salmon with a girth of 17 inches in the boat at Pleasant Lake, New London, NH on July 16th, a day before my dad's 50th birthday (he's been fishing for 40 years and never seen a catch this big haha). It took a while to land this because I was using a 5/6 weight flyrod with 8lb test! The rod took a beating, but we came home with a nice fish for the wall!" --Dan Brady, Goffstown N.H.
Aaron Wensley   Rob Burhoe
"Here's my buddy Aaron Wensley of Dover, NH. This was his first time bass fishing after over 10 years!!! A nice largemouth from Pine River Pond in Wakefield, N.H. We were bouncing rubber worms off the bottom at dusk. Judging by the smile on his face, I guarantee it won't be another 10 years! He's hooked for sure! Tight Lines! --Shawn Jerome, Barrington N.H.
  "My name is Rob Burhoe, 18 years old. This is the 18-inch, 2-lb. rainbow trout that I caught in Ames Brook, which runs through a small town called Ashland N.H." --Rob Burhoe Plymouth, N.H.
Ben Nugent
Ben Nugent, N.H. Fish and Game fisheries biologist, caught this 24.5", 5.5-lb. salmon out of Squam this spring.
Teddy Peznola    
"Another youngster hooked on fishing! Teddy pulled in his first bass -- a nice 13" smallmouth -- using the last 1/4 of the last worm of the day." --Jay Piwnicki
Peznola and Hatt children
"This 19-inch, 2.5-lb. largemouth was pulled in (Halfmoon Lake, Alton) by Samantha Peznola using a nice crawler and some patience, along with some assistance from her family. Pictured from left to right: Teddy Peznola, Samantha Peznola, Kylie Hatt and Kenny Hatt." --Jay Piwnicki
James Minery   Sean Powers
"Hi -- here is a pic of a 6.72-lb. salmon I caught on Big Squam on 7/20/06. He was a male, hook jaw and very thick, which means he was eating good, he had a 4-inch smelt inside him he was caught at 35 ft. deep on a white Mooselook by James Minery of
Squam River Bait in Ashland N.H."
  "Here’s a picture of my best bass of the year, caught on Fathers' Day 2006 at Lake Massabesic in Manchester. This 20-inch beauty largemouth bass fought like crazy and was a picture of health. I couldn't weigh her prior to release with out hurting her, so I didn't; but I’m guessing she was at least 6 pounds." --Sean D. Powers
"My name is Sierra Perkins and I am 4 1/2 years old. I caught my first three fish at the Suncook Rod and Gun Club Fishing Derby on May 21, 2006. I had so much fun and wanted to share my picture with everyone. Thank you Brandon for putting on the worms for me and thank you Mommy for helping me cast."   "I am sending a picture of my proud son Sean McCann holding the biggest fish he has ever caught to date. Sean is four years old and from Candia, N.H. The fish is a 1-lb., 8-oz. Largemouth Bass caught on Lake Massabesic in Manchester,N.H. He caught the fish on his Wal-Mart Jeff Gordon rod using a green pumpkin with red and green fleck Senko.By the way the fish was released unharmed minutes after this photo was shot back into Lake Massabesic. This shows the youngsters the importance of catch and release, in hoping another youngster will catch the same fish." --Stephen McCann
"This is how Avery (from Greenfield, NH), Cody (from West Peterborough) & James (From Greenfield, NH) celebrated their first day of school vacation. The boys cooked it up all by themselves and all agreed it was the best fish they ever tasted!!"
"This is Makena, my 2 1/2 year old, first time fishing on 5/7/06 at a local park in Salem, NH. She reeled in this little brookie all by herself and followed it up with a bunch of little sunnies. She loved seeing the fish wiggling about and the feel of the cold, slimy skin. The day was made even better by stomping around along the pond's muddy water's edge in her rubber rain boots! I don't know who enjoyed the day more, her having fun fishing and enjoying nature or me watching her having so much fun." --DTT, Pelham, NH
  "I introduced my son Jacob to fishing this year. As you can see he's pretty excited about his 14 inch Rainbow that he Caught on Memorial Day in Brookline. This is what fishing is all about! State of New Hampshire keep up the great work!" --John Lysik, Hollis NH
"Here's a picture of Kaleb Brown (age 5) and Gabe Gries (photo taken by Aimee Brown). Kaleb caught this nice rainbow trout in Swanzey Lake in June while fishing with Gabe and Adam Dubriske. Every time Kaleb sees Adam or Gabe, he is quick to point out that he was the only one that caught a fish that day on Adam's boat." --Gabe Gries
"The smile says it all! Here’s 9-year old Nolan Levesque with his first ever bass, a 2 pound largemouth caught in a small lake near Nashua. Sure enough, he caught the largest fish of our May 7th morning, beating Dad and Ned’s best catches. Congratulations Nolan, our smooth-casting partner!" --Eric Levesque
  "I though you might like a photo of my 9-year-old stepson Devin Quinn. He caught this brook trout during his first ever trip to Pittsburg, NH. Needless to say, he is hooked on fishing, especially in Pittsburg!" --Ryan Grant

"This is a picture of Jesse Towne. I took him fishing on Newfound in June and he caught this salmon (24" and around 4.5 lbs, nice female). It was his first Salmon and biggest fish he's ever caught. It jumped out of the water 3 times before I could net it for him. He fought it like a pro and is getting it mounted. He's a junior in high school. He's now hooked on salmon fishing. Another potential up and coming "Legend" on the horizon." --Mike Quint
  "Caught this huge brooktrout near my house, it weighed 2.3 lbs on my digital scale was 16.5 inches long and had a nearly 10 inch girth." (No name given.)
"This is my nephew Connor -- the future fly fisherman!" --Tom Flynn
"Doug Chauvette of Deerfield. 6-lb., 9-oz. largemouth bass caught at Onway Lake in Raymond."
Rob Gordon landed this Rainbow and Salmon duo out of Lake Winnipesaukee in late May. Courtesy of Mike Racine.
" This 2+ lb. brown was caught in April at Laurel Lake in Fitzwilliam and was a holdover from last spring." --Travis Drudi, Region 4 Fisheries Technician, Fitzwilliam, NH
"Get out on those trout ponds this spring for lunker smallies, this 5 lb. smallmouth was caught last June on a small designated trout pond in Cheshire County." --Travis Drudi, Region 4 Fisheries Technician, Fitzwilliam, NH
"This Largemouth Bass was caught by Bob Delaney of Webster, no scale but estimated at 4 pounds or so. Thanks."   "My name is Ryan Tibbo, I am 11 years old, and I'm from Hooksett NH. I caught this trout on April 22, 2006 in Bow NH. The length was 16 inches."
"I caught this walleye in the Connecticut River in early April 2006. It weighed 6 lbs. and was 26 inches long." --Chris Lord, Claremont NH
  "Here is a huge cod I caught in Hampton late last fall. It is the biggest catch of my life. 42 lbs." --Mike Donnell, Hooksett NH
"Christopher Cote of North Hampton caught this 14.5 inch crappie at the end of April in Newmarket. It fell for a 3 inch hard plastic swimmer slowly retrieved and twitched to imitate a wounded minnow."
  "I was fishing for pickerel on Newfound Lake, from shore, and hooked on to this 4.8 pound rainbow on a orange Mooselook Wobler, she was 23 1/2 inches long, took about 5 minutes to reel her in, I caught it on 4-pound test with my ultra light, fun fun, thank you" --Mitchell Bucklin
Hailey Rubin and Jess Hobart   Jean Goodell
  "Who says fall trout stocking is just for ice anglers? Jean Goodell of Winchester took advantage of some great pre-stocking trout fishing in Laurel Lake, Fitzwilliam, the first week of April. The two rainbows pictured here (the larger of which measured 17 inches and weighed almost 3 pounds) were both stocked in November of 2005, but managed to elude anglers until they were fooled by Jean's streamer." --Gabe Gries, fisheries biologist, Region4/Keene
Tyler Sands   Trevor Sands
"April 1st we started our Spring family fishing season. My two sons had great luck at some secret fishing holes. Tyler (age 7 - left) caught a number of stocked brook trout along with a few natives. We released all fish we caught except for a couple that swallowed the entire hook. Trevor (age 13 - right) caught a beautiful 14" Brown in a Cheshire County river. I was kept busy with the camera but did land a few myself. We had a great time. Thanks to all Fish and Game staff for getting out there early so all us sportsman to do a little of what we love best, getting out there with Nature." --David Sands

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