Citizen Science

Citizen Science engages volunteers in collection of wildlife and ecological data. If you enjoy making and recording observations, you might want to get involved with one or more of these projects. In some cases, special effort and training is required. The Fish and Game Department can use the information collected to provide us more information about where wildlife is located at what time of year. This helps us to improve our overall wildlife knowledge.

Citizen Science Opportunities

Bobcat Study - Learn about and post observations (partnership with UNH)

Bald Eagle Monitoring - Become a trained volunteer monitor (partnership with NH Audubon)

Reptile and Amphibian Reporting Program - report your sightings

Wildlife Sightings Database - report your sightings

Turkey Surveys - Provide information in the spring and winter about flock locations

Dragonfly Surveys - Learn how to identify and record your observations.

For Classrooms

Winter, Weather and White-tailed Deer is a wildlife management curriculum unit designed for middle school students.  It provides students with the opportunity to become involved in real-life science-based management practices. By measuring daily temperatures and snow depths between December 1 and April 30, students gather crucial data used by the N.H. Fish and Game Department staff in determining the annual Winter Severity Index (WSI).  The WSI aids wildlife biologists and others in estimating effects of cold winter conditions on New Hampshire deer populations.

For more information and to get your class involved, contact Mary Goodyear at 603-271-6649 or email

Collecting data for the Winter Severity Index gives student the opportunity to get involved in an authentic on-going field investigation.  For information about other field investigation opportunities, models and for data sets to use for analysis, visit the New Hampshire Project Learning Tree website at

Watershed Education Program - for middle and high school students

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