Teacher Activity Guide, Volume 9 Issue 2

Wild Times coverSchoolyard Investigation

What are field investigations?
Field investigations of the environment involve the systematic collection of data for the purposes of scientific understanding. They are designed to answer an investigative question through the collection of evidence and the communication of results: they contribute to scientific knowledge by describing natural systems, noting differences in habitats and identifying environmental trends and issues.

There are three types of field investigations:

  1. Descriptive field investigations involve describing and/or quantifying parts of a natural system.
  2. Comparative field investigations involve collecting data on different populations/organisms, or under different conditions (e.g.,times of year, locations), to make comparison.
  3. Correlative field investigations involve measuring or observing two variables and searching for a relationship.

Using Wild Times as a Reading in the Content Area
Wild Times is an opportunity for your students to be introduced to ecological concepts and to read scientific information. This issue focuses on the power of observation, and how your students can become schoolyard scientists. One way to increase your students’ ability to read science is to have them make an outline of the issue, or to write a summary paragraph after reading.

Associated Project WILD Activities:

Activity Grade level
Grasshopper Gravity K-4
Graphananimal K-4
Wildlife is Everywhere K-4
Environmental Barometer K-4
Habitrekking K-4
Bearly Growing 5-8
Tracks 5-8
Owl Pellets 5-8
Eco-Enrichers 5-8
Forest in a Jar 5-8
Improving Wildlife Habitat in the Community 5-8
Wildlife Research 9-12
Bird Song Survey 9-12

For teachers who do not have access to Project WILD activities, we can provide single copies of activities suggested. You may request these by contacting:

Project WILD
N.H. Fish and Game Department
11 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301


Students can explore the N.H. Fish and Game Department website for additional information. www.wildlife.state.nh.us or www.WildNewEngland.org

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