Junior Duck Stamp Contest First-Place Winners, 2008

Congratulations to winners and thanks to all who entered this year's contest!

Following are the 1st-place winners selected in each of four age groups:
Group IV
- Grades 10-12, Group III - Grades 7-9, Group II - Grades 4-6, and Group I - Grades K-3. (Each category has three first-place winners.)

NEWS MEDIA: Hi-res/print-ready images may be available. Contact liza.w.poinier@wildlife.nh.gov.

Best of Show by Carole Platka
“Sailing in the Ocean Blue” Mallard
by Carole Platka, age 18, Group IV
Hope Christian Home School, Grafton

Group IV 1st Place by Lorraine Hu
Group III 1st place by Alexandra Aldrich

 “Scenic Route” - red-breasted merganser
by Lorraine Hu, age 15, Group IV

 “Still Waters” - red-breasted merganser
by Alexandra Aldrich, age 12, Group III
Birchwood Studios, Shelburne

Group III 1st Place by Michaella Wiss
Group III 1st Place by Taylor Henry

 “Royal Beauty” - king eiders
by Michaella Wiss, age 13, Group III

by Talor Henry, age 13, Group III
Group II 1st Place by Elizabth Skerry
Group II 1st place Kate Blackwell

 “Curious” - wood duck
by Elizabeth Skerry, age 13, Group II
Pen & Palette Art Studio, Hampstead

 “Evening Sunset” - wood duck
by Kate Blackwell, age 10, Group II
Seacoast Charter School, Exeter
Group II 1st Place by Quinn Morrissette
Group I 1st Place by Emily Heidler

“Spirited Flight” - canada geese
by Quinn Morrissette, age 11, Group II
Birchwood Studios, Shelburne

 “Baby Mallards”
by Emily Heidler, age 8, Group I
Pen & Palette Art Studio, Hampstead
Group I 1st Place by Jacob Belanger
Group I 1st Place by Tate Pinyochon

 “North Country Duck” - mallard
by Jacob Belanger, age 8, Group I
Universal School of Life, Colebrook

 “Reflection of a Mallard” - wood duck
by Tate Pinyochon, age 9, Group I
Pen and Palette Art Studio, Hampstead

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