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Spring will be here before we know it!

Every year, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department stocks nearly a million catchable-sized trout for your angling enjoyment. When spring/summer stocking activities are underway, check the charts below to see where fish have been stocked.

Updates on the location of the previous week's stocking activities are posted below on Thursday afternoons (during stocking season). New Hampshire State Law allows the Fish and Game Executive Director to provide past stocking information on a weekly basis. Links to monthly summaries are also posted on this page.

Fish New Hampshire and relax - we have what you're looking for!

For a general idea of when fish are stocked into various waterbodies, look at the full stocking reports for past years (see links on this page). These include the number of fish stocked. If you have questions, contact your regional fisheries biologist (click here for regional contact information).

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Fish stocking activity by week is posted here in season.

For links to stocking info for previous months, CLICK HERE

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About trout stocking in New Hampshire:

Fish stocking in New Hampshire occurs primarily from mid-March to early July. Trout cannot tolerate water temperatures when they reach the mid-70s, so the fish need to be stocked before the weather gets warm. We also have to consider the need for "grow-out space" for production of next year's trout. As the young trout start to increase substantially in weight during the spring and summer months, their densities need to be spread out among the available rearing containers.

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