Junior Duck Stamp Contest First-Place Winners, 2007

Congratulations to winners and thanks to all who entered this year's contest!

Note: New Hampshire's Best-of-Show winner Teagan Daly won second place in the national competition for her conservation message: "We must consider wildlife to be the greatest collection of fine art ever assimilated-- and each of us charged as curators."

Following are the 1st-place winners selected in each of four age groups:
Group IV
- Grades 10-12, Group III - Grades 7-9, Group II - Grades 4-6, and Group I - Grades K-3. (Each category has three first-place winners.)

NEWS MEDIA: Hi-res/print-ready images may be available. Contact liza.w.poinier@wildlife.nh.gov.

“Red-Breasted Merganser”
by Teagan Daly, age 15, Group IV
Hollis/Brookline High School, Hollis

 “Harlequin Male” - harlequin duck
by Sarah Kane, age 17, Group IV

 “Two Eiders” - common eider
by Stephanie Russell, age 18, Group IV

 “A Leisurely Swim” - long-tailed duck
by Michelle Dunbar, age 13, Group III
Barn Art Studio, Exeter

“Wood Duck”
by Tony Limauro, age 14, Group III

 “Pintail Looking” - northern pintail
by Natalie Vance, age 15, Group III
Barn Art Studio, Exeter

 “Merganser on Green Panel” - hooded merganser
by Megan DeFeo, age 10, Group II
Barn Art Studio, Exeter

“Duck at Dusk” - common golden eye
by Alex Frizzell, age 11, Group II
Seacoast Charter School, Exeter

 “Taking Flight” - common golden eye
by Quinn Morrissette, age 10, Group II
Birchwood Studios, Shelburne

 “Hooded Life” - Hooded Merganser
by Liam Conrad, age 8, Group I
Seacoast Charter School, Exeter

 “Woodie the Wood Duck”
by Mitchell Kirsch, age 8, Group I
Pen and Palette Art Studio, Hampstead
 “Let’s Go Waddle in the Pond” - wood duck
by Elizabeth Preble, age 8, Group I
Pen and Palette Art Studio, Hampstead 

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