N.H. Weekly Fishing Report -- April 23, 2009

In today's report, Mark Beauchesne makes plans for a stunning summery weekend on the water.

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Designated trout and fly-fishing-only ponds open this Saturday, April 25. These ponds are managed specifically for trout and fishing is allowed through October 15. CLICK HERE for info and suggested locations.

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You Can't Not Go Fishing This Weekend!
By Mark Beauchesne, Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

Two weeks ago, the ice fishing gear was stored for the season -- and then the boat came out of mothballs. I felt the overwhelming urge to get out and go fishing.

A week later I had my chance -- just a short lunchtime visit to Turtletown Pond in Concord. Typically, this is the first waterbody I fish in spring -- mostly because it's close to home and provides a great opportunity for some shorebank bluegill fishing. Nothing fancy needed this time of the year; just single tackle and good old worms. I was not disappointed; after all, I had the pleasure of sharing the trip with my father and niece. It was difficult deciding who had the bigger smile.

One of New Hampshire anglers' favorite days is this Saturday (April 25), the opening day of trout ponds. No doubt early risers will be out in force, getting coffee and making final preparation for this great day of fun. Traditionally, I find myself at one of these fabled trout ponds. The buzz around here is Clough Pond in Loudon. The biologists showed me some photos of the tremendous browns netted out of Clough last fall. Put some time in here and you could catch the trophy of your dreams.

Close to home for me is Stirrup Iron Pond in Boscawen. This small fly-fishing-only pond is ideal for getting my opening day fix. But, with more-than-ideal -- you could even say "June-like" -- stream and river conditions, you will more than likely find me on the Contoocook River. These great conditions are unusual. I'm all over it. Now, that will be Saturday.

I still have one more day. A look at the weather forecast shows highs in the low 80s. Only one thing for me to do... head west to the Connecticut River. I'm confident that the pike will be terrorizing the river. No doubt I will take advantage of this.

The season is just starting. I encourage you to venture off the beaten path this year and try a new pond or river. It just may surprise you. Start your adventure with a trip to the Fish and Game web site and check out the stocking report. Hint, hint...

Great fishing!!!

P.S. WALLEYE FANS: Weekly walleye creel survey updates are posted at: www.fishnh.com/Fishing/fisheries_management/walleye_survey.html - click here!

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