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Fish and Game has a variety of conservation education programs and resources for teachers, young people and adults. This section is especially for classroom teachers, non-formal educators, pre-service education students or a home-schooling parent of students pre K–12, with an interest in incorporating wildlife, environmental ecology and the basics of habitat and its management into your curricula or programs. Can't find what you're looking for? Try the search engine (top right). From basic to in-depth, we have experiences, opportunities and tools to take you from awareness and appreciation of wildlife, to knowledge and skills, and to service and action.

Professional Development for Educators and Youth Leaders
We have a variety of offerings that will help upgrade your conservation and science knowledge and skills as well as ideas on how to integrate the environment as a context for learning in all subjects and how to provide authentic outdoor learning experience for your students.

Programs for Your School, Community or Classroom
Connect with opportunities to engage with others in your community to learn about and take action for wildlife.

We have lots of things you can read, borrow and get in quantity (free!) for your group or classroom to enrich the learning experience. These include classroom kits, publications and more.

For Kids
Hey Kids! We can help you find out more about wildlife, learn outdoor skills or provide homework help for that report on what animals live in New Hampshire.

Volunteer Opportunities
Pass on your wildlife knowledge and outdoor skills expertise by getting involved as a Fish and Game volunteer.

Outdoor Skills
We have courses and opportunities for you to learn and experience more about how to fish, view wildlife and practice other outdoor skills as well as get your Hunter Education Certification.

Places to Visit
Make conservation education come alive with a visit to the Fish and Game Discovery Room, fish hatchery visitor centers, Great Bay Discovery Center or the Owl Brook Hunter Education Center.

Frequently Asked Questions
About wildlife-related education and training in N.H.

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